Rules of Alpha Male 2.0 Summarized

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-By Caleb Jones

Rule 1: Always be working towards one or two big goals that excite you. Keep it to a maximum of two goals though, as working to improve more than two areas in your life at the same time will likely cause you to spin your wheels and stress you out without accomplishing much. (You can have more than two goals, just work on no more than one or two at any given point in time.)

Rule 2: Formulate a personal Mission that really turns you on and stick to it regardless of other conditions that change in your life, which they will. Your life can (and will) change. Your Mission should not.

Rule 3: Practice outcome independence in all areas of your life. Calm down and stop giving a shit. Women and money are automatically attracted to the man who doesn’t need either (or at least acts like it). Outcome independence doesn’t mean you don’t care about the outcomes of your goals. Yes, you want to make money. Yes, you want to get laid. Yes, you want to be physically healthy. Instead, outcome independence means you don’t care about the outcome of any individual scenario, like a particular date or business meeting. You don’t need any one woman or one customer to hit your goals.

Rule 4: Make sure you make at least $75,000 (or €67,000) per year in pre-tax net income. If you make less than this, you’re not as happy as you could or should be. No matter how much of a left-winger you are or how much you hate rich people or capitalism (I’m talking to you, Europeans), you will be happier if you make $75,000 / €67,000 per year if you don’t already. $75K per year isn’t that much money anyway. It’s not that hard.

Rule 5: Never become completely sexually monogamous. Pair-bonding is okay, sexual monogamy is not. Never promise absolute sexual monogamy to any woman and never delude yourself into thinking it will work long-term (I’m talking to you, Americans). If you find one special woman you really like, then feel free to decrease your sexual activities on the side if you wish, but never allow the number of women in your sex life to get to just one.

Rule 6: Practice redundancy in your financial life and your woman life. Build multiple sources of income. Don’t rely on just one. Have multiple women in your life. Don’t rely on just one. Relying on just one, of anything, is a path to eventual unhappiness.

Rule 7: Make sure you’re having sex on a regular basis. Different men require different frequencies of sex, but if you’re regularly letting 30 days or more go by with no sex, you’re screwing this up. You’re damaging your overall happiness as a man. Stop being a pussy, stop making excuses, and get it done.

Rule 8: Look as good as you can within the confines of your height, genetics and age, and do so for the rest of your life. For you younger guys, that means you need to back off on the drugs, smoking, and alcohol. For you older guys, that means you need to watch your diet and may need to spend some money on cosmetic procedures. Beta males (and Alpha Male 1.0s who surrender to monogamy) can afford to let their looks go. You can’t.

Rule 9: Focus on getting as many positive emotions as you can, while simultaneously avoiding all negative emotions. There is no need for you to experience any negative emotions once you’ve hit age 25 or so. By then, you’ve likely experienced every negative emotion known to man, probably many times each. You don’t need to repeat them any more. Leave the drama, anger, sadness, fear, jealousy and loneliness to those younger people. There is nothing virtuous about being unhappy; that’s just right-wing Societal Programming. It’s time for you to be happy, and stay that way.

Rule 10: Always remember that society’s role is not to make you happy. It’s to ensure you’re a drone who serves the elites. Also remember that the vast majority of men are not going to agree with your lifestyle choices and will likely not be your allies in your efforts. Beta males are too busy being scared and being slaves, and Alpha Male 1.0s are too busy being outcome dependent and angry.

Rule 11: Avoid legal structures in your personal relationships with women. Avoid things such as legal marriage, co-owning property or businesses, co-signing debt, and sharing a lease with women (and ideally, men too). Dealing with women is complicated and dicey enough; if you add government to the mix, you’re guaranteeing future unhappiness for both yourself and her. Always remember that loving a woman, living with a woman, taking care of a woman, and/or having children with a woman does NOT require legal marriage, sexual monogamy, or co-owning a home or lease. The only reason you think otherwise is false Societal Programming.

Rule 12: The more you are rooted to a particular region for your income or your love life, the less happy you will be long-term. Men stuck in one place are not men, they’re plants. Make sure both your income and your love life / sex life are location independent.

Rule 13: No one has the right to make you unhappy. Permanently or at least temporarily eject anyone, and I mean anyone, who causes consistent unhappiness in your life: friends, parents, siblings, co-workers or bosses (meaning jobs), wives, girlfriends, FBs, it doesn’t matter. (The only exception: your own children under the age of 18, and even with those there's a limit). Never forget that you’re going to die soon, and that means you’re never coming back to enjoy this world and all the wonder and joy it offers. This is not a video game where you can do it over if you screw it up. You get one shot, and then you’re done. Forever. Don’t waste your life being angry, lonely, dealing with drama, or limited by some else’s rules. That’s beyond insane. Be happy, and stay that way.

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