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-By Caleb Jones

Yes, you should always be prepared for any picnic.

I discuss the topic of birth control and STD prevention in-depth in my ebooks.  Today's post is concerning condoms specifically, as in different types/brands of condoms in use today.

Clearly, I shouldn't have to tell anyone reading this that you need to be using condoms consistently.  If you want to start barebacking someone you've been seeing for a quite a while (as in many months or years) and who has demonstrated trustworthy, responsible behavior in that time, then fine.  Other than that, you should be using condoms on everyone you sleep with.  Period.

It is simply amazing to me that when I talk about poly or open relationships, many people will still knee-jerk with the silly reaction "I'll get an STD!".  Obviously these people have never heard of this really cool invention called a 'condom'.  Which, by the way, people have been using since the 1800's (back when syphilis was a big problem).  I have had a lot of sex and with a lot of women for almost 20 years now, and I'm STD-free nor have I ever gotten a woman pregnant on accident, even with my high sperm count (yes I had it checked a few years ago).

There are many reasons for this, but the biggest reason is that I use condoms.  It's really not that difficult.

Don't let doctors scare you about how condoms break or slip or crack or "aren't 100% effective".  Don't let people scare you about how they "got pregnant and he was using a condom!".  Bull shit.  When he came inside her I promise that condom wasn't on his cock, I don't care what he or she says.  He was just being a dumbass or was caught up in the moment.  Bill Maher has a great comedy bit about how condoms are the "most reliable product ever invented by man", since he's been using condoms for damn near 40 years and has never had a problem with them.

He's right.  Condoms. Are. Effective.

Condoms can be used wrong, true.  But when used right, they work.  I have a strong theory that a lot of men actually want to impregnate the woman they're fucking even though they say they don't, which explains some of this "condoms don't work" crap.  But that's a topic for another time.

Condoms are the thing that makes sex "okay".  I have no problem whatsoever when people fuck lots of other people while condoms are being used.  I've read plenty of studies that show that in America at least, although people are exposed to sexual imagery all the time, people are actually undersexed when it comes to actually having sex regularly and often.  Problems only arise when people have a lot of sex without using condoms.

So slap on a condom and have sex!  With everyone!  The problem is not sex.  The problem is lack of condom use.

Types / Brands of Condoms

I have used many different types and brands of condoms in my day.  What follows are my anecdotal experiences and recommendations.

(standard) Trojans - Trojans suck, at least the normal kind you buy at the grocery store.  They are very thick and they do work, but you can't feel shit.  While I was married for nine years, Trojan condoms were the only form of birth control I used on her, and she never got preggo on accident.  (Only on purpose.)  One of the first women I had sex with after my divorce years ago made a grimace when I pulled out the Trojans, and said "Yeah, okay, we need to get you some better condoms."  She was right.

Durex - These guys are one notch better than Trojans, which isn't saying much.  They aren't quite as thick as Trojans, but they're in the same category.  Pass.

Sheers - These are condoms in a grey wrapper that, I think, are only available from hospitals and places like Planned Parenthood.  Sheers are probably the thinnest American-made condoms I've ever used. They're very good and I recommend them.

Lifestyles - Almost identical to Durex.  Not that great.  That includes the "nice" Lifestyles condoms like Tuxedos.

Trojan Ecstasy - These are awesome.  Not perfect, but very good.  They are shaped so that the end of the condom is large and baggy, but the base is very snug and tight, which is the perfect shape for a condom.  Too many times I've been having sex only to force myself and pause when I feel like the condom might be slipping.  Ecstasy condoms will slip a little, especially if you're a rough fucker like me, but not much.

In addition, the baggy tip doesn't screw up your pleasure as much as a standard condom. Trojan Ecstasy condoms are my current favorite, along with Sheers.  The only downside is the wrapper is rather large (you can be an asshole and pretend it's a Magnum), but if you fold down the corners it becomes a little more portable.

Japanese Condoms - There are many brands, but the most popular ones in the western world seem to be Kimonos and Crowns.  I get a lot of questions about these, and I have a lot of experience with them, so here's the deal.  First, they're extremely thin, way thinner than any American condom because the condom standards in Japan are less stringent than in America.  Japanese condoms are hands-down the most pleasurable condoms you'll ever wear.  I mean that.  No, it's not like "wearing nothing".  No condom is like "wearing nothing".  That's BS, but Japanese condoms do come the closest.

