5 Reasons You Should Never Trust Birth Control Pills

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I have been saying for years that if you trust birth control pills, you're an idiot. If you're barebacking a woman who is on birth control pills, or should I say, saying she's on birth control pills, you're rolling the dice with your life, your future income, your future happiness, and legal well being.

-By Caleb Jones

I'm talking about birth control pills here. Not birth control in general. While no form of birth control works literally 100.0% of the time, some forms of birth control really do work and are safe. The acceptable ones are:

Hysterectomy - When a woman has her uterus removed for medical reasons. This usually applies to women over 40, but there are odd exceptions out there.

Tubal Ligation - Getting your "tubes tied", when a woman has her fallopian tubes burned shut (or otherwise permanently closed) so that no eggs can travel down the uterus to become fertilized. This usually applies to women who already have a child or two.

Mirena IUD - A small device implanted in a woman's cervix, physically blocking incoming sperm. There are several kinds of IUDs but the only one that really works is the Mirena IUD, the one with hormones. The Paragard IUD is without hormones and doesn't do shit. My mom, who used to teach childbirth classes, has told me all kinds of crazy stories about babies being born with the non-hormone IUD attached to their foreheads. So if a woman ever tells you she has an "IUD", that's not enough information. You need to know what kind. If she "doesn't know", then leave the condom on.

Nexplanon - One of the newer forms of birth control, this is a small rod implanted in the woman's arm. It's relatively new, but so far, the science shows it's even better than an IUD or tubal ligation. Awesomeness.

Condoms - You have to use them correctly (most men don't) and need to use a good brand. I've already talked about that here.

That's it. Those are the forms of BC you can trust within the provisos described. Notice that "birth control pills" are NOT on that list. Neither is "the patch" or the Nuva Ring or any of that other crap.

What about depo shots? Depo is a gray area. It barely qualifies for my definition of "safe", since there are many things that can go wrong with it. However I do have to admit it does work under certain conditions.

If you didn't know, Depo is when a woman goes in for a shot once every three months or so. It works if the woman lives a normal life, eats normal food, doesn't do drugs, doesn't take any other medication, and doesn't have any health issues whatsoever. Those are a lot of "ifs". If any of those are untrue, it may no longer be effective and therefore not a form of birth control I completely trust.

Regardless, the birth control pill is the worst offender by far. Too many guys out there still rely on it. Here are five reasons why you shouldn't.
Reason 1: It relies 100% on her behavior.  

All five of the safe BC methods listed above do not require the woman to actually do anything on a regular basis. That's why they work.

With birth control pills, the woman must remember to take a pill every morning. Every. Single. Morning.
What if she forgets? What if she's frazzled and has a bad day? What if she spent the night at a friend's house and forgot to bring them? What if she ran out and "hasn't had time" to go to the doctor to get more? What if she spent the morning crying about something and forgot to do it? What if her roommate took them?

These are all real things that happen to women all the time. I don't know if you've noticed, but most women aren't super organized. Remember that if you get her pregnant on accident, she owns your wallet for the next 18 years, and the government will happily toss you in jail if you don't pay up. You want to trust all that to some sweet but distracted girl who can't remember to bring her makeup to your house half the time? Uh, no.

Reason 2: There's no way to verify she took it.

With an IUD, you can feel the string inside her vagina. With Nexplanon, you can feel the rod in her arm. Even with things like hysterectomies and tubal ligation, she can show you medical records or receipts or surgery scars. There's an old story I told many years ago on the forums about a woman who told me she had a hysterectomy. I couldn't see any scars on her, so I made her go check her files to pull out the medical records to show me she actually had the procedure.

Thankfully she was an older woman and a little more organized, and she actually had the records and showed them to me. Then the condom came off and we had a great time.

The point is, these things can be verified.
But with those stupid birth control pills, there is no way you can tell she "took one that morning". Even if she shows you a missing pill, how do you know she didn't just flush the thing down the toilet?

How many millions of men out there have become unsuspecting, surprise fathers because the woman they were having sex with decided to get preggo and stopped taking the pill even though they told the guy they were still on it?
The answer is millions. Don't be one of them.

