What Will Sex Be Like In The Future?

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The concepts in this article are based on the works of researchers including Ray Kurzweil, Daniel Burrus, Steven Hawking, and several others. If you disagree with anything in this article, go argue with them, not me.

-By Caleb Jones

Recently I had an interesting experience. I was working away in my home office, being productive as usual, and suddenly a tear in the space-time continuum appeared in the air, hovering over my desk(!). As I backed away in shock, a voice came from the small wormhole. In seconds, I realized it was my voice.

Having a brief conversation with the voice, I realized that it was the future version of myself, talking to me from the year 2045. At first I thought it was all bullshit, but I asked future-me about some very personal, private information I’ve never told anyone and never written down. Sure enough, he knew it all, convincing me that it was indeed me.

We talked at length about the future, regarding my own life, my family, political shifts in the world, future economic events, things like that. Soon the conversation switched to sex, and I made sure to audio record that part so I could transcribe it and make a blog post here for you guys. What follows is that conversation.

Me: So do I get laid a lot in 2045?

Future Me: Oh yeah. Almost every day in the virtual world, a few times a week in the real world.

Me: Really? Uh, I’m 73 years old in 2045. I’m having sex every day at that age? I have sex only three days a week now at age 43!

Future Me: Well, you’re 73 years in numerical age now, but that doesn’t really mean anything anymore. With genome therapy during the late 2020s and nanotech enhancements in the 2030s, your biological age right now is about 28, although you look about age 37, since you prefer to look like you’re in your late 30s.

Me: Actually yeah, I consider age 37 to be the ideal age for a man in terms of physical appearance.

Future Me: Yup, that’s exactly how old I look, because that's the age I chose to look. Though internally I’m equal to about age 28, maybe 26. The nanobots within me clean out all impurities, replace damaged cells, repair DNA, and a whole host of other things. “Aging,” as you understand it, no longer exists in the civilized world.

Me: I suppose you guys already cured cancer, so I never got it.

Future Me: Well, “cure” isn’t quite the right word, but essentially yes. We prevented most cancer with genome therapy by the late 2020s. There are a few stubborn types of cancer we were never able to prevent, so these days the nanobots in our bloodstream automatically prevent any cancer cells from replicating, so it’s pretty much the same thing.

Me: Then I assume you’re having sex with younger women and older women? Like I do now?

Future Me: Well, again, the concept of age these days doesn’t really apply. I have sex with women who are way younger and way older in numerical age, but in biological terms they’re usually much different than their numerical age. They’re all pretty hot, because they choose to look that way, regardless of numerical age. I have sex with AIs too, where age isn’t a relevant concept at all.

Me: Whoa, wait a minute. I’m going to have sex with computers? You mean sex robots?

Future Me: Haha. No. Like I said, much of the sex I have is in the virtual world. I spend a lot of time there. In there, I’m having sex with women who are also visiting. But I’m not literally having sex with them, rather their virtual selves, what you used to call “avatars.” But since computers surpassed human intelligence several years ago, I also have sex with what you used to call AIs. These are computer people in the virtual world indistinguishable from real human beings.

Me: So you mean you plug into the Matrix like Keanu Reeves with an access port in your head?

Future Me: Ha! No, no! Nothing so primitive. I have several billion nanobots in my brain resting on almost every neuron. All I have to do is “think” myself in the virtual world and I’m there. The nanobots transmit the signals to my brain as if they’re real, like I’m really experiencing them. I can’t tell the difference. There are lots of virtual worlds, hundreds of thousands in fact, just like web sites in your time. Remember when you were a kid, and you wished you could really enter a world like Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons?

Me: Yeah!

Future Me: Well, that’s often where I hang out in my free time. Sometimes I even work there. I like the fantasy worlds, though some of the sci-fi worlds are fun too. There are many virtual worlds based on Tolkien’s Middle Earth. I just had sex with Lady Galadriel last month. In a tree.

Me: Whoa!!! That’s crazy. And awesome.

Future Me: I thought you’d think so. But in the virtual world, you’re not limited by your appearance and neither is anyone else. You can look like anything you want, and have sex with people who look like anything they want. You can even switch genders, so you can feel what it’s like to be a woman getting pounded by a man. You can even swap identities with your lover, so you can feel what it’s like to be a woman getting pounded by you.

Me: Jesus. Gross. Don’t tell me you’ve actually done that...

Future Me: No, I’m old-fashioned about that stuff. It’s just too weird for me, being raised way back in the 1980s. But your grandkids have. They love doing it. I think your kids might have too. Stuff like that is a normal thing now for the newer generations. Since the left-wingers took over most governments several decades ago, it’s pretty much anything goes in the virtual world in terms of sex, and to a large degree the real world too.

