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Get ready for some angry comments on this one. Having lost the culture war, today's version of the right-wing get very angry (or should I say, more angry) when one of their gods are disputed in any way, even when the one making the observations agrees with most of what the person in question says...

-By Caleb Jones

Over the last several months, I’ve been bombarded with emails from many of you getting very excited about the new kid on the right-wing block, Jordan Peterson. Peterson has officially replaced Milo Yiannopoulos as the darling of the anti-SJW right since Milo’s fall from grace last year.

As always, since I’m not on the right or the left, and since I view the world through an objective lens rather than a political one, I view Jordan Peterson very differently than the right-wingers who think he’s the greatest thing ever and the left-wingers who despise him. However, before I can explain my position regarding him, I need to clear up a few misconceptions about the right-wing movement which most people either don’t understand, or understand but often forget.

The modern-day right-wing are actually three very different groups:

The anti-SJW’s The standard right-wing The traditional conservatives, or “tradcons” Most people, right and left both, tend to view these three groups as one big ball. In fact, these three groups are very, very different.

The anti-SJW’s are those guys who utterly hate the far left and SJW crowd, and love to create and consume content bashing said crowd, but have no strong political opinions of their own beyond “the left sucks!!!” These guys cum in their pants when Tantrum Trump infuriates left-wingers on Twitter. They cheer loudly when Milo or Ben Shapiro schools some far left feminist or socialist. However, in terms of actual, governmental policy that actually occurs in real life, they don’t really give a shit. They pretend they do, but they really don't. If Tantrum Trump bombs yet another country or makes excuses about how he can’t build a wall, they just shrug, make some excuse about how Hillary would have been worse, re-iterate how fun Trump is on Twitter, and continue cheering for him. They’re all about pissing off the left, not about enacting any actual, right-wing policies.

The standard right-wing are quite different. These are the rank and file right-wing Republican voters. They are generally (though not always) for smaller government, lower taxes, lots of wars, and more modest social behavior. They robotically vote for the Republican guy no matter who he is or how much they hate him. Unlike the anti-SJW’s, they actually do give a shit about policy, have very specific “pro” political views (instead of the anti-SJW’s who are just against things) and feel that their policies and social norms should be enacted and followed.

The traditional conservatives, or tradcons are the zealots of the right wing. They are focused more on social issues than economic or political ones, and are fundamentally passionate about them, often to insane degrees. Their life advice is always the same:

1. Shut up, calm down, and “grow up.” Stop having all this sex and having fun and stuff. That’s immoral, childish, and/or nihilistic.

2. Be a Christian, and give yourself to God. It doesn’t fucking matter that the Bible doesn’t make any sense. It's what's best for society, so shut up.

3. Get legally, monogamously married (because that’s what a “real man does”), and if you’re white, marry someone else white (to “save the white race”). It doesn’t matter what the divorce rate is. Just shut the fuck up and get married because that’s what society needs.

4. Have lots and lots of kids because kids are the meaning of life, you have an obligation to your race, and you need kids and grand kids to take care of you and entertain you when you’re old (which is no longer true these days, but that’s what they believe).

5. Vote for Republicans (or other right-wingish parties) religiously, because they’re the only ones who can Save Us™. (Never mind the fact that Republican politicians like George W. Bush are the direct cause of the collapse of the USA, but that’s a discussion for another time, and a different blog.)

Tradcons mean well. They really do. Some of the men I'm close to in my personal life are tradcons, and I love and respect them. The problem is that their advice is calibrated for a man living in circa 1952 at the zenith of Western power, not a man living in the 21st Century in a crumbling society like Collapsing USA, Suicidal Europe, or Cuckoo Canada. Taking the above advice in 1952 was a pretty good idea. Taking that advice today means you’ll probably destroy your future. That brings us back to Jordan Peterson. I like Peterson and have enjoyed many of his videos like many of you have. His points about the neo-Marxists and postmodernists are all accurate. His anti-SJW points and arguments are sound, and I agree with them all.

So far, so good. Just one problem. He’s a closet tradcon. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He’s a very smart tradcon. Unlike most tradcons (including many who post on my blogs from time to time) he doesn’t walk around screaming his head off about how you need to have kids for the good of society or how you need to give your life to Jesus. No, instead he makes lots of very rational, objective, sound arguments, and then every once in a while, his tradcon-ness slips out. A quick comment about how happiness isn’t important, a brief statement about how kids are the meaning of life, a quick side-comment about how porn is bad, and so on.

Now, if YOU are a tradcon, then by all means, go for it! Drink up Jordan Peterson as much as you want. He’s your guy. But, if you’re an objective thinker like I am, you need to be a little careful. Be very aware that in the midst of Peterson’s sound, anti-socialist, anti-SJW arguments (all of which I agree with!) he laces them with a bunch of outdated tradcon bullshit. If all you do is absorb 100% of his content, you’ll miss it, but your subconscious mind will internalize it. If you take action on it later in life, you’re going to suffer the usual consequences of beta males and Alpha Male 1.0’s as they do things like go to college, get a “good job,” get traditionally married, crank out kids, go into debt, and stupidly hope that external solutions will solve all of their problems. You’ll end up in divorce court, spending thousands of dollars you don’t have trying to get visitation of your kids while being unable to ever retire.

But, if you keep your eyes and ears open while you listen to him or read his stuff, you’ll be aware of the tradcon stuff he occasionally throws in there, and then you’ll be fine. Tradcons reading this are going to interpret this article as a hit piece on Jordan Peterson. It is not. For the third time, I really like the guy and watch his videos all the time on YouTube. I will probably get around to reading his book someday too. He’s great. I’m just warning you to be aware of his very subtle and very clever placing of tradcon programming in his content. If that’s not the kind of life you want (it certainly isn’t what I want), you need to be careful, and keep your ears open.

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