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I am planning a huge revamp of all of my blogs and both of my brochure sites. Since this blog is for you, I need you to tell me how I can improve this blog and make it a better one. What should I write more about? What should I write less about? Are there any technical improvements I can make to this blog that you think would make it better? Let me know.

-By Caleb Jones

Please leave a comment on this article and/or send me an email and/or take the below survey and tell me how I can improve this blog. I’m all ears and I’m here to listen. Also, tell me not only what you would like, but what you think would help attract other men interested in Alpha Male 2.0 concepts. I already did this with my other blog and you guys gave me some fantastic info. I also had several artists come up with a newly updated logo for my websites. The two finalists I’ve selected are below. I’m going to pick one of them; which one should I pick? I’ll let you guys decide; tell me which one you like the best in the below survey. And again, if the survey doesn’t list out the topics YOU would like, tell me in comments or an email what you would like me to write more about or less about. I’m ready to listen. Go for it.



View Survey Edit/Update: I've caused a lot of confusion because I didn't explain everything fully in this post. My fault. 1. I must change the logo. The current logo looks too much like the Mortal Kombat logo, which was fine when I was a nobody, but now it needs to be changed. "Just keep your current logo BD" is not an option. 2. I am slowly moving away from the branding of "Blackdragon" and towards the branding of "Alpha Male 2.0" which is much better, clearer, and more effective branding. Thus, the new logo will not be for Blackdragon, but for all of Alpha Male 2.0 including my business and lifestyle advice. So if you're wondering why the logos are not black for Blackdragon, that's why. And no, I didn't say I'm dropping the Blackdragon name or dropping it right this minute, so don't freak out. It will be a very slow transition. 3. The opinion of "both logos are terrible" doesn't help at all unless you are willing to sketch out a new logo yourself so you can clearly show me what wouldn't suck. (And remember, I can't keep the current logo.) If you're not willing to show me a good logo, I'm not interested in your opinion of "both logos are terrible." Sorry for any confusion. Again, my fault.

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