Regardless, there are a few major problems.  Problem number one: Japanese condoms are made for Asian-sized cocks.  That means if you're a white guy or black guy, unless you have a smaller cock, these things are very difficult to put on.

I'm no Tommy Lee by any means. I'm average in that area, but when I used these bad boys I always had trouble getting the damn things on, especially when sexual activities have already begun and things are already wet and slippery.  It's a bitch.  Once you get them on, they're tight as can be, and can be a little uncomfortable for the first few seconds (until you plunge in and start enjoying yourself).

That's not the biggest problem though.  Thin means delicate.  Delicate means breakable.  Once I started using Japanese condoms a few years back, I was jumping for joy at how great they felt.  The difficulty of putting them on was worth it to me.  So after testing a few, I hit up Amazon and bought a huge pack of about 200 of them.

A few months later, I was pumping away with an MLTR, and boom, the condom snapped mid-fuck.  I withdrew only to see a rubber hula-hoop around my completely exposed cock.  In years and years of using condoms, I had never had one break, ever.  So I assumed it was an unusual "dud" condom and didn't think much of it.  Thankfully the gal was a trusted MLTR and I was using the condom more for pregnancy protection than for STD protection.  I just pulled the thing off, replaced it, and resumed.  No harm done.

Then, about ten months later, I was fucking an FB of mine...a very hot but very, um, questionable gal who did not live a safe lifestyle.  As we were having sex I slowly started to realize that it was feeling really, really good...better than it should have while wearing a condom.  I paused, withdrew, and sure enough...the damn Japanese condom had snapped and broken again in the exact same way.

I was pissed.  This was not the kind of gal I wanted to be barebacking.  Moreover I had just gotten a full STD screening a week or two earlier.  Now I would have to go back in again.  I did so (after waiting the prerequisite amount of time) and came back clean so no harm done, but I was still very upset.  Two breaking condoms in less than a year when I had been fucking for almost 2 decades without a single problem.   I went home and threw out all of my Japanese condoms.  I will never use another Japanese condom again, and I cannot in good conscious recommend them any more.

Condom Tips

1. This is an old one but a good one.  Place a tiny drop of lube (not too much!) on the inside tip of the condom before you put it on.  It helps with the sensation.

2. Always keep condoms on your person.  Always.  If you live the PUA or poly lifestyle, you'll never know when you might need them.  I'm serious...I've had sex in some oddball places.  I always have some in the inside pocket of my jacket, the right-side compartment in my car, and every room in my house.  Condoms are small and portable; not having a condom should never be an excuse.

3. Trying to put a condom on before you're 100% hard is a bad idea.  Yeah, we've all been there, I know.  Just don't do it.

4. Always, always, always pause for a few seconds a few times during sex and check your cock to make sure the condom is still on or hasn't moved up too far.  If men followed this one practice alone it would probably half the unwed pregnancy rate.  (I exaggerate, but you get the point.)  I always make a few quick checks during sex, no matter how much fun I'm having or how good it is.  I don't want an STD nor do I want to be paying child support to some bimbo fuck-buddy for the next 18 years.  Check that cock!

5. Guys forget that condoms have expiration dates.  Always check and discard old condoms.

6. Completely ignore a woman when she says she "hates condoms" or "wants to feel you" or is "allergic to latex".  It's all horseshit.  She wants your baby and your child support check, which the legal system will ensure she'll get, even if they have to garnish your wages or throw you in jail.

Insist on using a condom or next her immediately and fuck someone else.  I'm not kidding around here.  I consider women who don't want me to use a condom on them as the biggest red flag in the dating universe.  (Of course many women generically complain about condoms because they don't feel as good; that's normal.  I'm talking about a woman who literally tells you she doesn't want you to wear one.)

Happy condoming!

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This article was originally published on April 15, 2012


  • Hollywood Condoms 2019-04-15 04:14:07

    Great post to read but I got some real concern with Japanese condoms behalf of their reliability & the last tips will definitely be going remember...