Reason 3: The "refill" time is too short.

Most of the safe forms of BC last many years. IUDs last five. Nexplanons last two.  Tubal ligations usually last forever and hysterectomies always do. This means a woman doesn't have to worry about "refilling" their BC all the time.

With birth control pills, she needs to get a new monthly batch every damn month. Sometimes women get batches of two or three months a a time, and that's fine, but still not ideal. Depo shots suffer from the same problem; she has to go back to the doctor every 90 days.

What if her schedule is disorganized? What if she forgets? What if she changes doctors? What if she moves? What if she (or her employer) changes her medical plan? What if insurance doesn't cover it, or stops covering it, and she "doesn't have the money to pay for them" anymore?

Again, these are all real things that happen to women all the time.
Reason 4: It's way too easy to change her mind quickly.

You'll notice that with most of the safe methods, if she changes her mind and wants a baby, she literally needs to schedule an appointment with the doctor, then go in and have a procedure performed.

That means she has to really, really think hard about her decision and really want a baby badly, and (often) with the man's knowledge and assistance.

But hell, with the birth control pills, all she has to do is stop taking them. Then boom, she's fertile, even within just a few days.

If you start dating a woman who is on birth control, then start having sex with her under those conditions, if she wants to change those conditions that's fine. It's her body and she has every right to do with it what she pleases. But you want a scenario where changing those conditions is a really, really big deal that causes her to really think and really want to do it. You don't want the change just because she woke up PMSing that morning.

Moreover, you want to know if she changes the condition of your sexual relationship. Again, she can do whatever she wants, but don't you want to know she's going off BC? With birth control pills, you have no idea. With the safe methods, it's much more likely you'll know, especially if your relationship is more serious.

Reason 5: Birth control pills are unreliable.

Let's go Disney for a minute and pretend that you're dating a fastidiously-organized, emotionally-controlled, ultra-responsible, angelically-honest woman who takes her birth control pills every single morning without fail, always travels with them, always gets the prescriptions refilled well in advance before she runs out, and always does these things 100% of the time no matter what other emotional or financial chaos comes her way.

What happens when she starts taking other medication for some other problem and it affects the birth control? This happens all the time.
"Doctors are supposed to prevent that, Blackdragon." 
Yeah, and the government is supposed to prevent terrorist attacks, but they still happen all the time.

If her doctor (assuming she has one!) does screw up, is he going to pay the child support you're going to shell out for 18 years when she gets pregnant? No? Then you probably shouldn't rely on him. Just a thought.

But if that's not enough, I'll give you something even worse. What happens if the pharmaceutical company screws up and issues pills that don't work? This also happens regularly. It just happened in Canada a few months ago. A bunch of pills were shipped with placebos instead of the real deal. Want to trust your wallet for 18 years to Big Pharma? I sure as hell don't.

Look, I realize it might be weird to use a condom on a woman who's on birth control pills (or who says she's on birth control pills). I realize she might complain or think you're weird. Her problem. If you bareback a woman who says she's on birth control pills, you're an idiot. There are millions of men out there just like you who are now getting their paychecks garnished because they trusted those stupid pills. Don't be one of them.

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  • Lee 2013-08-08 06:53:40

    BD, you REALLY need to start your very own dating site for all us guys. free for men/costs for women. lol.

  • horn 2013-08-08 10:18:30

    You can check the Nuva Ring in about 0.35 seconds. It is not the same as the Pill. 99.7% effectiveness with proper use - better than a condom.

  • Jon 2013-08-08 10:52:23

    99.7% effectiveness with proper use
    "With proper use" being the operative phrase. "Once inserted, NuvaRing should stay in place. NuvaRing can be accidentally expelled, for example, while removing a tampon, during intercourse, or with straining during a bowel movement." -from the Nuva Ring website (emphasis mine) It also doesn't solve the problem of being easy for the woman to remove if she changes her mind, looks like you have to wait a week after removing the old one to insert a new one and relies on a very precise schedule (fortunately Nuva Ring developed an app to help disorganized women keep track). I guess you're right, I could check the Nuva Ring in 0.35 seconds. 🙂

  • Blackdragon 2013-08-08 11:40:47

    fortunately Nuva Ring developed an app to help disorganized women keep track
    The fact they had to do that demonstrates the overall problem.

