Ages Of Women And Their Differences

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I'm one of the few guys I know who have dated, in large numbers, women in all age groups, from age 18 to 49. Here is a general description of the age ranges of women and how they differ from each other.  Disclaimer: As is always the case when talking about human beings, there are odd exceptions to every rule.  Please do not bother to point out the exceptions you've personally run into.  Yes, yes, there are always exceptions.  Regardless, what I'm about to describe is generally true the vast majority of the time.

-By Caleb Jones

Age 18 to 23 - "Slutty Disney"

Women in this age range are wild, free, happy, dramatic, and irresponsible.  ASD is at an all-time low at this age, and it's not uncommon to see women this young fuck five, ten, or even more guys in a six-month period.  It's not a problem for them and there is nothing abnormal about it.  They constantly get into "monogamous" relationships, and promptly cheat.  (And the if guy is also this young, he's probably cheating too).

Despite all this sexuality, a woman's Disney fantasies are at extreme levels at this age, and all she can think about is falling in romantic love, getting married (or the equivalent) with her Prince Charming and having babies.  Unlike women in their 30's, this desire is mental only.  They take very little action to actually accomplish and stick with this.

Not surprisingly, at this age women make the most irresponsible decisions.  Having a baby with the wrong guy, marrying the wrong guy, moving in with the wrong guy, all of that is very common at this age.  They are constantly leaping in and out of relationships all the time.  (Just watch how often they change their Facebook relationship's ridiculous.  And they love it.)

Women this age are extremely drama prone, BUT, and this is a big "but", in the face of a strong, confident man, they will happily divert their drama to other places besides him.  (This diversion is usually impossible with older women, who feel they have a "right" to throw drama at their man if they're in a bad mood.)

Women this age use alcohol and drugs an insane amount, far more than any other age group, regardless if they're over 21 or not.  (Yet another testament to society's insistence on maintaining laws that don't work.) At this age, a woman is all about fun.  The god of having fun trumps everything else in her life until she creeps into age 24 or so.  If it's not fun, she's not interested.

Age 24 to 26 - "Ms. Independent"

At this age, women back off on the promiscuity a little.  I said a little.  Instead of fucking five or ten guys, she'll tone it down to two guys, and she'll happily rotate new guys in and out all the time.  I am amazed at the number of women I have known in this age group who are fucking exactly two guys at almost all times.  It's a magic number for them...just enough to have some fun and get laid, but not enough to violate any of their slowly-building ASD.

Women this age will still drink and party a lot, but they won't drink to the point where they're puking all the time.  They still love drugs and alcohol, but they've learned more about their own bodies and moderated things a little. The defining attribute of women in this age range is how they tend to avoid boyfriends.  They do not want to be "tied down" to some needy boyfriend, even and espeically the ones who follow their orders and kiss their ass.

They've learned from their 18-23 years that boyfriends are trouble.  Boyfriends lie, cheat, get needy, get jealous, are a lot of work, leave you, and hurt your feelings.  So fuck that.  But they still love men, fun, and sex.  So she's going to play the field, enjoy herself, and be independent.  It is women in the 24-26 age group who will literally lecture you after sex about how they don't want anything serious and how they are not your girlfriend.  Which of course is the absolute and complete opposite of most women in their 30's.

Age 27 to 29 - "OMG I'm still single!"

Women in this age group are identical to the 24-26 crowd except that the biological clock has now started ticking.  They love fun and being independent (especially now that, usually for the first time in their lives, they're making money on their own) but they are now getting concerned that A) they have not found their soul mate yet, and B) they don't have any babies yet (assuming they don't have any yet...many of them do).

A childless woman who hits age 28 will suddenly want to have babies, badly, even if she doesn't know why.  It's the most amazing thing and I've seen it happen many times.  (REALLY watch the birth control if you're playing with a 28 or 29 year-old who hasn't had any kids yet!) Thus these women will cast off their "no boyfriends!" rule and start carefully, carefully looking for a boyfriend/husband/provider.  But they won't leap into anything and they'll still have fun and get laid until one comes along.  No more than one or two guys at a time, of course.

Women this age tend to have the most sexual hangups/issues and are the hardest to make cum, by far.  If you want to make them cum (and you always should, but that's another topic), do some tongue exercises, stretch those fingers, and be prepared to put in the time.
Age 30 to 32 - "ASD Blossom"

At this age, the ASD in her brain is almost at full-bore.  Now, getting a boyfriend/husband/provider is an important mission in her life.  It is at this age that women are the most picky about the men they date, since this is when high ASD meets with the fact she's still young enough to be somewhat pretty and in demand.

Thanks to now blossoming ASD, for the first time in her life, she will now actually go without sex if she doesn't meet any men who are up to her provider-hunting standards.  Uh oh.  This does not bode well...

Age 33 to 38 - "I'm A Lady Now"

At this age, a woman has gone through all kinds of failed relationships, divorces, legal battles, cheating boyfriends, horrible first dates, and asshole male bosses.  Men are no longer fun.  Rather, men have become the enemy.  Or at least, a necessary evil.  She likely has a job she hates, bills she can barely pay, and kids that stress her out. On top of all that, when she looks in the mirror she sees all kinds of wrinkles, cellulite, and saggy boobs, and that just pisses her off even more.  Modern day single women in their 30's are big, walking balls of stress.