  • Chaz Ing 2018-10-27 15:04:38

    Stating that "Japanese condoms are made for Asian-sized cocks" is highly irresponsible and illogical. As a heterosexual European, how would you know what is an Asian-sized or African-sized cock? Have you 'surveyed' all of Asia and Africa? "Kimono condoms are made to fit the average American penis size and are comparable in size to those of other US condom manufacturers. Please note Kimono condoms come in various shapes, some shapes may feel more snug than others." -

  • Jonathon 2018-09-25 16:49:39

    I use skyn Large. Latex free and pretty thin. Bigger than normal condoms but smaller than the magnum

  • Simon Tolomeo 2018-06-20 00:13:47

    Latex allergy is uncommon, but real. Odds higher for health care-related workers. However, there are latex-free condoms, something that make it less of an excuse. However, it's a fair warning to mention that large-sized latex-free condoms are not easy to get at all. More info at:

  • K 2017-10-09 11:30:06

    @ CurtsNOKC I know you have asked the guys... still, for what a woman's response is worth: No, we don't crave your cum inside us as such. We crave the feeling of you cumming in us and of the bare skin of your penis in us (provided we're sex-positive).

  • CurtsNOKC 2017-10-09 10:28:03

    So what if I give her the talk and along with the STD scare tactic she says she craves my Cum inside her. She says it's as if it is not complete without it lol. She then says, "how do I know your using condoms on the other woman?" lol. So, I ask her if she would prefer that I video my sex with them to watch later. =) Anyways, I did some research and it appears that they may really do crave our cum inside them. What you guys think?

  • GelatinousCube 2017-08-18 00:14:54

    I'm the opposite. I always go raw dog. Always, except with pay for play. No pregnancy worries because I'm snipped. Not worried about STDs. I've had herpes for 20 years and only a few outbreaks in that time. It's not a big deal. Everyone has herpes now. If a woman wants to go raw she should assume she's exposing herself to herpes. The clap and gonorrhea are easily cleared up with a couple pills. HIV is so rare in white heterosexual non-IV drug using men that it's not worth worrying about. Seriously, it's extremely  hard to get HIV from a woman. I think the CDC says there are like 500 new cases a year in the U.S. in straight white guys, and probably half of those dudes are lying about where they got it. You're about as likely to get struck by lightning. Do you know any straight white guys with HIV? "But, but Charlie Sheen.." Bullshit, Charlie Sheen got it from a tranny.    

  • Michal 2016-10-27 03:06:31

    One more thing to take into concideration:

  • Blackdragon 2016-09-27 12:52:58

    Are you an advocate of wearing a condom but taking it off to finish on a woman’s mouth or face?
    Yeah, go for it. I've done that a lot. Just make sure she swallows or you watch her spit it out into the sink or toilet.

  • Rezzy 2016-09-27 07:34:49

    Are you an advocate of wearing a condom but taking it off to finish on a woman's mouth or face? Or do you view this as too risky because if wants to get pregnant she can apply the sperm elsewhere after sex?

  • Blackdragon 2016-04-29 18:50:11

    Did you ever do an update post to further cover this subject?
    No. I'll add it to the possible future topics list though.

  • Jarod 2016-04-29 12:44:22

    That topic could be an entire blog post on it’s own. To summarize, I don’t go down on a woman until I’ve been dating her for quite a while, or know her well, or I see the results of an STD test. Until then, it’s just condomed sex. Women going down on me I don’t worry too much about. From all the research I’ve done, the odds of catching something from a woman going down on you is beyond minuscule.
    Did you ever do an update post to further cover this subject?

  • wanderlust prince 2015-12-02 06:21:11

    Black dragon you wrote that Trying to put a condom on before you’re 100% hard is a bad idea. Yeah, we’ve all been there, I know. Just don’t do it. Why is It a bad idea?
    lol, also, because it prevents me from getting fully hard sometimes. I agree with some members here when they said sex w/o condom is much much better than sex with condom. The feeling of pleasure is just too intense for me without the latex barrier. I would trade 20 sessions of sex with condom to one great session free of protection. But in reality, I know it can be done only with partners you know and can trust to an extent...such a shame.

  • Blackdragon 2015-11-03 15:09:42

    Because it increases the chances of slippage.

  • dave 2015-11-03 14:31:25

    Black dragon you wrote that Trying to put a condom on before you’re 100% hard is a bad idea. Yeah, we’ve all been there, I know. Just don’t do it. Why is It a bad idea?

  • Bob 2015-09-05 19:35:43

  • Skins 2015-01-14 00:46:02

    I prefer the Jap rubbers myself but they are a bit snug. 003 is my favorite but they require lube. A good lube is just as important as the rubbers IMO. Of course, I don't carry the shit around with me haha. Another issue... Be careful of what kind of lube you guys use. Shit like baby oil makes the rubber deteriorate. I popped a condom when banging a Pattaya hooker which isn't fun... She used baby oil in her box despite me telling her that's bad. Oh well.

