Negotiating Cheap Hotel Rooms

Most people don’t realize hotel rooms are probably the most negotiable thing in the universe.  With hotels you can negotiate price, room size, number of beds, room location, room type, upgrades, and even free food in one of the hotel’s restaurants.

Last time I was in Vegas I more than doubled the size of my hotel suite by paying an extra $50 for a two-night stay.  Last year when I stayed in Los Angeles I got a hotel room, an nice one, for half the price I was originally quoted, without a AAA card or anything.  I have tons of stories like this.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. When reserving the room, NEVER, EVER assume that the price or type of room you’re initially given is the best offer.  Whenever you’re quoted a price, ask the person in a slightly irritated voice, “Is that the best you can do?”.

2. When you arrive at the hotel, ALWAYS ask for a FREE upgrade.  Tell them you’re a loyal customer to their hotel chain (even if you aren’t) and would like an upgrade.  Sometimes you’ll get it.  Sometimes you’ll get a massive upgrade for a tiny increase in price.  Sometimes you won’t get anything.   Who cares?  Always ask.

3. Once a room is assigned to you, pick out something about the hotel room you don’t really care about and complain about it.  If it has only one bed, tell them you want two.  If it has two, tell them you only want one.  If it’s on the east side of the building, tell them you want the west side…you don’t want the “sunrise in your eyes” or something.  Often just doing this will get you a free upgrade or reduced price on the room.

You get the idea.  Staying in a hotel can be one of the least expensive, biggest bang-for-your-buck expenditures when you travel.

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