Why Women Divorce

Women Hate Monogamy

-By Caleb Jones

UPDATE: When I first wrote this blog post, I thought the woman I was talking about was separated. In fact she was not. It was a joke she made on her blog. It doesn’t change what I’m talking about below, since this blog post describes what she’s thinking (i.e. her being stuck in a marriage to a boring, submissive beta and her desiring something more sexual and exciting), rather than doing, but I wanted to make that correction clear. That being said I would easily bet $1000 (or more!) that the woman showcased here will eventually either end up cheating on her husband or divorcing him. When you read on you’ll discover why.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I was right. Even after defending her marriage in the comments of this post, on January 1st, 2013, she announced on her blog she had indeed separated from her husband for real. Just a month later she announced she had a new boyfriend while still “having a husband”. WOMEN. HATE. MONOGAMY. They will swear up and down they love it. They will fight you if you say they don’t. Don’t buy it.

It’s a common misconception, though it is slowly being eroded as time goes on, that men are the cheating sexual pigs and women are sweet little virginal angels who love monogamy. Of course, this is complete crap. Stats show that women cheat pretty much as often as men, and in very long relationships or marriages they actually cheat more.

I can also tell you for a fact that women overwhelmingly are more comfortable with open or semi-open relationships than men are. Say to a person “open relationship” where both parties are allowed to have meaningless sex on the side, and it’s usually MEN who throw a shit fit tantrum, while often women will assume a pensive look and say “Hm…”. Let’s also not forget that 82% of all divorces are initiated by the female, and this percentage is about the same in non-married BF/GF relationships that end.

Women hate monogamy. Or more accurately, women hate monogamy too. (We men aren’t very big on it either.)

Latest case in point is this post right here that was recently showcased on WordPress.com as “Freshly Pressed”, i.e. one of the posts “to read”. Oh it’s “to read” alright. It’s written by the typical stressed-out, why-is-my-life-so-hard over-33 modern-day woman I’ve written about many times before.

Before I start quoting her, let me be clear that she is attempting to be sarcastic and funny here. However, as you read you’ll see the truth shine through. Though she’s trying to be funny, this stuff is coming from somewhere within her that is very real. Here are some of the highlights:

Last night I had a particularly hideous bedtime with the kids, in which I lost my temper and screamed one sentence that likely permanently scratched my vocal chords and everyone cried and once they were asleep, I was incapable of any more rational thought…

Very accurate and I couldn’t have said it better myself. This chaos and unhappiness is normal fare for the modern-day single mother, especially the over-33 types.

When I was younger and more obviously “hot” as opposed to somewhat hot on a good day when I have concealer on and the lighting is right and I’m not scowling which always make me look jowly, men would often say the following to me:

“Man, if I was single…” the implication being that if there wasn’t some pesky wife or girlfriend to get in the way, he would gladly hump me for a while, before moving on to someone else he could cheat on me with.

Yes, that’s exactly what he’s thinking. And you’re thinking the same thing, Sweetie. Almost all monogamous people are, other than those very old folks (and even some of those…). That’s because people don’t like being long-term monogamous. Oh, they say they do. They pretend they do. But they don’t.

Now read these next two quotes very, very carefully…

While flattering, I always thought the expression “If I were single” to be unbelievably insulting to the wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/roommate-you-occasionally-copulate-with-when-too-drunk-to-say-no-who-thinks-you’re-in-a-relationship. I always felt that I couldn’t imagine my life without my husband and children and didn’t care to and what a cad you are, sir.

Under the guise of humor and sarcasm, you see righteous, ASD-driven indignation about how wanting to fuck someone else on the side is an evil awful horrible terrible despicable insulting thing. Right? But the very next thing she says is:

However now that I am “separated” and while I actively choose to be monogamously married, I can actually imagine a life in which I am self-sufficient enough to survive without my husband.

Did you see that? If you “get” what she just said, you just saw the biggest instant 180-degree switcheroo you’ve ever seen in your life. Does “survive without my husband” mean “be monogamous to my husband”? Of course not! It means fucking someone else! (Or at a minimum it means fucking nobody, but as you read more of her stuff below you’ll realize this is not what she has in mind).