  • Rose 2013-08-08 15:52:57

    Good post. I got pregnant on the pill and know other women who have as well. I would totally recommend my sons to use a condom with any woman who claims to use the pill. Women are also notorious about lying when it comes to bc.

  • Stef 2013-08-20 06:04:14

    A vasectomy is also a reliable form of BC 🙂

  • Joe 2014-09-21 18:28:14

    I dated a girl who fell in love with me while using the Ring. I can feel the ring with my finger so bareback I go over and over. A year later we reconnect after a breakup and tells me she can't get pregnant. "Why do you believe this?" I ask. "Don't get mad at me." "I won't." "I used an expired ring for months hoping to get pregnant. I was afraid you were going to leave me."

  • Blackdragon 2014-09-21 22:59:27

    Amazing. I never considered a woman could simply keep using the same expired ring over and over again. Women are so clever about trying to rape our wallets. Thanks for the warning.

  • Buzz 2014-10-13 12:20:05

    Well I hear you but 40 years and no problems yet....

  • JJ 2015-11-08 20:42:50

    I see where you are coming from with this. It can be unreliable IF the women is sly and slightly psycho who just wants children, however i believe you are targeting a very small percentage of women, which if something like this has happened to you thats understandable. But the pill, i think is the easiest, set a reminder on your phone to take it every time and it takes 10 seconds. you can see when you are close to running out of pills so it gives you a lot of time to get refills. Other forms like the ring or shots are uncomfortable and a hassle and weird and awkward. If a woman misses her pill she should have the decency to tell you and then you use a condom. But realize that the pill is often taken for many other reasons such as acne, period pains, iron deficiency, regulation of periods, and I even know of a person who was on it because they were sexually assaulted and got pregnant from it. So it could also be a form of protection from attackers. I can respect your views but I don't necessarily agree with them .

  • Blackdragon 2015-11-09 18:45:37

    It can be unreliable IF the women is sly and slightly psycho who just wants children, however i believe you are targeting a very small percentage of women
    No. They're also unreliable if the girl is a normal girl who isn't sly or psycho and just forgets. (And forgets to tell you.)
    But the pill, i think is the easiest, set a reminder on your phone to take it every time and it takes 10 seconds. you can see when you are close to running out of pills so it gives you a lot of time to get refills.
    Agree completely, but you're a man speaking man-language and using man-logic. Women aren't men.
    If a woman misses her pill she should have the decency to tell you and then you use a condom
    But she might not. Again, women aren't men, and you're assuming they are.
    realize that the pill is often taken for many other reasons such as acne, period pains, iron deficiency, regulation of periods
    I do realize that and I do think the pill has very strong and positive applications for non-pregnancy related health issues. I just don't think you should use the pill as your only form of birth control over a prolonged period of time, for the reasons I stated above.

  • Fraser Orr 2015-12-24 10:49:31

    Just a thought for you BD. You might want to add in here a link to your posts on TRT which is obviously a very effective form of BC. And also, as a commenter above mentioned, if you know you are done with kids a vasectomy is extremely effective. Both are powerful because you, the guy, make the decision and take the necessary actions. Of course there are other reasons to use a condom too, but it needs to be pointed out that they actually have a non trivial failure rate, especially when used carelessly.      

  • Cara 2016-03-23 06:44:01

    As a woman, I think your post is a little offensive. Your are correct in saying that some women are deceptive and will sabatoge their birth control in order to attain access to your wallet for 18 years. However, you shouldn't be "bare backing" any woman that you can't trust. Birth control pills have some pretty shitty side effects for the first three months that a woman takes them and sometimes those side effects (like having a period that lasts more than a month, intense cramping, emotional sensitivity, decrease in sex drive, migranes, the list goes on) don't go away until you find "the right pill for you". All of that seems like a lot to go through if woman is intentionally trying to get pregnant. You're making assumptions that most women will try to screw you over with an 'oops' baby when in reality, that is not the majority of women. You made a lot of broad statements about women in general based on the few crazy ones out there. Not every woman wants a baby. Try not to be so skeptical. If you don't trust her with your life, then keep your dick to yourslef or use another method. Don't make sexist statements about all women.