Things like enjoying herself, being happy, achieving goals...that's all gone.  Those are all silly things she liked when she was younger.  She has responsibilities now . You can't go around having sex and enjoying yourself when you have kids and bills to pay!  She's "had her fun", and now it's time to buckle down and slog through the pain and drama that is life. She's a "lady" now.  She doesn't "do that" any more.

If you're on a date and actually try to have sex with her, boy are you in for a treat.  She'll immediately whip out a 300-page book called "Dating Rules and Regulations".  "Let's see...we're on our second we can't have sex yet, but you can touch one of my boobs...that would be okay.  If we make it to the third date I might let you take my shirt off.  Maybe.  We'll see how well you do on our next date first."

If she's actually powerful enough to overcome the rivers of ASD flowing in her system, you're going to have to commit to be her full-on, monogamous, loving, ass-kissing boyfriend.  Or no sex.  Ohhhhh no.  She's a lady now and ladies don't have sex outside of deep, meaningful, committed relationships.

The exception to the rule is if you are an ex-lover of hers, or a reasonably good-looking and younger-looking guy who effectively presents himself as sexual but having absolutely zero provider potential, something very difficult for most men to do (even those with solid game).  That way she can fuck him and rationalize it as "Well, we aren't actually dating, so it's okay."  (As you can see, her mature age has increased her ASD, but has done nothing to reduce her chick logic.)

Age 39 to 49 - "Delusional Empress"

Essentially, just like women in their 30's, but x2.

Single women in their forties, especially ones who are not yet overweight and have retained some level of good looks, have reached a point where they think they are the most beautiful, intelligent, desirable, strong females in the universe.  She's a catch, and you'd better treat her that way.  All other women are "silly" and "immature".

Usually men wanting to have sex with a forty-something are expected to treat them like queens well beforehand.  Gold-digger behaviors and expectations are at their height at this age range. Men who don't treat them like goddesses are somewhere between "not gentlemen" and "pigs".  Men who reject them are "shallow" or "clearly have issues" and should have "taken the time to understand how amazing she is".  While buying her dinners and not having any sex, of course.

The painful irony of all this is women at this age are really, really horny.  I'm serious.  Bitches be crazy.  The problem is because of their massive amounts of societal programming, ASD, and raw arrogance, the ONLY way they can have sex is from a man who attracts them AND does whatever he's told AND commits right up front (outside of the "zero provider-potential fuck buddy" loophole which is still in effect).  So if she starts to like a guy, but he doesn't behave exactly as she expects him to behave (i.e. worship her), she gets very, very upset.  Oh lord, do they get pissed.  You need to behave yourself so she can get laid dammit!!!

The slight good news is if for some reason you manage to lay one of these women, she will crave your cock like you've never seen.  You'll get texts every single day, yelling at you to get your ass over to her place so she can cram your cock inside her again.  I'm not exaggerating.
Age 50+ - "Realization"

By age 50 (usually well before then), women finally lose their ability to use their looks to get what they want from men.  Women this age finally, finally, finally realize that there is no Knight In Shining Armor™ who is "out there somewhere for her."  They finally "realize" (since they can't flip their hair or stick out their chests and get what they want from men any more) that men are either super boring (Betas) or completely incapable of adhering to her Disney fantasy life-plan (Alphas).  She finally understands there is no third category of "perfect guy".

Most women this age are already married to either low-end beta providers who bore the shit out of them (but whom they can't divorce...she's too old to snag a new man so now she's stuck with whatever she has) or a cheating alpha whom she can't stand but reluctantly tolerates (and still can't divorce).  And in both cases, she accepts this is how men are.  The single ones just grab pretty much whomever they can find, marry him, and ride out the rest of their lives with drastically reduced expectations from their husbands (and men in general).

This acceptance of reality and lack of sexual power is why women over 50 tend to have lower divorce rates.  For some women, this is a great weight off their shoulders, and many women have a sort of re-awakening in their early 50's and finally achieve the peace and happiness they've always (thought) they've wanted.

Calibrating Based On Age

Your lays will increase and become easier if you calibrate your approach to each woman you meet based on her age range.  Is she 19?  Play up the "fun" aspect.  Is she 26?  Make it clear you're not needy and aren't looking for a girlfriend.  Is she 35?  Hit the gym, get buff, dress in very inexpensive clothing, throw a strong sexual frame at her, and ask her to pay for the date (since you "don't have any money") OR dress really nice, talk about your last promotion at the office, and kiss her ass all over the place (and be prepared to commit).

You get the point.  The bottom line is never assume that women of all ages are seduced the same way.  There are significant differences.

Many times I"ve talked about how I will no longer cold approach new women over age 30 (online or any other way).  (I will still sleep with women over 30 whom I already know or who I meet via social circle game.)  Based on these descriptions you can see why.  Closing on these women is doable, but requires a completely different mindset.  Perhaps I'll talk more about that in a future post.

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