Younger Women Who Like Older Men

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An actual pic from my Facebook feed. The above is an actual, real post from my Facebook feed a little while back. The girl is real and this is something she really did, and it was no joke. She meant it. It made me smile, for obvious reasons. Just to be clear, the guy in the background is not me. It may be a little hard to see in the pic, but the guy is much older than this gal, who is quite young (though legal).

-By Caleb Jones

This girl is what I call in my terminology a Type 2 VYW.  Check the glossary for more details, but it essentially means she's a younger women who's into older men. I have vast experience with much younger women, and this simple picture nicely demonstrated many things about this wonderful animal, the Type 2 VYW.  The comments on the photo were also very entertaining, not only from what she was saying (and doing) but the reaction from her other young friends, some of which was not positive as you might imagine.

First, note his obvious receding hairline. This is not only a masculine trait, but a trait that clearly signals "OLDER guy". During most of the last several years I was clearly balding (until I fixed it) yet I was still able to score with lots and lots of VYW (women age 18 to 23). I found it amazing that my growing baldness didn't disqualify these women. The primary reason it didn't is because I'm a woman-experienced, confident, outcome independent guy, so those traits made up for it.

However the other reason, one I didn't initially consider, is that because those Type 2 gals are strongly attracted to other men, the fact that I was starting to go a little bald actually, in a bizarre sort of way, made things a little more exciting for them. I know that makes no sense, but I'm telling you this is true. In the comments on this photo, several people were commenting on this guy's receding hairline in a very negative way, but she did not care. Moreover I think, at least on a subconscious level, his receding hairline is part of what attracted her to him.

Be sure you understand what I'm saying here. I'm not saying balding heads attract women. I'm saying they attract Type 2 VYW, which is a very particular type of woman. The good news is, as you can see from the photo, many Type 2 VYW are very attractive. I've dated many VYW as a much older man that were hotter than the women in my wildest fantasies when I was a young AFC.

Many older guys, when trying to attract much younger women, will purposely try to look and act younger. These guys are making a huge mistake and I'm constantly trying to correct them. By doing this, they are damaging the very traits that attract the Type 2 women to them. If you're an older guy and want to date younger women the best thing you can do is to act your age. I have done this many times with many younger gals, and it works every time.

Next, look at how this guy is dressed. He's dressed in a shirt and tie, a full-on business outfit. I have said many times before that Type 2's are wildly attracted to men in suits. Often on first dates with women 18, 19, or 20 years old, I will go out of my way to wear a full-on suit because I know how effective it is.

The reason they like suits is the exact same reason why a lot of older dudes are attracted to younger women in cheerleader outfits. It exacerbates the age difference, thus making it all the more taboo, forbidden, exciting, and sexual. I discovered this years ago completely on accident. Years back, several times while dating various VYW I would occasionally walk into a room wearing a suit after a day at the office, and my 18, 19, or 20 year-old FB or MLTR would go into horny hysterics about how "hot" I looked. After this happened several times with several different girls, all of which with very different personalities, I learned. Type 2's love dudes in suits.

I promise you that if the older guy in the picture was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, she still would have been attracted, but not nearly as much.
Lastly, notice that his tie is pink. Now, I don't wear pink ties. I don't wear pink anything. Jesus. The point is the pink tie looks decent on him, especially with his darker skin tone. The pink tie signifies that he knows how to dress.

This is not only important to all dating and seduction but it plays a very special role if you're an older guy going after much younger women. Younger gals are used to hanging out with young guys who dress too raggedy or too nerdy. But when those Type 2's see an older guy who's dressed nice (like an "older man" would dress) and with a clear sense of color coordination and fashion, it's a winning combination on several levels.

Only about 20% (or so) of women age 18 - 23 are Type 2's. The rest are Type 1's (girls who are disgusted at the thought of fucking a much older man) and Type 3's (girls who don't judge a man based on age one way or the other).

This means that not only must you put in the numbers (as always!), but you must carefully calibrate your game so as to make it easy for these Type 2's to notice you and respond well to you when you open them. These days this stuff has become so automatic to me I don't even think about it any more. Moreover, the guy in the pic had no idea what he was doing to this cute gal. At one point, she even purposely dropped something in front of him and bent over (or something). When he didn't look at her she assumed he was "gay".
Assuming this guy wasn't gay, he missed a huge opportunity. (One I assure you I would not have missed.)
For you guys over 30...remember...those Type 2's are out there, patiently waiting for you.

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