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-By Caleb Jones

Last week many of you gentlemen participated in a poll regarding the female body type you found most sexually attractive. An overview of the seven body types is pictured above and you can click the image to zoom it. If you want more detail on the specific descriptions, please refer to that post.

After several thousand votes, here is what you guys said are the most sexually attractive body types:

female body types

Very interesting. Not what I expected at all. I'm actually very pleased with the results. It reinforces a theory I've had for a long time that I'm about to describe in a minute.

As you can see, Hourglass absolutely destroyed every other category. No other category even came close. Second place was Curvy, almost tied with Proportional which did surprisingly well. Skinny and Athletic showed some measly numbers, and virtually none of you like Pear or Upside Down Pear.

If you combine the curvy categories, which means Hourglass, Curvy, and at least Pear, that's 61.8% of the entire vote. This means that pretty much two-thirds of you guys like the more curvy look.

Wow! Think about that for a minute. That's huge.

My guess was that the results would show a more or less equal distribution between the curvy categories, the proportional categories, and the skinny categories, around a third each, barring some weird outliers. Boy, was I wrong! The majority of you are like me; you like big tits, big hips, and big asses. Only about a third of you like these things to be medium-sized or small, and even then, the vast majority of that third still like some these things to be at least medium-sized (represented by Proportional's strong showing).

So curvy-types dominated, and Proportional received more votes than Skinny and Athletic combined. Interesting!

For some reason you guys really hate Pear. My guess is that a top-light, bottom-heavy body type implies an overweight (and thus biologically unattractive) woman, even if the woman in question is reasonably trim.

You guys also dislike Upside Down Pear, but the reason for that is easy. Small or no hips = not good baby maker = less sexual biological attraction, even if the tits are huge.

My personal favorite by far is Curvy, followed by Hourglass, then Upside Down Pear, then Pear. I don't really like Proportional or Athletic but will settle for them as compromises if the woman is amazing in other ways. I will not have sex with a Skinny unless the circumstances are unusual, and even then she's going to keep her shirt on during sex because tiny boobs are a huge turnoff for me, even if the rest of the woman is a 10.

Amazingly, and I really am surprised about this, most of you match pretty close to what I just said, at least to some degree. Incredible. I thought I was an outlier. I guess not. Happy day.

Now here's the big question: If more curvyish is what you guys really like, why are so many men, particularly high-profile men, going after those Skinnies?

The Difference Between What Men Really Want and What Society Wants For Men

Here's where things get interesting. In the poll post, our very insightful Kryptokate said this:

One thing is certain: if you look at who the most visibly high status men choose as their public mates, it is almost across the board skinny women. The only exceptions I can think of are Kanye West and Ice T. But anyone else…Leo Dicaprio, Donald Trump, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, and most pro athletes, movie stars, and politicans have skinny wives/girlfriends. Go to any country club full of CEOs and other rich guys and you’ll find the same. So all arguments about individual and cultural differences aside, the dudes who have the luxury of choosing any type of woman they want almost universally go for what BD describes as skinny.

Guess what? Kryptokate is exactly right. When men are in the public eye, and know that many other people will be paying close attention to the mate or girlfriend they choose, they tend to go for the Skinny body type most of the time.

But wait...doesn't that fly in the face of the poll we just did? Are the readers of this blog just a bunch of oddball outliers, or is there something more complicated going on here? Could it be that men are going after what they actually don't want? Again, why are men pursing those Skinnies?

Well, over the last 25 years or so, what body type has Hollywood and the fashion industry shoved down our throats as "pretty" and "sexy?" Skinny of course. (Click these names to see their bodies; some of them are not safe for work.) Do most leading ladies in most movies and TV shows tend to look like Kathy Ferreiro and Christina Hendricks, or do they usually tend to look more like Gwyneth Paltrow and Keria Knightley?

Paltrow and Knightley, both of whom I find disgusting, became superstars. Ferreiro and Hendricks, because of how their bodies look, will never be superstars...not even close. Yet most men would rather have sex with them over the first two.

For whatever twisted and bizarre reason, several decades ago society decided that Skinny was hot and sexy and Curvy and Hourglass were trashy and "fat." So women wanting to get famous try to get as Skinny as possible, and men who want social validation go for girlfriends and wives as Skinny as possible.

So strong is this Societal Programming that I am very embarrassed and saddened to say this has even affected me at one point. Over the last two years or so, when I've been thinking about an OLTR in the future, I've had the thought that once a woman like that enters my life, there will eventually be plenty of public pictures of her and I circling around. Knowing this, I've encountered a very strange, SP-induced feeling...that I want that woman to be more Skinny, to get more social status approval from the public.

WHAT?!? YUCK! NO! Wait a minute! I hate skinny! Must...fight...SP...! Arrrrgghhh! Why the hell would I want a Skinny girlfriend? Gross! NO! When this thought enters my mind, I have to immediately shake it off as I identify it as false SP, and get back to my normal, outcome independent self. My future OLTR (if there ever is one, and there doesn't need to be) will hopefully be as Curvy as possible, with boobs and hips and butt that stick out from her a mile long, and if other people call her "fat" because of this, fine with me. It's what I like, nay, LOVE.

(See? Sometimes SP can sneak into your mind even when you're well aware of it and write books about how to avoid it! You must be ever vigilant.)

Responding to Kryptokate, POB made the following comment:
And most guys I know who date(d) skinny/tall gorgeous girls are more like “look at me, I have really a high profile ’cause I’m dating a supermodel type”…but at the end of the day these same guys go crazy about any thick big butted chick that crosses their path.

Exactly. To show off, men go for Skinny. But what really, truly, and deeply turns them on isn't Skinny at all. It's something with big hips, big tits, and/or a big ass. They don't want a fat woman of course; they want Hourglass or similar.

One of the fundamental rules of the universe is that no matter how strong Societal Programming is, it cannot ever trump core human biology. That's why even though most people still get into monogamous relationships or legal marriages (SP) most people cheat if the relationsihp lasts long enough (biology). That's why people excitedly vote for Democrats and Republicans (SP) and then spend the rest of their time furious at what those same Democrats and Republicans are doing once in office (biology). And that's why high-profile men go for Skinny (SP) but are still really horny for, and often still having sex with, Hourglass or Curvy (biology).

We're men. At a core biological level, we love big hips and big boobs. Both of these things are genetic indicators of a woman who will best bare our children. Even if we don't want any children, hell, even if we have vasectomies, we still are biologically attracted to that no matter how many bony supermodels are shoved down or throats by SP.

True, a smaller group of men really are attracted to the more Skinny or Athletic look (I think Leonardo DiCaprio is one of these guys), but those men are the exceptions to the rule. This poll, as unscientific as it is, clearly shows as strong indication for this.

Very, very interesting.

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