The concept of fucking someone else went from evil awful terrible to something that she very subtly implies might be just fine. Her further statements below confirm this.

Do you see how fragile Disney monogamy is, and how fast women (and men!) do a mental 180 when it’s not fun any more?

If you read the link she mentions about her fake “separation”, you’ll find she has been married for 14 years to an extreme beta male, a man who will go to therapy by himself because she orders him to. All of her sexual attraction for him destroyed because of his supplicating beta providership for her, she’s now ready to pursue, at least mentally at this point, what she really wants:

The fantasies occur in an imaginary parallel universe where I am rich, childless and single, and everyone else on earth is rich, childless and single, and everyone I desire desires me, so no one gets hurt and also my husband was never born hence I never met him so I have never been really and truly in love and never had children (I am SO thin) and life is still one long fun party.

Boom. There it is. This is what women want and what women like. Not only sex with men, but men lusting over them. Note how everyone is “childless” in her fantasy. The reason she wants this is because she already has kids. If she was in her early 20’s and had no kids yet, I promise you her fantasy would include kids somewhere. Now she’s had them, she’s “done”. (Remember I have always said women are biologically wired to want two children.)

So then she talks about the multiple men she wants to fuck:

1.This man… Who shall remain nameless.
I will do things to him and he will do things to me and I hate that I am alive and he is alive and we have never met (I smell a restraining order…)
2. Lest you think I’m monogamous in this fantasy, there is also this man, who will bounce on top of me, likely requiring extensive chiropractic… but it will be WORTH IT.
They’re very different aren’t they? Unless they are both drug addicts/alcoholics – in which case I’m right on type.
3. Italy. Just, Italy. I will live there. There will be cheese. Gelato. Sometimes a museum. Numbers 1. and 2. will live in separate rooms in my Tuscan Villa breathlessly awaiting my arrival. They will have no life in their respective rooms, each will not even know the other exists, just read books while I’m gone so they are ready to amuse me with endless quips/pleasure me when I return. They will intuitively know when I want to be roughly manhandled and gently held while I cry.

Now that she’s finally freed herself (sort of) from the shackles of boring long-term monogamy to a beta male, which she hates, and likely has always hated starting at about the three or four year-mark in her marriage (though she won’t admit that), she now wants to fuck multiple good-looking Alpha males.

Yes, her blog post is tongue-in-cheek, but I promise you she’s using comedy to cloak some of her core desires, or at least a variation of them. Women do this often. Society trains women to not show their strong desire for sex or even promiscuity, so they have to often cloak their (true) sexual desires around comedy.

She ends her blog post with:

Fuck my life.


You guys with serious monogamous girlfriends or fiancees you plan on spending a long-term monogamous “future” with might want to consider what’s actually going on in her head.

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  • Jon
    Posted at 03:03 pm, 30th August 2012

    Do you think she’ll forget about her fantasy and the way her current marriage fell apart and want to get married again at some point?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 03:23 pm, 30th August 2012

    Do you think she’ll forget about her fantasy and the way her current marriage fell apart and want to get married again at some point?

    Not only do I think it, I would bet $10,000 on it. In terms of love and feelings, deep down in their core women don’t really care about what happens 5 or 10 or 20 years down the road. It’s all about how she feels right now. When she meets the next guy and falls into NRE, she’ll feel so good and love him so much none of her prior regrets or problems will even register in her brain. She’ll get marred and monogamous all over again, and have the same problems all over again. It’s sad.

  • Soul
    Posted at 08:28 pm, 30th August 2012

    Umm… BD, if you read this woman’s “I’m Separated…” blog post all the way to the end, it turns out it’s all a big joke, she’s not separated from her husband at all. For sure, those of us in LTR’s all have our fantasies. But that doesn’t mean fantasy fulfillment is always a good idea. This woman might even be conscious enough to realize what it would mean for her children, if she followed up on those fantasies.

