Text Game Part 1

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We're in an age where most of the phone communication with women you're seducing, dating or in a serious relationship with will be via texting rather than talking on the phone.  Text game is a big enough topic to warrant several posts, so this will be the first post in a series on effective text game.  A huge percentage of my successful online game and open/poly relationship game is done via texting, since I almost never talk to women over the phone.  It's just become so second-nature to me I never really think about it.

-By Caleb Jones

Text game is the same as online game in that it won't actually get you laid, but it can provide the framework for getting laid and if you do it wrong it will prevent you from getting laid.  Unless you're having full-on "text sex" with an established girlfriend or MLTR, you'll never be able to send a chick a text that will instantly make her stop what she's doing, drive over to your house and leap on your cock.  However, you can easily send a text that will repulse a chick and ensure you'll never hear from her again, or at least never again in a sexual context.  That's easy, and guys do it all the time.

The Core Frames To Have -

Effective texting means you are always maintain the same frame in your texts that you (should) have in your real-life pickup, seduction, and relationship interactions.  That boils down to four things:

Outcome Independent

If you constantly remember those four things when texting chicks and always have your texts reflect those things, your text game will never sabotage you.  Your goal is to maintain those four frames especially when she does not. Here are some examples of what I mean.

Her: You said you'd be here at 5pm and it's 5:10 wtf???
You: I had to stop and order a pizza. You're not getting any though. I ate it all.

Her: Um, who's that other girl on Facebook who commented about your Seattle trip?
You: Another girl on my Facebook?  Does she have big boobs? Mmmmm.

Her: I've really thought alot about this and I just don't think I can be with you any more. Larry really treats me like a lady I and guess I need his stability right now. I really care for you and think you're a great guy and I really wanted to move forward with you but you seem unwilling to do that.
You: Ok (then ignore her response)

Her: You know Wednesday's my birthday and I really liked those earrings I saw at Nordstrom's that one time.
You: Hey that's a good idea, you should totally buy yourself those earrings for your birthday!  Treat yourself baby you deserve it.

You can see in all of the above examples where most normal men would respond with logic, explanations, defensiveness, or even anger.  All of those things are really bad, especially over texts where things like voice, body language, and physical aura are completely absent.

Watch The Sarcasm -

Notice I said "Funny", but not "Cocky and Funny".  It took me a long time to figure this out, but sarcasm does NOT translate well over texts, even if you are normally a sarcastic guy and she understands that.  Unless you are very verbally skilled and have the four frames above as rock-solid, I would avoid being sarcastic over texts until you feel you really have it down.  Be funny.  Be witty.  Just don't be sarcastic. If you choose to be sarcastic over texting, do so sparingly and always, always end your sarcastic statements with smiley faces (just like in the first example above).

If you have not yet had sex with the woman at least twice yet, I would REALLY avoid the sarcasm until you lock her in by fucking her twice.  Then you can relax, a little.  Even with women you have ongoing relationships with you need to really watch text sarcasm. I'm a very sarcastic son of a bitch and years ago when I was figuring all this out I did indeed lose potential lays because of sarcasm over texts.

Timing -

A common piece of advice is to respond to a woman's tests as fast as she responds to yours.  If she takes 20 minutes to respond to you, you wait 20 minutes before responding back to her. I suppose I agree with this advice in principle, but only to a point.  Some women will really take a LONG fucking time to respond to your tests.  With some of those damn 18 and 19 year-olds you'll be waiting an entire day or two for a response sometimes.   Some of those hard-working 29 year-olds will often go all day long without responding.  You send her a text at 10:00am, and you get your response at 8:30pm that evening.

Once you actually do get a response from her, I don't think purposely waiting around to respond to her just to show her you're Mr. Cool McBadass is a very effective strategy.  Don't play games.  Receive her text, wait a few minutes, and then just text her back.  Responding to her sooner rather than later is actually more effective since you know A) she still has her phone in her hand, B) she's available to text, and C) she's in a "texting mood".  Nothing wrong with that at all.  I do it all the time and it works well.

That's it for now.  I'll post more text game advice over the next few weeks. More to come.

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