Trump Wins…And Nothing Significant Will Change

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Bookmark this post. I’m going to make some predictions that will upset most of you, but I will be right. It will just take 5-10 years before you see it. I’ve got some good news, and I’ve got some bad news.

-By Caleb Jones

The good news is that for the first time in my lifetime (and perhaps all of America’s 240 year history), we finally got a president who wasn’t pre-selected by the elites. I honestly didn’t think this would ever happen, and I’m happy to see it. The elites all over Washington, Hollywood, and Wall Street are now in absolute panic mode.

Good! It’s fun to watch them squirm.
I don’t like Donald Trump, because he’s corrupt as fuck and never really wanted the job, but his election makes me happy because it’s nice, very nice, to see the elites finally get a big, fat black eye for once. It’s about damn time.
It’s also good news, great news in fact, that the Lizard Queen is not president, and will now never be (due to her age). I have to admit that even I, who stopped caring about the US and the Western world about 15 years ago, was a little concerned that a criminal of her magnitude actually might be president. It’s nice to see we dodged at least one bullet.

The bad news is that in the long run, nothing will fundamentally change in America. It will stay on the path of creeping socialism, growing government, worsening economics, worsening demographics, less free speech, and an inevitable move to the left. Donald Trump, a dishonest authoritarian with zero emotional control who supports government healthcare, hates freedom of speech, and is terrified you might find out what's in his tax returns, was elected to the presidency about 20 years too late to actually turn things around. If this was 1995, then Trump could indeed right the ship and prevent the coming collapse, but that was our last shot. I tried very hard to get Ross Perot elected back in the 90s, because back then it could have made a difference.

Today, the car has already gone over the cliff, and there’s no stopping it at this point. Corporations are too entrenched, left-wing progressivism won the culture war over the right a long time ago, the government is far too big (and continues to grow), there’s more debt than we can ever pay off, the demographics have changed permanently for the worse (and will continue to worsen), and voters on both the right and the left have become too angry and irrational to make any significant painful but positive changes. (As just one example, our next president will be Donald fucking Trump. Haha!)

Left-wingers will continue to scream and cry in confusion and terror about what’s happened to their country. Well, boo hoo. I lost my country about 15 years ago, so how does it feel, left-wingers? Watching all the left-wing pundits break down last night and this morning has been sooooooo fun. Now it's your turn to feel the pain, lefties. It’s so nice to actually see the left lose a major political battle, after winning so many for so long.

They will threaten to leave the country, but they’re full of shit. They don’t have the balls. It’s conservatives and libertarians who leave their countries when needed, not left-wingers. Lefties are too collectivist. (It's also why lefties never secede from larger governments.)

Left-wingers have been saying that “Republicans created Donald Trump.” Untrue. It was you left-wingers who created him. Trump is the natural result when you spend years and years on end screaming at innocent, hardworking people about political correctness, trigger warnings, safe spaces, racism where it doesn’t exist, homophobia where it doesn’t exist, sexism and rape where it doesn’t exist, shoving socialism and a bloated welfare state that we never wanted down our throats, and telling straight white men that everything in the world is their fault.
You left-wingers created Trump. I hope you’re happy with him now. Choke on it. I'll be over here smiling.

Right-wingers will continue to throw parties like it’s 1999. They will think, incorrectly, that America Has Finally Turned Around™. That America has finally Woken Up™ and that white men will Take It All Back™. And ooohhhhh boy are they wrong.

Trump, or more accurately, President Pence (since Donald is going to turn all the actual running of the country stuff over to him), isn’t going to turn shit around. Instead, two things will eventually happen. They won't happen today or tomorrow or even in a few months, but they will happen:

1. The Republican party, that last bastion you right-wingers were hoping would save you, will now be completely destroyed. You’re going to see a civil war within the Republican party that I don’t think they will be able to recover from. Republicans in power hate Donald Trump. Trump will be the final nail in the coffin for the Republican party as you know it. There will be little unity to fight what’s coming.
And what’s coming?

2. Democrats, progressives, and left-wingers of all stripes and colors are now going to unite and rally like you’ve never seen them do so before. Likely, in 2020, or 2024 at the latest, they will support a hardcore socialist who will glide to a presidential victory with ease. The snapback from this Trump victory will be terrible.

The right-wing will be even more fragmented than it is now, and they will be utterly smashed before the left-wing onslaught that is about to begin.
Right-wing Trump voters are like the Japanese generals the day after Pearl Harbor. You’ve scored an impressive victory... and you have awoken a sleeping giant that you have no chance of beating. Trump is a beautiful golden egg, but when that egg hatches, out will come a President Elizabeth Warren or President Bernie Sanders or similar creature. Get ready, righties! (Oh man, you guys are in for a shock. It's going to be hilarious to watch from Asia or South America.)
Even beyond that, and remember I said this to you, right-wingers: Trump will fuck you. He will fuck you just like George W. Bush fucked you. He’ll fuck you just like Obama fucked the progressives. The odds are overwhelming that Trump is going to do some things in the next four years that is going to confuse and enrage you. Just watch, and remember I said it, because I’m going to be right.

Despite Trump or President Pence, in 10 years from now:
- The US will have even more debt, both governmental and private (unless Trump somehow defaults on US debt of course).
- The US federal government will be spending even more money.
- The US economy will not be improved significantly from 2016 levels.
- The flood of incoming third world immigrants will continue at more or less current rates, and they will continue to receive taxpayer funded government services.

This election has been a fun circus, but make no mistake, that’s all it’s been. When Pence becomes president in January, the circus will continue for at least another four years, and the decline of the West will continue.

My plans to move out of the country in 2025 have not changed. As a matter of fact, in the last few weeks, as I continue see continuous, irrational meltdowns with my fellow Americans on both sides, I've started to think that 2025 might be too long. I've started looking at upping this date to perhaps around 2021. As I've been saying for years, America went insane quite a while ago, and its only going to get worse, at least in the long-term.

As a matter of fact, one good thing about this election is that with Hillary and Trump running, normal, everyday Societally Programming people are slowly starting to see that something is horribly wrong and unfixable with America. Years ago I would get these people insulting me and laughing when they heard I was going to move out of the country in a few years. This year, it's very different. This year, when normal people hear that from me, they just nod quietly and grumble that it's probably a good idea. Then they start asking me questions about where I'm going, how I'm going to do it, etc.
Oh, one last thing...

I knew that certain investments would go up if Hillary won the election and go way up if Trump won, so last Saturday I quietly invested in a significant amount of money into these vehicles. As I write these words, I've already made a nice, big chunk of money this morning, and will hopefully make more over the next few weeks. Boo-ya!!!

So while pathetic left-wingers cry like whiny bitches, and while delusional right-wingers throw their hilariously useless little party while the Titanic continues to sink all around them, I just sit back, smile, and profit, courtesy of the irrational voter. In a few hours, I’m on a plane to Vegas with my girlfriend and we’re going to have a great time. I’ve got a big smile on my face as I type this.

And that’s my overall point here. Don’t cry or rage about Western society collapsing, and don’t expect a messiah to save you, because that isn’t going to happen. Instead, be smart and profit from the collapse, financially, sexually, and logistically, and use those benefits to better your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Because trust me, unless you go full bore with the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle, which is detached from most of this crap, you’re going to need all the help you can get over the next 10-15 years.
Oh well, I’m off to Vegas! Enjoy the decline!

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