I’ve been experimenting with something lately and now have enough data to report it to you.

I am 5’11” tall when barefoot.  That means with business shoes on, I’m pretty much 6’0″.  For most women, this is fine.  However, if you’re 6′ and gaming a woman who is any taller than 5’7″, and she’s wearing heels, she’ll be as tall or taller than you.

Being shorter than a woman, even if it’s “not your fault” because of her heels, does reduce your odds with her, at least slightly.  I have always detected a slight twinge of negativity when a woman and I get up from our table at the bar, and suddenly she’s towering over me because she’s 5’9″ and wearing huge heels to boot (even though I’m standing a decent 6’0″).

So as an experiment, I did this:

1. I ordered some cheap soft plastic shoe lifts. There are many sizes.  I ordered 1.5 inch ones.

2. Made sure to wear them on every first date with any woman who was 5’7″ or higher (and women always have their height on their dating site profile, so I always knew when to wear them).  I would not bother wearing them if the gal was 5’6″ or under (and I tend to like more petite women, so usually I didn’t need to wear them).

3. I would wear the shoe lifts on the first and second date with Ms. Taller, until I had sex with her.

4. Once I had sex with her, I stopped wearing them around her.  No, none yet have noticed a difference (or at least mentioned it to me).  If one ever does, I’ll just show her the lifts and tell her all about it.  I’ve already had sex with her and thus am already locked-in to her at that point, so who cares?

I can now report that it does make a difference.  My lay ratios with the taller women did indeed go up a little.  Also, that twinge of surprise / negativity I noticed when she realized she was taller than me vanished when I was wearing the lifts.

Eventually I used and knife and cut down the size of the lifts from 1.5 inches to 1 inch, because wearing them is really uncomfortable (I can’t believe women go through life wearing heels…what a pain in the ass).  I also had to practice walking in them a little.  I did not want the lifts to damage my trademark confident walk in any way.  If they were any larger than an inch or two, they probably would have.  But one inch, not a big deal.

So if you’re inflicted with “very average” height like me, consider wearing small lifts.  I once read about Style using custom lift shoes (that were 3 or 4 inches!) since he was such a short guy.  I’m not short, so I don’t know anything about that, but I can tell you that a 1 – 2 inch boost in your height can only help you (unless you only go after short women).

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7 Comments on “Shoe Lifts

  1. Easier solution: wear cowboy boots. You can get away with them in all but the most formal situations and chicks dig them.

  2. Do you know how well this would work for someone who’s already significantly shorter? I’m thinking of getting a pair, being only 5’6″ it already is visible even sitting down that I’m short.

    Do you think the negative twinge is because of the sudden realization of who’s taller after her wearing the heels?

  3. Do you know how well this would work for someone who’s already significantly shorter?

    Yes, it will still help. You can go from 5’6″ to 5’9″. 5’9″ is better than 5’6″ any day.

    Do you think the negative twinge is because of the sudden realization of who’s taller after her wearing the heels?

    Don’t understand the question. The problem is many women who are 5’8″ or taller wear big heels on first dates and then turn around and complain most men they meet are shorter than then. Well duh, lady. With those damn heels you’re a colossus.

  4. This lends back to the “Do looks matter?” article and argument. I will say they ABSOLUTELY do matter, as you see in my comment in that article. To recap, hypergamy is, and always will be, a thing. That goes for social status and triple for physical looks. Women are more superficial than men… just look at the way they groom themselves and talk about each other’s hair and clothes and etc etc.

    Basically, height is the most alpha physical trait there is (physically). A good posture, head of hair, fitness (fat < overweight < trim < buff ), clothing/uniform, voice tonality, etc are others. Some guys just can’t be *physically* alpha for these reasons. They are the ones who typically try to over-compensate with “game,” but if they are smart, they also try to fix their physical non-alpha things the way BD has posted that he is (hair, heel lifts, diet, etc). That takes a huge amount of confidence to admit that and I give him big props! I have some grooming stuff I do that might be laughable also, but nothing is stupid if it WORKS.

    Sure, the non-physical (aka social) alpha traits are also important… income, social status, game and humor with women, sexual skill, etc. The problem is that you might be a real fun party guest, but the physical alpha traits are your ticket to the good parties (non-gold digger dates). You typically won’t even get in without the ticket, and even if you do, you probably won’t last long since she will have better options (esp with online dating making SOOOO many options that women seldom second date, respond to, or even read messages most from guys who don’t activate them physically).

    Understand this phrase and understand it well: “she can make herself have sex with you, but she can’t make herself WANT to have sex with you” (Athol Kay). Women can be socially attracted and physically intimate with physically mediocre guys, but they will never want them and get off with them the way they do with a fit, tall, confident guy with a deep voice. They won’t. Sorry.

    All those million seller romance novels women read don’t have Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill on the cover, they have a tall Tom Hardy or Channing Tatum looking dude. Christian Gray didn’t have 25% bodyfat and stand 5’7″ with slouch posture. They do that for good reason: physical fitness is what women want… pure and simple. Why shouldn’t it be? Physical excellence is also what nearly all men want. Their female body and their minds respond to fit potential mates who can make strong babies and then potentially defend and provide for them. It is simple evolution and our advanced monkey minds at work… subconscious but very powerful.

    Personally, I’m 6′ and have no problem with the heel lift idea. I don’t use it, but I wouldn’t be opposed. I wonder if the lift should come from inserts or the actual shoes themselves, but I dunno. