Ten Reasons Why I’m Not Sexist

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My language and communication style is very blunt.  I talk about very tough subjects that are often difficult to hear.  Sometimes, people take things I say and make judgments about them (or me personally) based on their internal feelings about what I said rather than what I said.  One particular example of this is the thought that I might, just might, be a little anti-woman.

-By Caleb Jones

Just in case you’re thinking anything I’ve ever said indicates to you that I’m a misogynist, male chauvinist, woman-hating caveman, I’d like to point out a few things:

1.  I have been on record as stating repeatedly that most relationship problems are caused by men, not women.  I have stated, and will continue to state, that the frame of relationships, including and especially the bad ones, almost always start with the man, even if the relationship is “woman is boss, man is bitch” (because it was he who came to her with the message of “I’ll be happy to be your bitch”).

One of the problems with the seduction community and the larger men’s movement is that many guys tend to believe that women are all evil conniving bitches and men are just innocent victims doing nothing wrong.  Good lord, this is no where near what I believe.  I think men, especially men in the U.S. and Europe, are doing a HELL OF A LOT wrong in terms of dating, relationships and marriage, and require immediate and massive shifts in behavior.

Do I think women are blameless?  Of course not.  Women are directly responsible for all kinds of chaos and problems.  But that doesn’t mean men are doing nothing wrong.  They’re doing a lot wrong.  Go look at what I say on the seduction forums and you'll see how brutal I am with men.

2.  I am one of the few men in the seduction community (that I have read about anyway) who openly states that men should never lie to women.  Tell her the truth, or keep your mouth shut.  Never, ever say anything to a woman that you know is untrue.  That’s what AFCs do.  Real men stride boldly through life and never need to lie about anything.

3.  I am one of the few men in the seduction community (that I have read about anyway) who openly states that cheating on women is an extremely bad thing and should never be done.  Instead, I tell guys to never promise monogamy in the first place.  If she’s cool with that, she can stay.  If she’s not, she can leave whenever she likes and go date someone else.

If you’ve already promised her monogamy and want to fuck other girls, then tell her you’re going to fuck other women, actually go do that, and watch what she does.  If she breaks up/divorces you, fine.  Her loss.  Move on and find a better woman, one more compatible with your sexual desires.  There’s a lot of ‘em out there.  But crap, don’t promise her exclusivity and then secretly go fuck other girls, skulking around like a pussy-frightened thief in the night who doesn’t want to make his GF or wife mad.  Again, that’s what AFCs do and it’s simply another variation of lying.

I have never cheated on a woman in my entire life and I never will.  The worst I get is women getting upset I won't promise them monogamy...but that isn't lying or cheating.  I'm giving her the option to take me as I am, or not.  I'm letting her choose.

4.  Whenever I talk about open relationships, which is all the time, I am always very clear that if men want to fuck other women, women should also be allowed to fuck other people too.  The polygamous arrangement of you as the big man fucking all these different people but your GF or wife not being allowed to do the same is not something that will ever work in the modern western world.  Women are not going to tolerate that, nor should they.

In addition, if you’re just scared to death over the thought of your GF or wife having meaningless sex with some other guy (who is likely an AFC), you need to look inward and ask yourself where all this insecurity comes from.  As long as a condom is used, I don’t give a shit if the love of my life has sex with other guys.  Who cares?  I have better things to worry about.  Look, people.  Sex is a biological function, like going to the bathroom.  What’s there to be jealous of?

Man up and stop being a baby.  (That goes to you women out there too!)  If you’re allowed to, she should be allowed to also.  Ladies, if your man fucks other women, then go fuck some other guy, preferably one with six-pack abs, and do it proudly.  Fair is fair.

5.  I believe strongly in gender equality.  If a woman does a particular job as well as a man and has the same qualifications as a man, she should get paid equal to a man.  If a woman seriously fucks up on the job, I believe she should get her ass fired, just like a man would.  I don’t believe in treating women any worse or better than men, in or out of the workplace.  I believe in equality, something the feminists (say they) want.  Great!  Totally agree, feminists!

6.  I firmly and strongly believe in men paying child support for the children they help create.  If he came inside you without wearing a condom when he knew you weren’t on any birth control and you have the baby, I 100% believe he should pay support for that child whether he wants to or not.  Men who cum inside women on purpose and who can afford child support but refuse to pay it are scum in my not-so humble opinion.  (Notice I said child support.  On things like alimony I have a very different opinion, but things like that have nothing to do with children.)

7.  In my almost 40 years of life on this earth, I have never: A) hit or otherwise abused a woman, B) stolen from a woman, and C) tried to keep a woman “down” or “in the home” or held a woman back from fulfilling her highest potential.

8.  Moreover, in the last 15 years or so, I have never A) raised my voice to a woman in anger (other than two or three very brief instances during my divorce), B) lied to a woman, and C) tried to control a woman’s behavior or her life.  I believe women are free individuals who should be allowed to do what they want (as long as they don't force their will on others, and I don't think men should do that either).

9.  In my business life I have happily employed and worked with numerous women and the found the vast majority of them to be effective workers.  My strongest and most effective working relationships over my business career have been mostly with women (and no, I have a hard and fast rule that I do not sleep with women I work with, so that's not what I'm talking about, you pervert).  Moreover I would happily and without hesitation vote for a female presidential candidate (or other high office) if she supported my political views.

10.  I strongly, strongly believe women should be completely free of a man’s (or another woman’s) control or dominance in their lives, if they choose.  (If a woman wants to be dominated by a man, that's fine too.)  All of my political and personal opinions about love and life are geared toward women having control over their own lives, futures, and decisions, rather than to be slaves of men (or other women, which is often worse).  Though there are some aspects of the 1950's I do like, I absolutely disagree with the 1950’s model of “wife must be slave to husband”.  Yuck.  I do not believe in master-slave relationships.

So the next time you read something I’ve written and scream “OMFG this Blackdragon guy is such a misogynist!!!!”, take a deep breath and read it again while remembering what you’ve just read above.  You might be surprised at your second interpretation.

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