Managing Your Woman Relationships in Times of Crisis

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Massive economic recessions. Pandemics. Riots. Standard stuff in the collapsing Western world. As I've talked about in great detail before, expect more of these problems to occur more often, with more regularity, and in more countries.   

-By Caleb Jones

We are rapidly entering into a phase of New Normal in the Western world; a darker era were more systemic problems will occur and worsen. It is important that you understand how to effectively manage the women in your life during these times of crisis so that you will be prepared and be a force of stability both for yourself and your women. 

My OLTR wife and all of my FBs have been perfectly happy and content during this entire time while everyone else has been freaking the fuck out (with one small exception I’ll explain in a minute). I’m not the only reason for this, but I am a strong contributing factor, and all of these women would say the same. Is it any wonder why women stay with me for so long? Is it any wonder why I have a 94% return rate for women? 

Here are several techniques that will help you maintain a more stable and happier woman life while the rest of the world is crumbling around you. Maintaining that solid bubble of order and happiness despite the collapsing economy or tearing social fabric of where you live is what being an Alpha Male 2.0 is all about. It is what makes you more attractive to women and, more importantly, more likely to retain women in your life for the long-term.  

Most beta males can’t offer security.  

Most Alpha Male 1.0s can’t offer consistent happiness.

It is the Alpha Male 2.0, when he does things correctly, who can offer women both.  As usual, it is we A2s who will prosper sexually and in relationships with women when normal men are having all kinds of challenges.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Calm the fuck down.

If you are being a spastic anger monger, swimming around in anger porn, screaming and ranting about all the problems you're seeing just like everyone else, then you will be less likely to maintain a sense of stability with the women in your life.  

Let the forever-angry left-wingers scream about cops or terrify each other about people killing everyone with this wimpy coronavirus. Let the irrational Trump supporters scream about the protesters, or defend the cops, or rant about incompetent or authoritarian government (which they themselves have directly supported for the past 20 years since the election of George W. Bush).  

You need to be above all of this useless anger-masturbation.

Outcome independence is the hallmark of the Alpha Male 2.0, and that means you need to actually demonstrate it when no one else is. If, when women are spending time with you, you are chill, relaxed, smiling, happy, and optimistic, this alone will raise the odds that these women will stay with you and give you less drama when they do.

As a matter of fact, it is during these times of crisis where these kinds of behaviors are even more attractive than they are normally. When your FB, MLTR,  or OLTR sees everyone in her life screaming, ranting, complaining, crying, or scared, and then she spends time with you she sees you are none of these things… you’re just smiling and optimistic, that attractive, positive vibe you produce is even more powerful. 

As I've said maybe thousands of times over the course of many years to my audience, STOP GIVING A SHIT. That means you need to actually demonstrate this in your day-to-day life, and certainly with the women in your life.

This is even more important if you are dating much younger women, but it applies to all women of all ages. The women in your life want to see that you have your shit together. They want to see that you are consistent, reliable, and steady. Although it can be difficult, make sure you maintain a solid and regular schedule with all of your women. Maintain routine. You need to be her rock, or at least a rock in her life. 

If you are living in the same state of chaos as most other people are right now, she is more likely to stop seeing you, or give you more drama or problems when she does.  

All of the women in my life, and I mean all of them, know for 100% certainty that I am as constant as the North Star. I am rock solid, all while being chill and relaxed (or excited in a positive way). Again, these traits are going to be even more attractive now and in the future than they ever have been before. 

To be clear, this does not mean you act like a beta. You still need to be Alpha. You still need to maintain a high degree of frame, confidence, distance, outcome independence, saying no, sexual prowess, and all the other things necessary to maintain attraction from a woman. I'm just saying that in terms of your day-to-day life, and certainly the areas where she observes you, you need to be strong and consistent. 

3. Be ruthlessly intolerant of any drama or bullshit. 

Just because things are problematic right now does not give anyone the right to give you any drama or crap. In the last several weeks I have definitely noticed an uptick in the amount of drama people try to give me. (I say try to give me, because I don't let them.)

I actually had to soft next one of my newer FBs last week. She was newer to my life and not yet accustomed with my systems or frame; my other primary two FBs have been perfect this entire time. This is an unusual scenario with me; it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve had to soft next anyone.  

Over the last several weeks I have had to fire several of my customers for giving me or my staff drama over email. Again, this is unusual.  

Everyone is on edge right now, and that's fine. But that is no excuse to throw shit at people.

Listen to me very carefully. The COVID-19 pandemic was not your fault. The horrible reaction governments have had to these problems is likely not your fault. The recession is probably not your fault. Therefore, no one has the right to snap at you just because these things are stressing people out. 

Soft next or hard next any woman in your life who gives you any crap even if you think she might have a good reason. Fire any clients or customers who insult you (or your staff) verbally or electronically; remove them off all of your subscriber lists, refund their money if you have to, and tell them to go away and never come back. Dump any friends who give you drama, regardless of how long they’ve been your friend. Stop talking to any family members who give you any shit.  

I mean it. Don’t be a pussy about this. You must maintain a high standard of happiness and normalcy during this time. People will respect you for it and you will be happier.  

As I have said many times, the reason for drama is irrelevant. Every person over the age of 18 who is not mentally insane has the ability to take a few deep breaths and calm down before they say something or type something in an email, text, or comment. If they don't do this, they are choosing not to do this because they are childish, selfish pussies. That's on them. Kick their asses out of your life, either temporarily (soft next) or permanently (hard next). Don't let this slide just because we are in a state of crisis right now. It’s actually the opposite; during times of crisis, these boundaries and standards are even more important, not less.

4. Form a tight “woman inner circle if you haven't already.

I did this myself a few years ago, and this is technically optional, but it will help. Instead of shotgunning the entire world to have sex with tons of girls or to have four, six, or ten women on rotation, you might want to rethink your approach. Your woman life will be much easier to manage if you work with smaller numbers.  

In the past I have said that my minimum number is three women and I stand by that. I am recommending to you in times of crisis, that your maximum number of women is also three, or maybe four. Dealing with five, six, seven women or more at the same time might be fine if everything in your life is going perfectly. But I know for a lot of you that is not the case right now. Therefore, some of you more player type, Thrill of the Hunt guys may need to whittle down the number of women that you're seeing and/or attempting to see. This simplifies things. 

To be clear, this is not an excuse for monogamy! No, no, NO! This is not an excuse to get lazy or puss out. You should have at least two women in your life with whom you are having sex on a regular basis. Three is better but not required 

I am not saying get lazy. I'm saying you should simplify and optimize, very similar to my business advice. The less people you have to deal with, the easier everything becomes. Just remember the Alpha Male 2.0 minimum of having at least two women in your sex life whom you find at least cute at all times.

The overall message here is that many of you can’t continue business as usual in your business and woman lives. Double this if you are not planning on moving out of the Western world. Simplification, optimization, devotion to your Mission, and clarity are all necessary if you want to build or maintain your happy A2 life as the Western world continues to decline. (I have a lot more information on this coming soon.)

The rewards of doing this are massive. The Alpha Male 2.0 is the man who will win in the end.  

As a matter of fact, he's already winning now

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