11 Great Countries to Move To

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“Caleb, I want to move out of the collapsing Western world! I want to move out of the United States, Canada, or Europe. But where do I go??? EVERY COUNTRY IS TERRIBLE!!!"

-By Caleb Jones

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This is the article many of you have been asking for. Today, I’m going to cover 11 countries that are good for you to move to as an Alpha Male 2.0. They’re not listed in any particular order. We’ll talk about a broad range of countries based on your different ages, personality types, and income levels, and I’ll give you the pros and cons of each.A Word of Warning Here’s the problem, and I mentioned this in a video a few weeks ago: A lot of you guys who are saying you don’t know where to move because all other countries suck are lying. You’re full of shit. What you’re really saying is that you’re too scared to move (or you don’t really want to move), so you’re just going to make the excuse that every other country is worse than the collapsing country you’re currently in.As I go through this list and name a country, you’re going to immediately think of one or two negatives related to that location and decide you’d never move there because of that. So with every country I mention, I’m going to stop you from doing this and get you to recognize that you’re making pussy beta male excuses based on limited information. And I’m going to dispel myths with every country we talk about.Around the World these aren’t the only 11 countries in the world that are good to move to; I’m sure I’ll be hearing from some of you asking why I left out one country or another. Yeah. Dude. I can’t cover every decent location in the world. We'd be here all day.Also, some of the countries on this list would be terrible for you, in particular, to move to. Others would suit you much better. Some countries have a much higher cost of living than others, and if you’re a lower-income guy, for instance, you wouldn’t want to move there.Every country in the world has its negatives. If you’re a little flexible, you’ll be able to find some you like. We’re not looking for a perfect paradise country; there’s no such thing.Now with that in mind, here we go...


Although I said these countries aren’t listed in any particular order, this is the one I would rank first. This is probably the best overall country for the Alpha Male 2.0 because it is good in terms of both women and business/economic growth. Most countries only have one or the other.Economically speaking, Colombia is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world; it’s even growing faster than most Asian countries(!). It is not perfect, but it is a very good place to move to. It’s a growth country.I’ve said this before, but South America is kind of like the world’s crazy uncle. When you go to South American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and so on, you get a feeling that the place is full of happy maniacs and that’s how they like it. Colombia has its problems, but what you quickly realize is that they’re trying. Instead of saying, “We’re crazy, and this is the way we are. Tough shit!” like they would in some other South American countries, they identify their problems and work to fix them.Yes, you’re thinking Oh my god, there’s crime and drugs and… You’re making excuses based on limited information — like I said you would.There are many places in the U.S. with far worse crime rates. I know several people who live in Colombia, and they’ve never had a crime problem because they’re smart about it.Colombia’s negatives? It can be a little rough around the edges at time, depending on the region. The air quality in Bogotá is really bad, for instance. English is not widely spoken there so you will probably have to learn to speak Spanish eventually, but it isn’t that hard. (Plus I do fine with both business and women while there without speaking any English; Google Translate on your phone is your friend.)On the plus side, Colombia’s women are the most beautiful on the planet. They’re nice, ultra-hot, fun, and have super low ASD. They’re fantastic.If you have location independent income and you’re non-monogamous (because that’s what an Alpha Male 2.0 is), Colombia is a fucking win-win for you.Overall, I highly recommend Colombia as a place to live if you’re leaving the collapsing Western world. It's just all kinds of awesome.


Vietnam is amazing in terms of economic growth, and for some guys, women — depending on your taste. Multiple sources predict Vietnam will experience a 10% economic growth rate beginning in 2025 and into the foreseeable future. It’s predicted to surpass every country in Scandinavia as well as — are you ready? — Singapore.Let me say that again. It’s predicted to surpass Singapore. Is that a good place to start a business or invest? Uh, yeah. I’ve said this many times: Southeast Asia is the only place in the world that will experience massive economic growth over the next 25 years or so.

“But we went to war in Vietnam! And they hate us! And… “

What are you doing? You’re making excuses based on limited information. Stop it. Vietnam is awesome.There are some aspects of Vietnam that are very First World and some that are rough around the edges; it’s kind of a grey area in some respects. But it is amazing in terms of economic growth. I’m going to be doing a lot of business in Vietnam later next year, and I am really looking forward to it.Vietnamese women are not really my type, but a lot of you guys like them. You’ll love Vietnam even more.