    Her husband could sure use that Alpha 101 Bootcamp, though. If he doesn’t shape up, it’s just a matter of time before she really is off in Tuscany fucking Jay Cutler and Charlie Hunnam.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 08:38 pm, 30th August 2012

    Oops. You’re right. I missed that. I’ll correct the blog post. Damn I hate that. Not that it changes anything I said in the blog post.

    Her punchline at the bottom of the post is very revealing:

    The last fromage of my denial melted, and I knew I had to accept this man and this marriage, stripped of romantic fantasy, in all its mundane glory, ugly shirt and all.

    That tells you how happy she is about all of this right there.

  • Soul
    Posted at 09:53 pm, 30th August 2012

    Yeah, in her very most recent post she’s talking about how her husband is making love to her and he’s “whispering in my ear that I was the best mother in the world and had become unimaginably more beautiful since the pregnancies had made my body bloom forth new life…”.

    Life really sucks for her, he’s such a bad liar 🙂


  • DB
    Posted at 06:38 am, 31st August 2012

    Sad, but true.

    This is why there are so many sexless marriages. Yes, there are some low libido men out there, but far and away it’s bored mothers who are not attracted to their beta husbands anymore. The men think they just have to please them even more and why shouldn’t they when they’ve been told that women want this from day 1 and are being told the same thing from their wife now. They are being told of all of the things they aren’t doing and if only they did x,y, and z, she would have more sex. Ya right. It takes some men longer than others to realize that it’s not about them not helping out enough, or being romantic enough, or whatever ridiculous hoops she’s trying to get them to jump through, it’s about her being bored with you. Even guys who aren’t complete betas end up like this. Sometimes the woman just gets bored. Some men have some success getting her interested again if they become alphas and game their wife. Some do not. Many women even marry beta guys on purpose and those guys have no hope. In the end though, monogamy rarely works to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Sometimes they suck it up for the rest of their lives, sometimes she cheats, sometimes he cheats, sometimes he says ‘fuck this’ and leaves to go become the alpha man he always should have. Go on any relationship or marriage forum and you’ll read literally hundreds, if not more, posts of beta guys going through the bored wife cheating pattern: boredom, emotional affair, distance from husband over guilt, physical affair, blaming husband for all her bad deeds, fights, confused husband, husband finds out about physical affair, she says she loves her other man (when really she just wants sex like him), blah blah blah. It’s all very sad, but predictable. Some husbands wake up at that point, get rid of her and go on to be better men. Some husbands leave and repeat the pattern. Some husbands take her back and are destined to be cheated on again.

  • Soul
    Posted at 09:53 am, 31st August 2012

    My relationship is de facto monogamous, but it’s based on brutal honesty and sexual brinksmanship.

    I know that she could get other partners at any time, and that she’d enjoy it. I think she could be pretty successful as a cougar if she wanted to, and I know she admires six-packs.

    I’ve told her that if she wants to have other partners, I would do my best to live with it, and I would still love her and want to have sex with her; but I’ve warned her that if she did that, I’d certainly step up my game and get more partners myself. She knows that I’m doing my best to stay active & attractive to other women, she sees who I’m able to get dates with and who will dance with me on the floor, and so she believes I would have no trouble getting laid if I really want to.

    On the other hand, we both know that we can cause emotional trouble for each other, by means of sexual activities outside our relationship. So neither one of us is pushing it too hard.

    The result is that she stays attracted to me (or at least, so far so good, after 35 years) and I think the sex is still OK. And at our age, the other aspects of a mutually respectful and loving relationship are also pretty important; and we have that.

    Maybe this is a success formula for a “monogamish” relationship, that deserves more careful consideration around here?

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 11:11 am, 31st August 2012

    Maybe this is a success formula for a “monogamish” relationship, that deserves more careful consideration around here?

    It does get massive consideration, because your relationship is an OLTR, which is something I’ve been recommending to men for years as an alternative to Disney monogamy. So I congratulate you!

