Fewer People Have Sex Than You Think

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-By Caleb Jones

Sexual imagery is all over the place, more so now than at any point in human history. Billboards, TV, movies, the internet, magazine covers, book covers, your phone...you can't escape it.

This bombardment of image tricks people into thinking that everyone's having sex all the time. In fact, the opposite is true.

I've said before that Americans love looking at sexual imagery but don't actually have a lot of sex. Here's a few recent stats to demonstrate what I'm talking about.

1. 57 percent of men and 51 percent of women ages 18 to 24 have not had sex in the last year. [*] An entire year without sex! HALF of "young people!"

2. What about those older people? Well, sadly, most those older people are married, which means they ain't gettin' any either. People living with a sexual partner masturbate more as compared to people who don't. About 85% of such men and 45% of such women had masturbated in the last year, compared to a separate study which found that only 60% of men and 40% of women overall had done the same in that time period.[*]  Most people wouldn't have increased masturbation if they were getting laid all the time.

3. I have talked before about studies that clearly indicate married couples in the 1940s were having way more sex than married couples now. [*]

4. People age 16-44 are having 24% less sex than they were just 10 years ago. [*].

5. White people and Asians really don't like daily sex. 10% of blacks and Hispanics report having sex "every night or almost every night," but only 4% of white people report the same, compared to only 1% of Asians. [*] By the way, none of that surprises me at all; the more uptight the race, the less sex. Makes sense.

6. I shouldn't pick on us Americans. What about our Canadian brothers to the north? 43% of Canadians would choose bacon or over sex. [*] Jesus.

I could go on, but you get the point.

If you factor in the massive amount of people not having sex at all, and those only having sex sporadically, then if you actually have sex on a regular basis you're literally an exception to the rule. Isn't that strange? It doesn't seem like that, looking at all the sexual imagery all around us, but it's true.

I have sex an average of around three times a week, even with an extremely packed-in schedule. I'm just guessing here, but this frequency, which I don't even consider that frequent, places me easily in the top 5%-10% of humanity in terms of sexual frequency. If you compare me to just white American people, I'm probably in the top 3%. And I'm not bragging because I'll say it again: I don't think three times a week is very frequent. I know plenty of people (mostly those in new relationships in the temporary NRE phase) who have sex way more often than that.

Granted, people having sex three times a week or more are usually in temporary states. In other words, they're having sex four times a week now, but they won't be continually having sex that frequently and consistently for almost 10 years in a row like I have. That may explain some of these stats: people have sex frequently in surges, then go through long dry spells or low periods. Men and women like myself who have sex frequently and consistently for years and years on end are more rare.

My point is, people like me weren't rare historically. They've become rare only in the last few decades. People, particularly white Westerners, just aren't having a lot of sex anymore.

Again, you would have no idea this is the case with the constant bombardment of boobs and lipstick and asses and abs you see everywhere you look in pop culture.

It is my hypothesis that the reason for the increase in sexual imagery is because of the decrease in actual sex. I think these two things are directly linked. I am reasonably convinced that in most free cultures, the less people having sex, the more sexual imagery you'll publicly see. If people aren't getting laid, you'll see more sexy stuff. If people are getting laid a lot, you'll see much less.

Two pieces of evidence to support my theory:

1. In the United States, sexual imagery has strongly increased in the last 40 years while actual sexual activity has sharply decreased. Yes, this could be correlation vs causation, but here's my next piece of evidence:

2. Japan. As I've talked about before, young people in Japan have damn near flat-out stopped having sex, and it's getting worse every year. Yet when I go to Japan I see far more big-tit and big-cleavage imagery than in any other country I've ever visited, the US included. From computer games to animation to posters to commercials to sexy girls in push-up bras standing on street corners advertising local businesses, damn! I thought *I* liked big boobs, but those Japanese are way more into the funbags than me...yet they're not having sex.


I could be wrong about this, but I think I'm onto something. If in the US (or Europe or Canada) people actually got over their addiction to internet porn (men!) or self-righteous ASD (women!) and actually started having more sex, you'd see less sexual imagery all over the place. People wouldn't need it, because they'd actually be getting laid.

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