United Arab Emirates

This one is really for you older guys, those of you who are self-employed with higher incomes or guys with mature businesses. The main cities there are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.“Holy shit! No! I read an article that someone was arrested for no reason there and… !!!”Stop being a pussy. Stop making emotional decisions with limited information. I’ve been to Dubai several times with no problems.Yes, you can drink there. It’s allowed. Yes, there are hookers in Dubai. Don’t worry about it. Dubai is clean, purely First World, high-tech, the people there are friendly, and if you speak English exclusively, you won’t have to learn any foreign languages there, because they speak English there too. It’s in a very central location with easy access to Asian and European locations as well.Best of all: it's an income tax-free society. That's right. Zero percent income taxes. So for example, people with jobs there get their entire paychecks. There’s no pay stub that shows taxes deducted because there aren’t any. This is even better if you're a business owner.One downside: It’s very, very hot, but it’s not humid like Singapore. It’s a dry heat like Phoenix, so if you don’t mind that, it won’t matter to you.


This is a country that is very friendly to foreigners and to businesses as well. It’s also a very easy place to date — guys kill it with Thai women. They’re very sex-positive.It’s inexpensive, although not like it used to be. But if you’re looking for someplace with a lower cost of living, you can live on the beach in Thailand for very little money. So economically, Thailand is great because it’s so cheap, and it’s great for women because frankly, it’s Thailand.
Disadvantages: Bangkok is pretty shitty and the cost of living there is rising. A lot of people don’t like Bangkok, and it’s really not my type of place.It can also get humid there; something to consider if that bothers you. It’s definitely a hooker culture, so if you hate that, Bangkok isn’t the place for you. But you could live outside the city and do just fine. Thailand is a very, very good place to live for an Alpha Male 2.0.Economically speaking, it will not grow as quickly as other countries in Southeast Asia because Thailand has already experienced a lot of its growth already. It’s still a growth country, it’s just not skyrocketing economically like Vietnam.

I’ve mentioned Argentina many times on my blogs. It’s a crazy-but-super-fun place. But if you’re an Alpha Male 2.0, you have a location independent outcome and you’re making money from outside Argentina. I certainly would — I wouldn’t rely on income from inside Argentina with their shitty currency. But with income from outside the country, you could take advantage of their much lower cost of living.Buenos Aires is an amazing city. It’s a huge New York-size city, and the women are cute (thought not amazing).Argentina is a great place. Again, it’s a little insane, so if you’re younger (under 35 or so), it’s awesome. It’s almost got an old European vibe to it.Also, if you live there for a while, you can possibly get an Argentinian passport, too. Win.


For you Americans, I’m not talking about the state of Georgia — I’m talking about the country Georgia, the former Soviet republic. It’s in this strange little part of the world where it’s not quite Europe; it’s so far east of Europe that I don’t consider it a European country, but that’s a grey area. I wouldn’t move to anywhere in Europe. Eastern Europe won’t go down as hard as Western Europe; that’s a big topic for another time, but yes, Europe is on its way down.Georgia is one of the few former Soviet republics that is doing most things correctly. They’re embracing capitalism and opening themselves up to trade, free markets, and low taxes, and it’s a pro-business environment. It’s a really good place to base your international business. The crime rates are also the among the lowest in the entire world; Tbilisi is sometimes rated as the world's safest city.

Disadvantages: The capital city, Tbilisi, is a very small town. If you’re looking for a giant, bustling city, Tbilisi may not do it for you.

Also, one criterion I have for possibly moving to a particular country is that it shouldn’t border a place that’s prone to war and armed conflict. It’s sad, but Georgia borders a country called Russia, which is run by a dictator who likes to invade other countries. I don’t necessarily think Russia will invade Georgia, I’m just giving you the facts I have.Georgia is awesome for an Alpha Male 2.0, especially if you want to stay near Europe or have a quasi-European lifestyle.


Panama is my favorite Central American country by far. It’s like a little Hong Kong in the middle of Central America. Panama City is fun, and the women are very hot and nice. Panama borders Colombia; you can basically drive between the two at your leisure, so a lot of Colombian women spend time in Panama.If Colombia is a little too rough for you, or if you have a higher income and like a nicer environment, Panama City is the best of all worlds. It’s a very pro-American place; one of the reasons there’s so much prosperity is that there’s a lot of American money down there. They have a very strong economy, and they’re friendly to foreigners.On the downside, it gets a little hot and humid, but not too bad. The women aren’t quite as hot as they are in many South American countries — but they’re still hot.Panama is a great place for women, dating, and business. It’s almost a miniature version of Colombia. It’s not going to see crazy growth like Colombia, because like Hong Kong, it’s already arrived. But it will do just fine.I love Panama. Highly recommended.