  • ivarsen
    Posted at 12:12 pm, 31st August 2012
  • susannabrisk
    Posted at 01:14 pm, 31st August 2012

    Hi Guys! First of all let me thank Blackdragon for going through my essay so carefully and pointing others to it. I appreciate the traffic and the thoughtful comments, especially the ones that don’t come from trolls who have taken a short break to comment in between jerking off into a sweatsock… Here is the thing, and Soul is really onto it, my husband is not beta (whatever that means) he is a powerhouse in his business, with our kids and in the rack. The reason I have been monogomous for fourteen years after many previous experience of shitty, short relationships based mostly on infatuation, lust and attraction is that is I have always been honest about how I feel. Do I feel trapped sometimes? Sure, but I have always found something constraining in my life… In my teens I felt trapped because I couldn’t drive (in Australia the age is later) then in my twenties I was trapped by a cycle of bad relationships, and some other addictions (especially to negativity) and then in my thirties I started blaming everything on my kids. I am monogomous to my husband because I actively choose to be daily, as he is to me. We do not OWN each other n or each others genitals (where would I even keep his cock, I have literally no storage in our new townhouse.) Would I like to fuck Charlie Hunnan? In theory, yes. But in reality I would just love my hubby to do a few situps, for health reasons as well as aesthetic. Because if Charlie was single and I did sleep with him (I’m not saying he would, but I’ve still got some game even though I am as you put it “over 33”) he would probably leave in the morning and not call. Or I would obsess about him wondering if he liked me, and the adrenaline would send me right back to crazy. I don’t have to wonder if my husband likes me, loves me, or cares about me. And saying we are in a “sexless” marriage is ridiculous, when I talk about feeling hard-up it’s because we haven’t managed to have sex in a couple of weeks, maybe. But after a long time being with the same person, I am so relaxed with him, love his smells, sounds and his character, why on earth would I throw that away for one night with someone who may or may not have an STD and may or may not treat me with the dignity and respect I have come to expect? I cannot have crumbs, when I have been eating cake for years. But you see, none of that is funny. And I love satire, that is my whole thing. Using my blog to back up your theory that women “hate” monogamy is completely off base and reading my stuff in a very superficial way. I LOVE monogamy and so do most of the women I know. And the reason I love it is because I have had plenty of sexual experiences before my husband so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Also I have a forum to express every single weird, fucked up, irrational and anti-social thought I’ve ever had in my writing. It is what I’ve always done, and what women (and men) consistently tell me is that what I write gives them (and men) permission to have whatever thoughts, feelings and desires they want without having to ACT on them. That is the difference between being four and being an adult. While you read my blog and see my inevitable slide towards “cheating” or “divorce” but I know that I am one of the few people left in this world who understand that happiness must be found within, and not from a new dick, or vagina or energy drink, and that if you don’t get poisonous thoughts out of your head, they will destroy you. Cheating stats are so nigh for men and women because people don’t want to put in the effort it takes to look in the mirror and see what you’re projecting on your spouse that isn’t theirs. I didn’t “drag” my husband to therapy (I can’t drag him anywhere he’s HUGE) we both value our relationship enough that we would never ever want to endanger it by prolonging a period of discord. Again, not funny, but true. Hope you guys all read the book I’m working on, that I have to go and work on now. I’m looking out at the ocean, writing, and I live with people and kids and animals who love me. And today that is enough.

  • susannabrisk
    Posted at 02:23 pm, 31st August 2012

    PS: I guess if I’m touting “conscious monogamy” I should probably learn to spell it:)

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 02:37 pm, 31st August 2012

    Hi Susanna! Nice to have you visit, and you’re welcome for the traffic. I hope you’re getting a boost. You’re a talented writer and a very clever humorist.

    Based on what I’ve read, your husband is indeed a beta. I’m not saying that’s bad, I’m just calling it how I see it. If you want a definition for that term you can look here:


    or a more detailed description here:


    …where I even explain your “he can’t be a beta, he’s a powerhouse in business” objection. (Not that I expect you to read or agree with anything on this blog. As a married, monogamous, religious woman in her 30’s, likely you’ll find most of the information on this blog to be horrific and disgusting.)

    He might be badass at work, but when he comes home to you, I think you and I both know who’s boss. And it’s not him. You are clearly a very intelligent and dominant woman. Dominant women don’t marry dominant Alpha males, and certainly don’t stay married to them for 14 years.

