Demi Moore Divorce Part 2

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This is one of those times I don't know whether to laugh or cry. As I've talked about on this blog before, immature dork Ashton Kutcher and angry over-33 Demi Moore recently got a divorce after Ashton cheated on her with a few younger hotter chicks (and she responded by cheating on him). Intelligent, mature, "independent" Demi thought expecting lifetime monogamy from a good-looking, high-sex-drive, high-emotion 27 year-old was a great idea. Shockingly that didn't work out, and their marriage only lasted six years.

-By Caleb Jones

Now the plot thickens. 50 year-old Demi actually wants Ashton to pay her alimony. It is unknown whether or not they had a prenuptial agreement. Based on what I've read, my guess is they didn't. (Which if true would have been yet another genius move on the part of both of them.)

A few things that have nothing whatsoever to do with Demi's decision:

It recently came to light that Ashton made $24 million last year from his show Two And A Half Men. Again, I'm sure this has nothing to do with Demi's decision. Ashton is dating younger and hotter Mila Kunis, who is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. This also has nothing whatsoever to do with Demi's decision.

Also, Demi really, really, really needs the money, because:

She has a higher net worth than Ashton. She's worth $150 million, Ashton is worth $140 million.
At one point during the 90's she was the highest paid actress in world history.
She never had any children with Ashton.
She already got a check for $90 million from Bruce Willis when she divorced him.
She really deserves Ashton's money because she's a great mom to her daughters (whom she had with Bruce Willis), so much so that she's addicted to whippits and prescription meds, hits on her own daughter's friends, and her own family has grown tired of her "constant partying and erratic behavior".
Ashton already offered her several million dollars (reports vary as to the exact amount), but "it wasn't enough" for her, so now she's using the courts to go after him.

I'm going to say something that may surprise you: Demi Moore isn't the problem. Demi Moore, and the millions of women like her, are the symptom and result of the problem.

The real problem is a culture and a government that says to women, "Mad at your ex-husband? Go after his money! Even if you don't need it and don't deserve it! We'll help you get it!" If this is told to women repeatedly, then none of us can be surprised when the Demi Moore's of the world get into stupid marriages obviously doomed to failure from the start, then go after men for money they don't deserve, and usually get it.

You can't change women like Demi Moore. They are what they are. What you need to change is the culture that says this is okay, and the government that enforces these insane systems. Then the Demi Moore's of the world will be powerless to rip people off and waste the taxpayer's time and money. Well, yeah, maybe Demi Moore is being ridiculous, but some women really do need alimony. Men can't just abandon women you know.

Every woman who gets married these days is well aware that the divorce rate is insanely high, as in 64% in most cities, even though the most quoted statistic is a "50%" divorce rate. Even complete morons know this. Any woman getting married and then actively behaving as if she's going to be taken care of the rest of her life from that marriage needs her head examined.

Yes, if this was the 1950's when the divorce rate was 8%, these women would have a point. But in the modern era where the vast majority of marriages fail? Uh, no. I'm sorry, but women aren't stupid. Let's stop pretending they are. Look, some women stay home and take care of kids for their husbands instead of going out and working! That's what child support is for. These women should expect and receive child support, and men who flat out refuse to pay child support are bastards. Child support is a good thing. I'm talking here about alimony, which should be abolished.

Well, some husbands tell their women to stay home and work. So these women stay home during the marriage and don't build a career like the men are doing. These women need alimony when they get divorced. Those women are making their own choice to do that. No one is putting a gun to their heads and forcing them to not get a job. If these women choose to stay home and not work for five, ten, or fifteen years, that's their decision.

I promise you that if I was a woman who got married in a culture with a 64% divorce rate, and my Needy Alpha husband "commanded" me to stay home and not work because that might threaten his fragile ego, I'd tell him to fuck off. Then I'd go get a job. Or a part-time job, or start a small home-based business or an online business that I could run when the kids were asleep or at school. If he didn't like it or threw a fit about it, I'd quickly divorce his needy ass and go marry someone else who didn't have a problem with me living my life. Why is that such a difficult concept to understand?

I love it how women are so "tough" and "independent" and "take charge of their lives" and "don't need a man" except when they get divorced. Then suddenly they're weak, helpless victims cowering in front of their powerful husbands. You can't have it both ways ladies, so which one is it?

The bottom line is we live in a culture that encourages this insane thinking and a government that gleefully enforces it. This means you as a man should either never get legally married, or only get married when you have an enforceable prenuptial agreement in place. Problem solved. (Now proceed to tell me that your wife or girlfriend is Different™ and Not Like The Rest™ and Would Never Do That™ so you don't need a prenup. Uh-huh.)

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