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You're not the only guy trying to lay her.  Other guys are trying as well.  Even if she's mediocre-looking. Essentially, the higher you are on the scale I've outlined above, the more competition you have.  AFCs don't realize one of the reasons it's so hard for them to get laid is that they're directly competing with damn near 80% or more of the male population.  Those are some shitty odds.

-By Caleb Jones

Who then, really, is your competition?

I can tell you exactly who is and isn't my competition.

Creepers, losers, and overbearing guys.  About 15% of guys out there.  In no way are these men my competition. (Though they try.)

Typical needy AFC / beta / provider guys.  About 65% to 70% of guys out there.  In no way are these men my competition. Yes, women I have in open relationships might temporarily LSNFTE me for these guys occasionally, but I'm the one they always come back to, not them.  I run circles around these guys without even trying.  I know a lot of you regular readers do also.

Higher-income providers who throw a lot of money at women.  About 8% to 10% of guys out there.  I do occasionally lose lays to these guys, but it's pretty rare.  I consider them very minor competion, espeically since I can often fuck her after she's dumped Mr. Bigspender because he got too jealous and controlling (a very common trait of guys who throw a lot of money at women in order to get them or keep them).

Needy Alphas.  About 5% of guys out there.  They're in the same category as the throw-money-at-women guys. I occasionally lose lays to these guys, but I can often fuck the gal afterwards when she gets tired of his rules and lectures.

Alphas.  About 3% to 5% of guys out there.  Now these guys are my competition.  But!  Not only are they very rare in the modern era, Alphas live very full lives and are often not in chick-seeking mode.  Often they're too busy with other projects, or travelling, or already have plenty of women on their plate, etc, and have the dating machine shut off for a while because they really don't need any new women at the moment.  (Shit, I can relate.)  This makes the number of active alphas competing with me extremely tiny.  I don't even concern myself with it.

The lower on the above list you get, the less competition you have and the easier it is to get laid.  Some of you have experienced the situation where you walk right in and lay some chick very fast and without spending any money, and all the other AFC guys she knows (who have been working on her for months or years without results) are astonished at what you did, especially if they're better-looking than you or spend more money on women than you.

When he was at the top of his game, Michael Jordan had a famous quote that was essentially, "I have no competition."  Steven King has a saying: "Everyone is the protagonist." They're both absolutely right.  Once your skill, results and outcome independence reach high enough levels, competition becomes pretty much irrelevant.  (By the way, this applies to business and money as well as seduction.)

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