    My point is that as a beta, your husband does not attract you on a sexual, exciting level any more, at least no where near it would as compared to a guy like Hunnan. The fact you’re so excited about fantasizing about this means something. Right? Is it completely meaningless?

    My prediction is that at some point in the future, and it may take many years, you will either cheat on your husband or divorce him. (Even if you beat the odds and don’t do this, it won’t be because it will be the best for you and him, but because your religious faith demands it.) Because you are missing that passion/excitement/sexual thrill that you as dynamic, sexual, dominant woman crave. I know you love your husband, and he’s probably a fantastic guy and good father. It’s not enough. Not for forever.

    I’ll give you an example. I am not married and not monogamous. I have been unmarried and nonmonogamous for many years now. Do you think I fantasize about some dream-fantasy where I’m married and monogamous to the same woman, forever? Coming home to the same woman day in and day out? Do I have wild fantasies about how I can take out the trash or mow the lawn when she orders me to? Or going to couples counseling? Or NOT being able to have sex with anyone I want, whenever I want? Uh, no. Because I already live the life I truly want. (More or less anyway…no one is perfect.)

    The fact you’re fantasizing, strongly, about having a completely different life means you truly want to maintain the same life you’re now living? Forever?

  • MM
    Posted at 09:42 pm, 31st August 2012

    Wow Susanna.. You may be monogamous, but you sure are awfully disrespectful to your partner. Posting pictures of hot men you’d like to bang, completely dissing and diminishing the father of your children’s physique, all for what- a selfish ego boost?… because you find such self-righteous value in being ‘truthful’ … (lemme run that by my wife.. hey babe, I’m gonna blog about all the sluts I wanna bang because.. well, it’s what keeps me from doing it!”

    lord, there’d be hell to pay if you were my wife.

    The bottom line is as your looks continue to fade, your hunger for validation from young ripped dudes is just going to get more and more intense.. you’re just too self-obsessed and will always be looking for an escape.. your subconcious is going to win during a weak moment.. (if it hasn’t already happened 100s of times)

    And your husband is a beta- You obviously have no problem publicly walking all over him, because he hasn’t shown you any boundaries..

    For the love of god I hope he’s cheating on you already..

    For the record guys, this isn’t a “monogamy” issue.. It’s a screening issue.. Marry a previously over the top promiscuous girl while having no boundaries yourself will get you to this shithole EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • ivarsen
    Posted at 03:07 am, 1st September 2012

    “Marry a previously over the top promiscuous girl while having no boundaries yourself will get you to this shithole EVERY SINGLE TIME.”

    And marry a previously Low Sexual Drive girl and you will be jerking off for the rest of your life.

  • DB
    Posted at 06:29 am, 1st September 2012

    There is no need to get nasty towards Susanna. Her description of her marriage is quite typical I would say. Monogamy is a conscious decision by her every day. She chooses to stay with her husband out of things like commitment, family love, respect, stability, and fear (what kind of wife would she be to throw this away?). The main point though, is that you cannot choose lust and desire. That is gone here and she says as much. There is a lot of love in her marriage I am sure, but there is probably not much real intimacy or raw, primal, chemical desire. For some people, that is actually enough and monogamy can work in some cases where both parties accept it for what it is. For a lot of couples (looking at divorce stats), a life without intimacy and desire is not enough.

    When I said sexless, I should have probably said ‘lustless’. Sure, you still have sex with him, but as you said, how often? It’s probably every couple of weeks to monthly right? It’s probably quite vanilla and quick and to the point right? That’s also very typical. As you age you’ll want him less and less. Without real desire, this is what happens. You aren’t going to will yourself into wanting him to take you daily or at least a few times a week. I am going to speak on behalf of MOST men and say that they would want sex that often if they could and they would want it to be enthusiastic and with a lot of variety. Is he happy with this sex life or does he just live with it because that’s what married sex is like (it’s probably one of the oldest jokes out there, for a reason).

