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Jen recently commented on my day-in-the-life post, asking a very well-informed and honest question. She clearly has read most of my articles here and her question is one I've received before. So, I just happened on your blog today and I’ve been reading through the archives. It’s very interesting, and it’s this current post that is helping me articulate the following question. Clearly you love your daughter very much and are proud of her and her intelligence and presumably character.

-By Caleb Jones

You want the best for her and you want her to live a happy and productive life. Given, then, that you see also so many challenges to women’s happiness (i.e., they are too comfortable being uncomfortable, they inevitably increase their level of ASD, they are hard-wired to want children at age 28) what kind of story arc/life plan do you hope for for your daughter? I've already made a post here about a hypothetical Blackdragonette, as well as its follow-up post here of what I would do if I was born a woman named BeeDee, with my same (or female-similar) personality.

However, my daughter is not hypothetical nor is she someone who shares my same personality. My daughter has my intelligence, smartassness, and sarcasm, but she's also much more emotional, sensitive, compassionate, and artistic. Thus there's no way I could lay out a life plan for my daughter based on what I would want. The same is true of my son. All I can (and should do) is demonstrate unconditional love for my children and teach them cause and effect. I talk about how to do this in detail in the Alpha Male 2.0 book.

What do I hope for my daughter? The same thing I hope for my son: that she lives a life of consistent, long-term happiness, however she can find it. Will she find that doing standard, societal monogamy? No. Getting into relationships, then breaking up, getting into more relationships, then getting cheated on, getting into marriages, then getting divorced, that's not consistent happiness. That's a life of ups and downs. As a woman, she likely may want a life of ups and downs, but that's her decision to make. I still want both of my kids to be happy.

Should she also run her life like you, with FBs, MLTRs, etc?
I don't know the answer to that. My guess is, as a woman, she'll be more comfortable with an OLTR model than an FB or MLTR one, but I could be wrong. I get a hell of a lot of positive email from women expressing happiness or strong desire for MLTRs. I guess I'll just have to see.

My preference for her would probably be OLTR, though sadly as an adult she may choose some variation serial monogamy instead like most women do.

What about children? Should she settle for a beta?
If she wants to be temporarily happy, yes. Betas are fantastic at making women temporarily happy for a while. If she wants to be consistently happy (as much as is possible for a woman), then no. Only an Alpha 2.0 can do that for her. When she wants to have kids (and knows she's mentally, emotionally, logistically, and financially ready for them) she should try to find a man as close to Alpha 2.0 as possible for that. If she doesn't find one, and she may not because there aren't very many of us, then she'll probably do what the vast, VAST majority of women do when they want kids: settle for a beta, be really happy for a while, and then later suffer the usual unhappiness once new-baby-NRE dies down and all the usual crap starts: cheating, drama, boredom, breakups, divorce, etc.

And finally, would you be happy knowing that she were in the same position as any of your current women — in the place of the 22, 24, 27, or 39 yo? Obviously not so that you were fucking her, but that some other guy were treating her the way you treat them?
Yes. I would be very happy with that. I never lie to any of my women, never treat them badly, emotionally support them when they need it, never lead any of them on, never give them drama, never tell them what to do, and never cheat on them (since you have to promise monogamy in order to cheat). How many men out there can honestly say the same? I would love for my daughter to date a man like me...moreover I hope she does. The honesty, excitement, and happiness of an Alpha 2.0 would be better for her than the ass-kissing boredom of a beta or the drama and authoritarianism of an Alpha 1.0.

All of my women carry on FB or MLTR relationships with me because they want to and because I make them happy. The instant I stop making them happy, they leave me fast (usually LSNFTE). And then 94% of them come back.

Is that really the best that women can hope for in a realistic world?
Of course not. The best a woman can hope for, in my very biased, male, Alpha 2.0 opinion, is a long-term, live-in, discreet OLTR with an Alpha Male 2.0 who truly loves her, never lies to her, never gives her drama, holds her happiness (and his) as a very high priority, and gives her the children and at least the semblance of a societally-acceptable "marriage" she so strongly desires. I'm confident my daughter would be happy with this. I'm also quite confident most modern-day women under the age of about 40 (but not all) would be happy with this as well, provided they could get past their own ASD and Societal Programming enough to try it, which is difficult for them once they hit the Age of Doom (age 33).

Please take this question in the respectful but curious way I mean it. I think you have an interesting take on things and that your philosophy and strategies are consistent and show a good deal of integrity, even if I disagree with some of what you say. I just can’t fathom what you think a realistic life/sex/happiness long term strategy is for the LADIES. Thanks.

Here's what I think a realistic, ideal, long-term strategy is for women:

1. Between the ages of 18 and 30, get some very, very solid birth control, and have FBs, MLTRs, and/or a non-live-in OLTR as desired. Keep your appearance optimal (trim and fit as possible, longer hair, bigger boobs, nice outfits, etc) and make sure you develop a marketable skill so you never need to (completely) financially depend on a man.

2. When you want to have kids, and as a woman you will, "settle down" with a live-in OLTR and have all the babies you want within the parameters I've discussed before.

3. If you eventually get bored with your man, and as a woman you probably will (those less quickly than normal since you won't be monogamous), end the relationship (hopefully when the kids are older!) and continue with FBs and MLTRs until you find another OLTR that strikes your fancy. Keep your body trim and attractive, as always.

4. Nail down a (hopefully) final, long-term live-in OLTR before you get too old to easily attract quality men (when you're around age 45-55 or so), and be with him until you die, if you can.

The above model would only apply to Independents and Submissives, as I define the three types of women. If you're a Dominant, it's unlikely you'll ever agree to an FB/MLTR/OLTR model, so the best you Dominants can hope for is to snag an extreme pussy beta male, hope he puts up with your crap forever, and cheat on him with Alpha 1.0s and 2.0s on the side when you need to, which you will.

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