Why Women Lie To Themselves

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I want you to watch the below video. It's one of the most educational videos on female behavior you'll ever see. But! Before you watch it, I want to make it clear that the topic of the video is not why the video itself is so educational. The topic is a beta male "house husband" who stays at home while his wife works (the couple has no children). I could write an entire article about that of course, but the behavior of the female commentator is much more educational and important.

-By Caleb Jones

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As you watch the video, watch the woman on the left  (Anna) very, very carefully about her opinion about all of this, and be sure to watch all the way to the end of the video for the big surprise ending. I'll resume my comments once you've watched. Here it is...

Ecstatically excited, Anna spends five full minutes spewing all kinds of rational-sounding chick logic about how great it is for a Strong Independent Modern Woman™ to find a man who is a submissive beta male who sits around the house all day while obeying his stronger, higher-income female partner. "I love it and I support it!" she proudly exclaims, and gives reason after reason why this is a fantastic thing, and implying great problems with traditional gender roles. Again, I could discuss that, but that's not what was educational here...the truly educational stuff was yet to come.

The guy next to her brings up valid points why this is an insane position and how she herself would hate that, and she argues back, hard. Another woman on the set also chimes in and says she agrees...having a pussy husband sit on his ass all day while the woman worked would be awesome.

Finally, in exasperation, the guy basically says, "Your husband sitting at home all day while you're out working? You would eventually HATE THAT!"

In an instant 180-degree switcheroo, Anna says, in shock and embarrassment, "Ahhh! You're RIGHT!" She goes on to admit that her "number one turn-on" is ambition. "Someone who's driven and powerful, that turns me on so much," she finally admits, and then says about the stay-at-home husband, "For me, I would probably get tired of it pretty quickly."

Exactly, Sweetie. That's what we've been saying here for years.

I've said it before. I'll say it again...

Because of societal programming, women diligently pursue situations that will make them unhappy.

Notice how it took her five full minutes of arguing and bullshit before she finally broke down and admitted that what she was endorsing was the exact opposite of what she actually wanted. God damn this is maddening. Even more amazingly, at one point she even admits that society "programs people", namely about working hard. But she's completely oblivious the the fact that society also programs women to pursue beta males who will bore them to death and make them unhappy while looking down their noses at Alpha Males. 

This video was so stunning, so telling, and frankly, very depressing. How many women have I met over the years, intelligent, mature, cool women, who are just as self-deluded as Anna? The answer is, a shitload of them.

Women who will not admit that what they're doing with their lives, and the men they choose to get serious with, are the exact type of situations and men that will end up making them extremely unhappy. Society, Hollywood, feminism, government, politics, and all of her female friends and family members are going to tell her she's supposed to want one thing, when in fact she really wants something completely the opposite.

It's already documented that a woman outearning her husband increases the odds of divorce by 50 percent. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because low-income or unemployed men eventually turn women off big time, and yes, that includes all those those Strong Independent Modern Women™. Maybe not immediately (in the short term beta males can be very attractive to women, especially provider-hunters) but eventually. It might take six months or three years before a woman realizes she never wanted a guy like this in the fucking first place.

Sadly, too many women out there never realize they keep doing this to themselves, or if they do it's when they're in their late forties or fifties when it's far too late to do anything about it. What makes it worse is often these women are very smart, cool women who should know better.

How useless! How tragic! How destructive!

One of the few core concepts that umbrella everything I have ever talked about in all subject areas is the danger of societal programming. Societal programming does not make you happy. That's not its function. Its purpose is to get you to unwittingly conform to the agenda of the elites so they can more easily maintain power over you.

The only way, and I mean the only way to achieve long term, consistent happiness is to consciously and consistently resist societal programming. Yeah, people might look at you a little funny because you're not conforming, but you'll be consistently happy and they won't be. I will take consistent happiness over conformity any day. Sadly I'm in the minority.

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