    Your lack of real desire for him is partly his fault, partly yours, and partly monogamy’s (and how society has structured it):

    – For him: He has let himself go. He married a woman who wants to be the boss. He probably spends a lot of time trying to please you. His intentions are even noble. He works his ass off to provide for his family, then comes home to do housework and play with his kids. He’s a good and nice guy. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. He tries to please his wife and be there for his kids. Does that make him a sexy, stimulating man though that keeps your attention? Probably not. You can choose to see his great qualities and maintain your commitment, but your mind is straying and fantasizing about other men and a great sex life with real desire behind it. His qualities are beta, but like it or not, he wants to be alpha and he needs to be alpha for you. He gets his alpha at work though, but doesn’t bring any of it home.

    – For you: I imagine you test him quite often, although not consciously. You demand things from him, instruct him around the house, etc… and he complies. There is an implicit fear in modern relationships where the man takes a subservient role (happy wife, happy life and all that BS). This doesn’t really work though long term. You love him, but do you truly respect him as a confident, independent man? How can you when you are leading the relationship and he’s complying. I’m not saying you don’t respect him as a husband and father, but what about as a partner? As a dominant women, would you really want him to bring some alpha into your relationship now though? What if he started pushing back, worked out and started to lead? Maybe you’d be surprised and find it very attractive, or maybe you’d be too stubborn as he actually started to demand things like a good sex life and started doing a lot of things without asking.

    – For monogamy and society: The problem with monogamy is that it is set up for failure in today’s society. Men are told to be beta pleasers from the time they are young and women are told they should expect this as well out of some misguided perversion of equality. Women are told they are special and should be loved for who they are and men are told they should worship them and make them happy. The truth is though, women aren’t ultimately attracted to doormats. They are attracted to confident, alpha men who know how to inject just the right amount of beta at the right times. But, even when women marry that guy, he ends up going beta because he thinks he needs to and she requests it. Then she stops sleeping with him, gets bored, and we end up with ‘conscious monogamy’ again.

    The way monogamy COULD work is if men had enough self awareness to actually pick women who get that they need an alpha man to be happy long term. These men then would remain alpha throughout a relationship and always be aware of what their woman needs to remain attracted to him. They would constantly work on being that man she needs. She would do the same for him. She would remain the feminine, attractive women he needs. There would still be mutual respect, but also an understanding of the very hard work required to maintain a relationship, above and beyond choosing to be faithful. This is quite rare though today right? Men don’t do that and women think they don’t want that. Even if everybody was self aware enough to do this, it still wouldn’t guarantee success. I think there would be many more successful marriages that way though. Still, even the best, most self aware man who picked a great women, still runs a very real risk of losing the attraction of his wife. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, she will just desire something new and exciting. Of course, men who are like this won’t put up with that for very long. He won’t accept monthly sex and a distant wife who has many ‘guy friends’.

  • Soul
    Posted at 08:36 am, 1st September 2012

    Hey Susanna,

    I appreciate the appreciation, but I think you’re still missing our point about your husband. It’s possible for him to express his esteem for you, and still be completely honest. For example:

    You: “Do you think I’m still beautiful?”
    Him: “Yes, when the lights are off, you look exactly the same as the day I met you.”

    You: “I’m worried that I’m being an awful mother.”
    Him: “Yes, but when they’re in juvenile hall, we can rent out the spare bedroom.”

    Also, you should be able to talk about all your richest fantasies with your husband. Like this:

    You: “Charlie Hunnan is so hot… ”
    Him: “Yes, his thighs and pecs look absolutely delicious. Let’s invite him for dinner. Shall we roast him or bake him?”

    Or, if he’s more of a kinky bent: “He would be absolutely great as a slave, or a pet with a dog collar.”

    Also, rather than waiting to have you take him to a shrink, your husband should always talk over his concerns with his mistress. That way, he’ll be fully in touch with his feelings when he wants to discuss what you’re doing that’s pissing him off.

    The problem with your husband is, he’s got you on a princess pedestal and he’s worshiping at your feet. But you don’t need a groveling worm, you need a man at your side.

