Myers Briggs and Dating

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-By Caleb Jones

First things first. If you have no idea what Myers Briggs is, or what your Myers Briggs personality type is, go to this website right here and take the test. I'm serious. Do it. If you don't, this entire post will make zero sense to you.

Only take the test when you are somewhat relaxed and in a decent mood. If you're currently sad, angry, frustrated, or in a rush, the results won't be as accurate. It's 72 multiple choice questions and will probably take you 10-15 minutes to complete. Once you get your results, go to this website here to read about what you are. You'll find it very interesting (and accurate).

As I talked about on my last podcast (and I've got two more already done, so more coming soon) knowing your Myers Briggs type is extremely valuable, not only in interpersonal relationships but also in your own personal growth. Your MBTI (Myers Brings Type Indicator) is not a magic pill nor an end-all, and no test like this will be 100% accurate, but damn, it's close. It's a big topic, but all I'm going to talk about today is your MBTI in terms of dating and seduction.

As you (should) already know, your MBTI is four letters, each indicating a portion of your personality. I'm an INTJ. You might be an ESFP or an ISFJ or whatever. Go here if you want a detailed description of what each letter means. I'm not going to rehash all that here. What I am going to do is quickly summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect in terms of you sexually seducing women.

Every letter in your MBTI has strengths and weaknesses. When you take the test, you will notice a score on each letter of your MBTI from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the stronger you are in that letter. This score is important because it tells you how extreme you lean in that direction. If you know your four-letter MBTI but not your score, I would highly recommend you re-take the test, then make a note of your numerical scores for each letter.

Thus armed, we can now talk about our favorite topic...getting laid.

E or I

You're either an E (extrovert) or an I (introvert).

Extrovert Strengths: Extroverts are naturally sociable with women and will often have much less of a tough time opening women and getting women comfortable. This comes easy for them.

Extrovert Weaknesses: Extroverts often waste time in pickup. They can spend an inordinate about of time screwing around with women who will never lay them and systems that will never work. They also get oneitis very fast.

Introvert Strengths: Introverts learn very fast from their mistakes and tend not to repeat them. They can go from very bad to very good in a short period of time. They also tend to be more focused than extroverts.

Introvert Weaknesses: Introverts are not naturally good with women like many extroverts are. They tend to be shy and lazy...a very bad combination if you want to get laid a lot. Usually introverts must learn how to be sociable with women, which can be tough.

S or N

You're either an S (sensing) or N (intuition).

Sensing Strengths: High sensing means you are fantastic at watching a woman's subtle cues like eye contact, body language, tone of voice, etc. Guys with a strong S score are masters at sexually escalating on women and detecting when women are lying to them or leading them on. They're also great at improvising on-the-fly in odd seduction situations (like poor logistics for example).

Sensing Weaknesses: Sensing guys tend to be overly irrational and make lots of mistakes running down blind alleys. They go with their gut, which is great, but often your gut is dead wrong. It's very important for sensing guys to find a system that works and do their best to adhere to it.

Intuition Strengths: Intuition men are very future focused and are very good at sticking to what works. They also tend to come off as smooth, cool, and smart in a non-nerdy way which is very attractive to most of women.

Intuition Weaknesses: Intuition guys often lack empathy, and can come off as emotionally dumb or insensitive. They will find it much more difficult to relate to a feminine state of mind which will hurt them not only in seduction, but in relationships too. These guys have to try extra hard to anticipate and understand why women do the things they do.

T or F

You're either a T (thinking) or F (feeling). Note this has nothing to do with your intelligence or knowledge. It's about how you make decisions.

Feeler Strengths: Feeling guys are naturally sexual, sensual, romantic, and mysterious. Think Casanova, or in the pickup community guys like Zan. Feeling men can stir wild, sexual feelings within women naturally. Very powerful.

Feeler Weaknesses: Feeling men, even if they have strong game and get laid a lot, are constantly getting their asses kicked by oneitis and other related relationship problems (like drama and cheating). They're usually high-drama dudes.

Thinker Strengths: Thinkers are monsters, in a good way. They do what they know, which is much harder for feelers. They're highly rational, and have all the possibilities and possible problems all worked out in advance. They rarely get hung up by sudden foreseen problems. They also tend to be better at putting in the numbers than feelers.

Thinker Weaknesses: Thinkers get frustrated and discouraged very fast. When things work, they're fine, but when they don't, they get really pissed, even to the point of despondency and stagnation. (If you have both T and E this is even worse, and you need to be very aware of this tendency you have.) They often have trouble in relationships, but for the opposite reason of a feeler. Feelers have problems because they get sucked into a woman's drama frame, while thinkers have problems because they're cold bastards and easily piss women off.

J or P

You're either a J (judger) or P (perceiver). Note that the term "judger" does not have a negative connotation in this case. As always, there are pros and cons.

Judger Strengths: Judgers are brave and decisive. They don't fuck around. When they want to get laid, they escalate. When they want to open, they open. They also tend to come off as more masculine, which for most women is an attractive trait.

Judger Weaknesses: Judgers often move too fast and blow women out. Even worse, J guys are always over-verbalizing to women, which is very bad. (Over-verbalization is probably one of the most common mistakes I see guys make.) I'm a hardcore J myself, and I had to wrestle with this problem for a good year or so when I was first learning this stuff. I eventually overcame it, but man, it was a problem.

Perceiver Strengths: P guys are very, very cool under pressure. It's very easy to be (or act) confident when you're across from a hot chick. High perceiving guys often come off as smooth naturals. Very nice.

Perceiver Weaknesses: Perceivers will naturally strive to achieve consensus. In some areas of life, this might be good. In seduction, this is very bad. Effective seduction requires you to lead, to take charge, to be proactive, to sexually escalate, and to "risk creepy". Perceiving guys have a tough time with those things.

So there you have it. Take your strengths above, and capitalize upon them. Be fully aware of your weaknesses above, and work on them. I had to do this myself. It's a very worthwhile investment.

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