Me: Oh yeah. Forgot about that. The liberals. No libertarians in 2045, is there?

Future Me: In the real world they don’t have much power, but there are huge libertarian virtual worlds and right-wing virtual worlds too. The virtual world is heavily decentralized like your internet, so it's not really something governments can regulate. I spend a lot of time in two of my favorite libertarian worlds, and even make a lot of real-life money from businesses I’ve started in there. I don’t visit the left-wing worlds for obvious reasons...too socialist, very little financial freedom, and WAY too much political correctness. I stay out of the right-wing worlds too...they do monogamy there, and have their cerebral nanobots configured so that life-long Disney monogamy actually works now.

Me: Lifetime monogamy, even in a virtual world, sounds pretty boring to me.

Future Me: It is. But the right-wingers like it. So do the religious types. It works for them.

Me: Okay, that’s fine for the virtual stuff, but what about sex in real life?
Future Me: It’s like I said. Everyone here looks decently young. Aging no longer exists the way you think of it. And we can eat whatever we want and not gain any weight, since the nanobots in our GI tract burn up any bad stuff before it gets absorbed by the body. Frankly, we really don’t even need to eat any more; it's become a thing we do for novelty or pleasure. The only “old” or “fat” people in this time are those who choose to look that way because they like it, or those in the third world who have rejected the technology, or those who are just farting around. Most people look decently young and decently attractive, regardless of numerical age.

Me: So it’s like that stupid Justin Timberlake movie, In Time, where everyone stops aging at 25? So everyone looks the same age?

Future Me: Not exactly, since lots of people like to look much older than 25, including yourself. Lots of guys are sporting the old-but-hot Sean Connery-type look. It really depends. But yeah, most of the women like to look young, so it’s similar to that movie but not the same. There are various biological ages, and that includes the AIs.

Me: Wait a minute. AIs? There are AIs in the real world too?

Future Me: Of course. One of my current MLTRs is an AI. She’s super hot. Kind of a smartass too.

Me: Ah ha! So there ARE sex robots! I was right about that prediction!

Future Me: Well, actually no. At least, not the way you think of as a “robot.” She’s not some metal or plastic thing. She’s a nanotech AI, fully nanotech from the ground up, with a brain designed just like our own enhanced human brains, and with real flesh. She’s also just as smart as a human. Actually more so, since she can think much faster and efficiently than you or I can. You really can’t tell the difference. Biological and non-biological really aren’t two different things any more. We’re actually experimenting now with biological humans assuming fully nanotech bodies, so that we can get on-par with the non-biologicals.

Me: What? How does that work?

Future Me: Remember the movie Virtuosity, where Russell Crowe was from a virtual computer world and made from nanotech in the real world?

Me: Yeah.

Future Me: It’s sort of like that. The AIs with nanotech bodies can instantly repair themselves, and even change shape into something completely different. We biologicals will be like that soon, in another ten years or less.

Me: Wow. You know, this is all so radically different from anything we know of today. I’m pretty sure that if I told other people this, they’d say, “Well yeah, this will happen someday, but not for another 100 years. It’s not going to happen by the 2040s.”

Future Me: Yeah, you guys back then kept making that mistake.

Me: What mistake?

Future Me: Assuming that the rate of technological growth was linear instead of exponential. Guys who think this stuff won’t happen for another 100 years think that it won’t happen for another 100 years at the current 2015 rate of technological growth. The problem is the rate of growth isn’t going to stay at 2015 levels forever. Your society, even in 2015, has already stumbled into an exponential technological growth curve. This means the rate of technological growth shoots up like a hockey stick on a graph, instead of remaining a constant, straight, rising line, which is what most people assume. So saying “it won’t happen for 100 more years” is technically right, but the human race will experience 100 years of technological growth in the next 20-25, because the rate of growth is accelerating at an increasingly exponential rate.

Me: Hm. That actually makes sense.

Future Me: Yeah. It’s just that most folks aren’t ready to hear this stuff yet. But you know all about that already, don’t you? Back in 2015, people were still trying to make lifetime monogamy work, right?

Me: Oh yeah. Tell me about it. They’re still trying and failing. And getting pissed off when you try to provide them with another way.

Future Me: Heh. Yeah. Well, don’t worry. That problem will fix itself soon, relatively speaking. These days, “monogamy” isn’t even a concern or discussion. Different groups of people just do what they want, either in reality or virtually. If they can’t, they set their nanobots so they can. Problem solved.

Me: Sounds nice.

Future Me: It is. Things aren’t perfect of course, and we have our problems, but you’re having a great time here.

Me: Good. That’s all I wanted to hear.

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