    Over at your blog, I see you called BD “Snapdragon.” Haha, LOL. You’re funny. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Greg
    Posted at 12:43 pm, 29th September 2014

    And 2 years later she writes


    “What manner of hell is this dating thing? I honestly do not have the fortitude for it. Men who text and call and then DISAPPEAR. Then re-appear days or weeks later as if no time has elapsed. Guys I have nothing in common with, who make no effort to actually “see me,” who refuse to disappear. People projecting their baggage on each other, something I was never guilty of, has now become the norm. I have turned into the kind of woman that is expecting to be disappointed by men, that is to say “an American woman.”

    Looks like she’s getting ready for marriage again.

    You were so right BD, and she was so full of it.

  • Jaimee
    Posted at 11:59 pm, 22nd December 2015


    I am married. My wife gives me sex when I want. My wife does what I say when I say. I have set boundaries for the relationship. Occasionally she gives me shit and feels unappreciated because I am not verbally affectionate until she needs it. Don’t be confused, I love her deeply, but she doesn’t want to know until she needs to know. I make the majority of the decisions in my relationship because I am in charge; however, on big decisions I get her opinion and take it into consideration before I make the decision. I’m a really pereceptive man and I love to read which has helped me break free from conditioning.

    I will share my secret with you all because I am now married and want you all to have women by your side. My secret has come from experience, trial and error, making mistakes, heartbreak, etc etc.

    I have a mantra that I repeat as often as possible. “I do what I want when I want. make her invest.”

    I will gladly elaborate if anyone is interested in swapping knowledge.


  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 12:04 am, 23rd December 2015

    I am married. My wife gives me sex when I want.

    Have you been married well past 3 years?

  • Denise
    Posted at 09:53 am, 31st January 2016

    Hi Blackdragon. This is one of the most common sense articles i’ve read in forever!! I am realizing more each day how monogamy does not work for me. I love men. I love the conversations ,i love the sex, and i love the variety. Society has ingrained such a stigma of guilt in women and men too. I feel liberated reading this and accepting that i hate monogamy!!

  • ydia eivye
    Posted at 05:55 am, 17th August 2016

    It’s a common misconception, though it is slowly being eroded as time goes on, that men are the cheating sexual pigs and women are sweet little virginal angels who love monogamy. Of course, this is complete crap. Stats show that women cheat pretty much as often as men, and in very long relationships or marriages they actually cheat more.


    Women hate monogamy. Or more accurately, women hate monogamy too. (We men aren’t very big on it either.)

    I can still see male-female differences.

    1)  Women hate lifelong monogamy, their nature inclines to serial monogamy. Males are more for promiscuity. (I am not talking of under 20 women, sure enough).

    2) Women get fed up with their partners because their partners aren’t first choices, that is, real choices.
    Men feel the need for variety whomever their partner is.
    We should look at statistics for women with an alpha partner (one that was their first choice), I think we’d find very few cases the woman wants to leave/ever gets tired with the relationship.


  • Anthony
    Posted at 07:17 pm, 8th December 2016


    Do you have any thoughts about military wives? I ask because I will be in the Army in three weeks and have heard nothing but horror stories as it relates to being a married man while in the military. I’m not tied down at the moment, but just wanted your take on the matter.

  • Caleb Jones
    Posted at 07:20 pm, 8th December 2016

    Do you have any thoughts about military wives? I ask because I will be in the Army in three weeks and have heard nothing but horror stories as it relates to being a married man while in the military. I’m not tied down at the moment, but just wanted your take on the matter.

    I used to have an article about that, but yes, if you get married and join the Army and then leave for a while, it is virtually 100% guaranteed your wife will be fucking other men while you’re gone. It’s part of military culture.

    As usual, monogamy doesn’t work. If you’re a military man, have an OLTR marriage instead.

  • Shayme
    Posted at 12:02 am, 26th October 2017

    Just seen this post and WOW! She rushed over to defend her marriage, husband, etc., with the best logic she could come up with, and then promptly dumped husband and started fucking alpha males again. She is extremely lacking in self awareness but maybe she made some money airing all her dirty laundry like that. You can’t make this shit up.

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