I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations lately with women regarding being attracted to very young men.  Because of movies like Twilight and celebrities like Justin Bieber, for the first time in history, women are now experiencing en mass what it feels like to feel sexual attraction to people they’re not supposed to be attracted to.  As in, people around age 16.  In all honesty, I have trouble discerning what this means in the larger picture.  Why is this happening in society now?

Women of all ages will look at little mister Bieber or “Jacob” from Twilight and think thoughts all the way from “OMG he’s so hot and I don’t care if he’s 16” to “Ew, why am I so attracted to him?  This is wrong!  Must…stop…staring!”

The irony of course as we men have had to deal with dynamic for the last 100 years at least.  Experiencing a quick kneejerk attraction for some 16 or 17 year old girl we see at the mall for a few seconds, than feeling sleazy, frustrated, or confused about what we felt…hell, that’s been part of the everyday male experience for a very long time.

Welcome to the club, gals!  Now it’s your turn!

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3 Comments on “Forbidden Desires – Now It’s Women’s Turn

  1. Hey BD,

    I have noticed this too and its my personal theory that its a result of increased testosterone in many of today’s women. There seems to be a West African Frog-type inversion going on in many western societies where the T-levels are falling in men and rising in women (with a corresponding estrogen level too). So now you get middle aged women perving on teenage boys and doing many traditionally masculine things, and a whole host of feminine behaviours in men that I’ve got no doubt you’re aware of.

    Just discovered your blog, I’m loving it. Cheers mate!


  2. I’d be nice to have a post talking about this but with today’s Blackdragon words and maybe a longer post!

    Greetings BD.

  3. Yeah, something is clearly wrong. Men being attracted to the young teen girls is understandable because for the most part of humanity 16yo was the perfect fertile age to have a first baby. Even today in the poor country, girls get their second baby by the age of 20…

    But older women being attracted to teen …. weird…   Maybe because most men in their 30 are all super fat, out of shape, low testosterone, and walk around like obeisant dogs … Also on the same trend, the incredibly large amount of bi-sexual/effeminate metrosexual kind of guy in the newer generations is astounding …  I’m not that old but when I was in high school they were in minority, now their everywhere…

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