Yes, You Have Marketable Skills

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The final countdown for the Location-Independent Six-Figure Consultant Course, and its companion course, Consulting: Getting Started From Scratch has begun. Because of this, over the next two weeks, articles here at this blog, at the newly revamped Caleb Jones Blog, and at my mailing list will be focused more on the topic of you being successful in your own business (consulting business or other business), either a full-time business or a part-time side hustle.

-By Caleb Jones

Normal topics will resume at the end of the month when the course release is over. For those few of you who dislike these more business/financial-oriented topics, I apologize for the temporary diversion. Just remember that I polled my entire audience last year and the topic of how to be a successful consultant easily beat out all the other topics I presented, even over some woman topics, so as always, I’m doing what most of my audience wants. Now it’s time to talk about making more money on your terms so you can live the life of free Alpha Male 2.0 instead of a corporate wage slave.

One of the biggest excuses/questions I’ve received in the past when I discuss the topic of being self-employed as a consultant, coach, or content creator is, “But I don’t have any marketable skills” or “I don’t know anything.” If you’re about 16 years old, then sure; I agree it’s possible you really don’t know anything (though there are millions of young men this age who do indeed have marketable skills and/or knowledge and could indeed start a location-independent business on the side). But I have this sneaking feeling, call it a wild hunch, that you’re not 16 years old. It’s more likely you’re 23, 25, 29, 34, 39, 46, or something like that. This means the following:

1. You have a set of natural skills and talents, things you have always been good at and where you are better than most people. In my case, I have a natural talent of macro systems thinking and public speaking, as two examples. I’m naturally good at those and I’ve always been good at these things from the get-go. I am also absolutely terrible at art, and have no artistic ability whatsoever. Yet, I don’t look at people who are great at drawing or painting and then lament that “I’m not good at anything.” Instead, I mostly ignore these people and instead capitalize on my natural talents, building them up when I can and finding ways to monetize them.

I don’t care how inexperienced, unskilled, or dumb you think you are. I promise you have at least two, and possibly more natural talents where you are exceedingly good. The odds that these things are things no one on planet Earth would ever pay you for are low. Moreover, even if you have skills that you think are low-value, you can still attach a monetizable aspect to them. For example, if you’re naturally musically inclined and know how to play the violin really well, you could argue that is a low-value skill. If you try to become a famous violinist, then I agree with you, but if you instead niche yourself by only teaching high-class violin skills to Chinese high school students from wealthy families, brand yourself well, and market yourself hard, that could easily be a six-figure business.
2. You’ve had numerous jobs and/or hobbies and/or educational experiences where you were either trained or self-taught certain skills from which you can turn around and build a business. Yes, you have these skills, right now. As human beings, we tend to devalue our own skills. We subconsciously think that A) everyone has the same skills and B) no one would pay us for these skills. When I was a young man in my early twenties, I was convinced that everyone in the world knew how to purchase a computer. I figured that everyone knew how to identify all of the correct specs and pick out the type of computer they needed and could afford. I thought this because, back then, computers consumed my entire life, and I could do things like that in my sleep. I was shocked to find out that most people actually didn’t have this skill at all. I was doubly shocked to discover that people would actually pay me, and pay me quite a bit, to help them with this task that was, to me, simple to the point of being almost stupid.

That's how this works. But that’s probably not a great example because one could argue that knowing computer specs really was an amazing skill and I was just being a young dumbass (which I was back then) for not seeing it. So, here’s a better example. One of my all-time business mentors is a woman who is near-famous in the professional speaking field. When she was younger, she went to finishing school. If you didn’t know, this is a school on high-class etiquette, like which fork is the salad fork, what side of the plate it goes on, and useless crap like that. She was convinced for years that “everyone” knew this stuff. She was shocked to find one day that most people had no idea. She went on to become very wealthy and successful teaching people etiquette skills (then later moving on to communication skills and so forth). I could give you many more examples (and I give more in the bonus course) but I think you get the point.

3. You have a skill or two that you’re currently not using to make money. Either you’re not using it at all, or you’re only using it in your hobbies. If you’re a natural mechanical wizard with your car, that’s a marketable skill. If you know how to build your own computer, that’s a marketable skill. If you play amazing tennis, that’s a marketable skill. If you can write amazing calligraphy, that’s a marketable skill. If you are good at putting on group events for your local youth group or baseball team, that’s a marketable skill. And so on. Just because you’re not currently making money with your current set of skills doesn’t mean you don’t have any marketable skills. You just need help in taking those skills and encapsulating them into a business where you can make the money you want. And frankly, that’s the easy part.

Every adult over the age of about 20 I have ever met and gotten to know at least a little bit has had at least one, and often two or three marketable skills that could make that person a six-figure income or close to it provided they do the right things and put in some work. For you to say you “don’t have any skills” or “don’t know anything” is not only silly, but it’s also factually wrong. You do. The Consultant Course comes out first thing in the morning, 12:01 PST/PDT Friday, March 22nd. Put it on your calendar, because you’ll only be able to get it for one week after that. FYI one of my staff jumped the gun and upgraded this blog's theme a little earlier than I had planned. Thus there will be lots of little problems/bugs with this blog over the next few days. Please be patient, we will address them all. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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