Beta Male Polyamory

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I’m about to discuss polyamory, but before I do, I need to clarify what it means and how it’s different from an open relationship. People tend to mix up these two terms or mash them together. Open relationship generally means that you’re either pair-bonded to one woman and are allowed to get a little on the side (OLTR in my parlance) or it means you have a primary woman (like a wife or “main girl”) and you’re allowed to date other women provided they don’t completely override your main girl (high-end MLTR in my parlance).

-By Caleb Jones

Polyamory is quite different. It means you aren’t emotionally exclusive to any one person at all. You’re in full-on sexual and romantic relationships with two or more people. This is similar to MLTRs in my parlance, but not quite since with full-on polyamory you can (and usually do) have multiple girlfriends and one or more of the women have multiple boyfriends (or even husbands).

Open relationships are great, polyamory is great, pair-bonding is great, having multiple relationships is great. It’s all good, baby. As I’ve said hundreds of times, anything is less bad than long-term sexual monogamy, which doesn’t work at all. Therefore, I fully support any flawed or suboptimal (to me) non-monogamous relationship types over monogamy any day of the week. Anything that allows you to have regular sex with two or more women is less bad than being forced to only have sex with one, which is not only stupid, but anti-freedom and anti-masculine.

Now that we have that context, let me show you a little trick people use to bash polyamory. This has been done many times both inside and outside the manosphere. Some guy will link to an article or video profiling a polyamorous threesome. The scenario is always the same: the threesome presented is comprised of an ugly Dominant and two skinny, dorky, wimpy, needy, oneitis-stricken beta males. The Dominant, sitting between her two boyfriends, will talk about how great it is to have these two slaves do whatever she wants. The two betas cheerfully nod in agreement and wax on about how wonderful she is and how lucky they are to have such an amazing girlfriend.

The guy linking to this shitshow will then declare, “See? Look at this! Look at these two pussies! Look at how needy and beta they are to this ugly bitch! This is polyamory, folks! Look good to you? See everybody? There’s the proof: POLYAMORY IS FOR BETAS! Fuck polyamory! Monogamy is the way to go! Monogamy is for good, honest, Christian Alpha Male badasses like us!” He many even continue, giving the usual right-wing Guy-Disney advice about how you need to traditionally monogamously marry some young Christian girl in her early twenties who hasn’t fucked too many guys yet and then boss her around for the rest of her life like the big, strong, Christian Alpha you wish you were (despite the fact that men doing this suffer a 76%+ divorce rate just like anyone else who gets traditionally married these days).

The problem with this tactic is obvious. Would any of my readers even consider a polyamorous relationship where you only dated one girl and she dated other men? Hundreds of thousands of men read my content; I doubt I could find one of them who would think this is a good idea and recommend it to others. Being in such a relationship would be the literal opposite of being an Alpha Male 2.0.

I just said above that any relationship that allows you to have regular sex with two or more women is less bad than only having sex with one. These beta males in this horrific beta male version of polyamory are only having sex with one woman. They’re blowing the entire point of non-monogamy. They’re doing that because, of course, they’re betas. People who point at this beta male version of polyamory as the example of all polyamory or all non-monogamy are liars. This kind of relationship is literally the opposite of how I live and the opposite of what I recommend.
Unlike monogamy, non-monogamy is a big umbrella that encompasses many different types of relationships, all of which I describe in my books but only certain ones I think are a good idea for men. For example, I think FB, MLTR and OLTR are fantastic. I think swinging isn’t that great but can work for certain people. I think beta male polyamory (described above) is disgusting and destructive. All of these things are technically non-monogamy but many of these things are so radically different they could be considered opposites. Indeed, my sex life is as diametrically opposite of beta male polyamory as you can get and has been for almost 14 years now.Am I against beta male polyamory? For me and you, yes. But not for betas. As I’ve said many times, beta males are fucked no matter what they do. I know, because I used to be one. Monogamy/polyamory/open relationships/dating/single/alone; ALL of these situations are going to suck for you if you’re a beta. It’s part of being a beta. That’s why you betas should put in a few years and upgrade yourselves to Alpha Male 2.0 so you can start living the good life and actually be long-term happy. I did a long time ago and it was literally the best decision of my entire life.

The problem with this version of beta male polyamory on display isn’t non-monogamy, it’s beta males. As usual, the beta males fuck all this up for the rest of us. As Western civilization continues to collapse and monogamy becomes less popular, more people are going to assume non-monogamous lifestyles, which is good. The problem is most of these men are going to be betas since most modern-day Western men (around 75%) are betas already. Worse, beta males are a growing demographic. With every generation starting with the Millennials then Generation Z and the ones after that, you’re going to see less Alphas and more betas.

Less monogamy + more betas = a lot of really fucked-up, woman-centric, non-monogamous relationships where the women are going to be in charge.Is this bad? For betas, yes (but they’re fucked anyway). For society, it’s very bad (but Western civilization is also fucked anyway). But for you and me? No. This is fucking great for us! The more men getting sucked up into polyamorous relationships that include multiple men but just one woman, the less competition we Alpha Males have. That includes not only Alpha Male 2.0s but also my more enterprising Alpha Male 1.0 brothers.

Every time I see one of these beta male polyamory people profiled, I wince in disgust but then I smile and rub my hands together evilly like a James Bond villain. Let all these betas get taken out of the dating pool by below-average-looking Dominant women while I move in on the hot women who have less betas to kiss their asses or take them out on overpriced dinner dates. Win.

The next time you see anyone pointing at beta male polyamory as the standard for non-monogamy realize A) how incorrect that is; B) how good it actually is… for us.

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