Cambodia is one of the rougher, more Third World countries in Southeast Asia, but like Vietnam, its economic growth is going to skyrocket, and it’s actually already begun.Similar to Vietnam, Cambodia is doing all the right things to facilitate this growth, but it’s starting at a lower point than Vietnam did, so the growth it sees could even exceed Vietnam’s. These are just predictions, but I think Cambodia is going to do extremely well.We talk about finding the next Singapore or Hong Kong, and Vietnam is probably it, but Cambodia could be right behind it.It’s a little rougher so you’re going to be roughing it a little bit, like living in Paraguay. So if you like everything nice and perfect and clean, Cambodia might not be the place for you. But if you want to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly economically exploding country, this is it. There are only a few countries I can think of whose growth will rival that of Cambodia. I’m going to be doing a lot of business there in the next few years.In terms of women, I can’t really speak to that where Cambodia is concerned. I’ve dated one Cambodian woman, but she lived in the U.S. and it was many years ago. I don’t know a lot about the dating situation there, but I think if it were bad, I would have heard about it.Overall, Cambodia is awesome, especially if your priority is business and money.

Chile is one of the more capitalist, even-keeled countries in South America. I don’t expect it to grow amazingly like Colombia, but it’s still a great place. I think Chile’s growth was a little better 10 to 15 years ago, so that probably would have been the time to move there. But it’s still a very, very good place for an Alpha Male 2.0.I’ve heard very good things about the women down there. I’ve never been to Chile myself; it’s one of the few places in South America I’ve never visited. But I know enough about it to strongly recommend people look into it, spend some time there, and see if they like it.In terms of big-picture issues for the Alpha Male 2.0 — the location independent entrepreneur who is non-monogamous — Chile is a damn good place.

The Philippines

This one is good for you guys who want to do this on the cheap and want to get laid a lot even though you have no game. It’s the best country in the world for Western beta males to get laid. These women are the horniest women on the planet Earth — and I say that as a compliment.Downsides to the Philippines include lots of humidity, if that bothers you. It’s a little rough around the edges down there. Filipina women are really fun, they’re great to be around, they’re very horny and sex-positive, but they can be quite emotional. You might experience a little more drama with Filipina women. It’s a very Hispanic-type culture where everyone pair bonds, but then cheats like mad dogs.There’s a very large gay community down there, and a lot of women complain they can’t find guys to hook up with, which is good for us. And it’s a super cheap place to live. You can seriously build your own house on the beach outside of Manila for around $12,000 USD.The Philippines is a great place for guys who are much younger OR guys who are much older. I know some old bastards guys who are over 65 who are widowed or divorced, and they go to the Philippines and find a woman to marry who’s around age 35 (or younger!) and and still young-looking. I’ve seen it work.So you guys who don’t have a lot of money but want to have sex with women who like Western men? Go to the Philippines! Great place for certain types of Alpha Males 2.0.


Specifically, Kuala Lumpur, which is almost a baby Singapore. It’s a fancy, cool town.Malaysia is a Muslim country, but it is the mildest Muslim country in the whole world, I believe, even more so than Indonesia. It’s not a place where you really feel it. I know a lot of high- and mid-income guys who live in Kuala Lumpur and really like it.In terms of women, I don’t have a lot of information on that. But again, if there was a big problem with Malaysian women, I would’ve heard about it by now, because guys love to complain to me when things aren’t right.So I would say if your priority was business, Malaysia would be a good place for you. If your priority was women, perhaps skip Malaysia and go someplace like Thailand, the Philippines, or Colombia.Downsides to Malaysia include the heat and humidity. Kuala Lumpur is a few hours away from Singapore by train, so it’s a very hot, humid part of the world.I almost moved to Malaysia. I was that close. That’s how good Malaysia is, especially for you guys who are location independent business owners or want a higher-quality lifestyle somewhere that’s more First World than Third World but is still very cheap (cheaper than Bangkok!). I have never heard of anyone spending significant time there and disliking it — never.


I just gave you 11 countries that are really good for the Alpha Male 2.0 to move to. They’re not all perfect for everyone. Your choice will depend on your age, your income, your taste in women, and where you are in life.If your reaction to this is, “I don’t like ANY of those countries! They’re all bad!!!” then congratulations, you just proved my point. You’re full of shit and making excuses. You don’t want to take action, you just want to complain and stay put in your collapsing country. Stupid.

Once COVID is over (we’ve got a few more months, I’m sure), find a country you're interested in and take at least a week to visit the place — two or three weeks is better if you can pull it off. Get to know the people. Learn the area. Learn the economics. Date some women there if you can. If you hate it, go visit another country. You might be surprised. It’s a lot easier than you might think for an English-speaker. I don’t speak any other languages, and I do just fine.No more excuses. I just gave you 11 countries — the next step is up to you.
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