  • Buzz 2014-10-16 08:56:04

    you are right I suppose it was monogamy that spoiled me. One advantage to being old, the last three women I have had relationships with all had hysterectomies 🙂 and they felt bad about it! So I look for women with tubes tied, hysterectomies try for the well lets both get tested but thats a long shot or go for her giving me oral sex and that gets me one night stands only. But it is gone, it doesn't work with rubbers anymore I don't even know how a person would practice and that is one thing women have absolutely no tolerance for a limp dick... the only thing worse than not getting off...

  • Blackdragon 2014-10-15 21:31:18

    I do hear you really but I can’t even get hard with a rubber!
    Then you need to practice more with one. Unless you want to suffer monogamy, you're going to have to get accustomed to sex with a condom to some degree. It's just a matter of practice.

  • Buzz 2014-10-13 12:06:47

    I do hear you really but I can't even get hard with a rubber! I am sorry but all the work you do all the women you have been with through a plastic rain coat? Why even bother? I guess I would give you a hundred women for 1 bare, so I have had 45 you are over 450 aren't you? The old lamb skins used to sort of work but they are not safe and I blew a couple of them, just f*cked right through them. I am just disappointed, I hoped you had a better answer....

  • juniperpansy 2012-06-17 20:55:27

    >>4. Always, always, always pause for a few seconds a few times during sex and check your cock to make sure the condom is still on or hasn’t moved up too far. If men followed this one practice alone it would probably half the unwed pregnancy rate I've got to disagree with you on this on for the most part. I used to do this all the time. The condom would slide up so I would check and pull it down. Then I tried another kind of condom. Guess what? The kind I use now are very comfortable and never slide up unless my dick goes soft. And rven when dick goes soft the condom is still fairly snug. Point being if a condom slides you are using the wrong size condom. Find one that is still snug after you ejaculate and go soft and you won't have to worry about this problem again.

  • jordanbrianjason 2012-04-21 10:02:21

    Thanks B.D. Myself- I dig Trojan Bareskin. It hardly feels like wearing a condom at all. I've used plenty of them and never had one break. The women who I've used them with say it feels more like the sensation of a cock than getting fucked by a latex dildo; so they dig it. I've actually gone limp during sex from lack of sensation while wearing condoms but don't have that problem with this brand.

  • Don 2012-04-21 00:48:58

    I actually like the archaic Trojans because they are pretty thick, and sometimes I have a really quick trigger, so putting on the thick condom helps a lot to slow the feeling

  • Blackdragon 2012-04-19 10:23:00

    That topic could be an entire blog post on it's own. To summarize, I don't go down on a woman until I've been dating her for quite a while, or know her well, or I see the results of an STD test. Until then, it's just condomed sex. Women going down on me I don't worry too much about. From all the research I've done, the odds of catching something from a woman going down on you is beyond minuscule.

  • jordanbrianjason 2012-04-17 18:51:48

    Question for B.D.- what about oral sex (head and all that) there are a number of things you can catch while going downtown or letting someone else do it to you. What do you do in those situations and what do you tell the women?

  • Jorgen 2012-04-16 10:58:53

    Just strapping on a new condom if one breaks doesn't guarantee that you haven't already impregnated the girl. From what I've read(probably by the same people who say that condoms aren't 100% safe for insurance reasons), you can impregnate a girl from pre-cum, because semen can be lodged in your urethra from the last time you had sex. The same reasoning is why you shouldn't just flip the condom if you put it on backwards at first, you might just have put a drop of semen on the tip of the condom. Now I've never had any condoms break or women impregnated this way, but I'm always more safe than sorry. So if a condom ever breaks, I'm telling the girl to take ECPs, and if I put it on the wrong way(happens scary often, always forget to look at what I'm doing), I always keep spares so I can switch it.

  • Rod 2012-04-15 17:20:11

    I use Trojan because they're easer to put on if you've been using your fingers to stimulate the girl's vagina (credit: Paul Janka). Look forward to use the jap ones!

  • Jed 2012-04-15 11:17:28

    Good review Blackdragon. I use Crown and Beyond Seven. They are both Japanese brands. I know they are thinner than American ones, but I don't care. I have been using them for years and have only had one break, out of several thousand. All other condoms I have tried are too thick and I can't feel anything... half the time I can't even reach orgasm with the thicker ones. I'll take my chances with the condoms that are actually pleasurable. My dick isn't small either, I just prefer a tighter fitting condom.