Not Losing Your Edge As You Age

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Today’s article is for you older guys going after the much younger women, though obviously you younger guys should pay very close attention since this will be you much sooner than you think. In about three years I will turn 50. Since turning 40, I have paid close attention to men who are over 50 and over 60 who are still healthy, strong, excited, vibrant, and getting laid with attractive women so I can model and copy these men. I have read numerous books on longevity and aging and followed almost all of their advice, most of which has worked (at least so far)

-By Caleb Jones

Staying “young,” vibrant, and maintaining a masculine, Alpha Male edge as you get older is a big topic, but today I will summarize what I view as the key points. You older Alphas are also welcome to add your advice in the comments, particularly you guys who are older than me. They are listed in no particular order, since I  consider all of them mandatory if you want to not only maintain a high level of energy as you get older, but also want to keep having sex with hot younger women.

1. Maintain your physical appearance no matter how old you get, regardless of how much work or money it takes. My goodness, I have seen so many men, including both men in my own life and celebrities, who looked fantastic in their twenties and thirties, only to let their entire appearance go to absolute shit in their forties or fifties. It’s usually because of pure laziness and complacency, usually brought on by getting traditionally monogamously married (of course), though drug and alcohol abuse is another common reason.

For fuck’s sake, please don’t do this. I happen to look better today at age 46 than I did when I was 30 year-old monogamous beta male. Stallone is in his seventies and he looks pretty damn good. So does Liam Neeson who’s in his mid-60s. Richard Gere is 70 and just fathered a baby. I personally know two guys, one in his 60s and one in his early 70s, who are ripped as shit, have full heads of hair, and look great.

Once you hit age 35, it’s downhill from there… unless you CHOOSE to maintain your looks as you age. It’s a CHOICE you make. By the way, I said the exact same thing to women here. Make the decision to look as good as you can for as long as you can. If you don’t do this, the Western lifestyle, particularly the American lifestyle, will ENSURE that you will look like shit by the time you hit your fifties… at the latest!

2. If you’re over 40, get on testosterone replacement therapy and stay on it for the rest of your life. Yep, I’m still on TRT after starting four years ago and it’s still awesome. It was one of the best decisions of my life, and with no side effects. I talk about my entire TRT journey here. I now consider TRT mandatory for all Alpha Male 2.0s age 40 or higher (unless you’re a genetic freak and your total testosterone is naturally over 700-800 even post-40 with no external help).Going on TRT increased my income by 80%, improved my focus, improved my sleep, improved my sexual performance, improved my muscle gains and retention, and made me an overall happier guy, and I was happy as hell to begin with. I can’t recommend it enough. As a man over 40, you should always know exactly what your total testosterone level is (mine is 907) and if you don’t, you need to get it tested right now and work with a doctor to take care of it.

3. Exercise at least once every 48 hours. I’ve already talked about this in my main book so I’m not going to repeat that here. I’m also not getting into a bullshit conversation about cardio vs. weights and how much you need to do of each. I’m just saying if you don’t exercise regularly, your body will start to atrophy around age 35. I’m overweight and even I have much more energy and physical endurance than many men I know my age or even a little younger, because these guys don’t ever exercise.

Over the Christmas holiday I walked up a steep hill with two people. Both of them were skinnier than me and younger than me (they were in their late 30s, I’m 46), and both of these people were trashed, huffing and puffing like dogs, by the time we reached the top, and I was just fine, ready to keep going. Yes, exercising is a pain in the ass from a time management viewpoint. Trust me, I know. Doesn’t matter. Stop making excuses, figure it out, and just do it.
4. Maintain a daily skin regimen. I have maintained daily skin regimen since I was 35 years old, and today my skin looks awesome. Actually it is objectively awesome because I’ve had dermatologists evaluate it and they all tell me how amazing my skin is for A) a man and B) a man my age.

Read chapter six of The Ultimate Younger Woman Manual where I lay out exactly what you need to do every morning and night with your face to make sure you keep your skin looking bright, tight, and as wrinkle-free as possible for the rest of your life. It only takes a few minutes per day. Again, doing this is mandatory in my opinion.

5. Always, always, always be working on a goal or a project you feel strongly about. Remember your Mission! One of the biggest reasons older men turn to shit is that they think (incorrectly) that they’re “done.” I’ve got my wife, I’ve made my money, I had my kids, I’ve paid off all my debts, I’ve worked for 30 years, so okay, I’m “done now.” No, you idiot. You’re not done. If you really think you’re done, you’re going to start looking and feeling like shit. You may even die. There’s an old statistic that said that the average life expectancy of the typical retired IBM executive was four years. They retire, and then in four years they die, because these morons have nothing to do.We are men. Men are goal-seeking organisms. Men always need a goal, a project, something that needs to get done. The moment you lose that is the moment you lose your manhood.

Read The Unchained Man, find your Mission, and stick with it. As soon as you accomplish a big goal, immediately set a new one based on your Mission, and get back to work. I’m not saying you need to bust your ass in your sixties or seventies the way you did in your thirties. If you want to back off on your work hours, that’s fine, you’ve probably earned it. But don’t back off your work to near zero. My biggest mentors these days are all men in their seventies who have all the money in the world but still work hard on their Missions, goals, and projects every day because they love it. Brian Tracy. Jim Rogers. Sylvester Stallone. Doug Casey. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Alan Weiss. Ron Paul. Robert Kiyosaki. I love these guys.

I love my work, love my life, love my Mission, and love my long-term goals. I fully plan on working for the rest of my life regardless of how much money I end up with, because working on goals so much god damn fun. I will never lose that edge (unless I get stricken by some debilitating and unpreventable disease, but maybe even then I’ll find a way to do it; Kirk Douglas has done just fine).

6. Get cosmetic procedures done. Yep, as you get older, you’re going to need some of these. Not a lot, but some. Yeah, they cost money, but as an older man, that shouldn’t be an issue for you. thinning hair with a procedure many years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I started getting annoyed with my wrinkles this year so I bit the bullet and tried Botox shots for the first time just to see if it made a difference. HOLY SHIT! What a difference! A few hundred bucks once every three months and I look ten years younger. I’m sold. I will now be doing this (or its future equivalent) for the rest of my life, just like my TRT.

I’m sure I will do other procedures here and there as I age, and that’s fine. You should too. You want those younger women to be attracted to you, don’t you? Even if you plan on just paying for sex when you get older, do you really want these younger women to close their eyes and think about something else while you’re fucking them because you’re so old looking? Really? I don’t think you’d like that. Speaking of which…

7. Keep having sex with attractive, younger women. Don’t stop! I’ve talked before about the scientific studies that show that testosterone boosts when an older man A) has lots of sex and B) has lots of sex with younger, more attractive women. If you’re like most men and start having less sex as you age, or if you settle for only having sex with your overweight / ugly / average-looking monogamous girlfriend or wife, you’re asking for a downward slide into Shitsville. Learn how to have sex with attractive, younger women. (Get this book if you haven’t yet.) Then do it. Then don’t ever stop.

And please don’t get hung up on what “younger” means. I’m not saying you need to bang 18 year-olds when you’re 71. But when you’re 71, there’s no reason you can’t have sex with a hot, physically fit 42 year-old woman who looks amazing. Do you seriously think a man who looks like the 90s version of Sean Connery (when he was in his late sixties!) would have any problem doing that? C’mon. Don’t be silly about this and don’t get hung up with dumb excuses. Just remember, maintaining your looks and edge as you age is up to you. It’s a choice. You can get older and look like shit, or you can get older and look okay. The choice is yours.

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