  • Anon. 2016-03-23 08:10:37

      Only a small percentage of drunk drivers cause accidents, but the probability is not negligible and costs are very high. Therefore, don’t get into a car if the driver is drunk. Exactly the same (mathematical) reasoning for forms of birth control relying on the woman.

  • Blackdragon 2016-03-23 10:37:46

    you shouldn’t be “bare backing” any woman that you can’t trust.
    That's pretty much what I said.
    You’re making assumptions that most women will try to screw you over with an ‘oops’ baby when in reality, that is not the majority of women.
    I'm not talking about just women who do this intentionally. I'm more talking about the women who truly do it by accident (because they forgot to take the pill for a few days or whatever) and then refuse to get an abortion when the accidental baby is created. The intentions behind the result are irrelevant. The result is the same. Read this.
    Don’t make sexist statements about all women.
    1. I'm not talking about all women. 2. Stating facts is not sexist.

  • Anon 2016-04-05 03:48:15

    Get a vasectomy, or don't have sex at all, if you can't trust women.  Vasectomies don't protect from STDs, but they are a hell of a lot more reliable than a lying woman.

  • Blackdragon 2016-04-05 17:17:09

    Get a vasectomy, or don’t have sex at all
    The problem is 90-95% of men will not take that advice

  • Edward Famoso 2017-01-23 03:14:06

    Hey black dragon I would like some advice on the matter the my gf wants to have my "real sperm " inside of here but not get pregnant so I thought about non condom sex and make her take the emergency pill should I do it or what

  • Blackdragon 2017-01-23 13:02:31

    should I do it or what

  • Alex 2017-11-16 05:45:43

    If a girl does have these other types of birth control then is it ok to finish inside them or would you recommend pull out method still just to be sure?

  • Anon 2017-11-16 07:31:12

    But there was something else still in there...inside her pussy...OMG...could it BE? COULD IT BE MY FAVORITE THING IN ALL THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD? I asked her "Do you have an IUD?"  She said "Yeah".  PRAISE JESUS!!!!  But we have to be SURE...so I started in with my interview questions.  While I'm STILL fingering her, I ask her: When did you get it? Is it with or without hormones? What kind is it? What did the doctor say when you got it? All of her answers were exactly right.  She wasn't faking.  Plus, as I said, I could feel the damn thing.  YAY!  We had already talked about STD's and she had been tested last month and was clean (I too, had my last tests in December also, coincidently...I was worried after my adventures with HBPunkRocker and HBGreatAss). Fucked her three times.  Came into her twice.  God damn I love IUD's.
    — our very own Blackdragon

  • CTV 2018-05-30 10:49:19

    If you're a High SMV guy with Money, Inherited Money, Military, ETC this shit should go double for you. This is why I went with a Vasectomy.

  • Oh so ASD 2018-10-03 13:57:05

    In my humble opinion, you shouldn't go bareback on a person you don't feel like you can trust. That sounds like a recipe for nasty diseases. More often than not, I have sex with men who are stronger than me. And/or I allow them to tie me up. Which means I have to trust them not to hurt me and stop if there's a problem. Pick your people, people. You say you're only listing facts. That "copper IUD's doesn't do shit" is not a fact. An implant can also be faked, or left in longer than they are supposed to. Same goes for hormonal IUD's. And there are several different types. Women who have not given birth, are often recommended to get e.g. Jaydess, which lasts for 3 years. Also, I've yet to get a prescription for BCP that didn't last for a couple of years. Where each packet lasts for 3 months. And I could buy all of them at once, if I wanted to. That said, you make some valid points about BCP.

  • ✌️ 2019-02-20 14:52:37

    I think it's best you just leave women alone tbh.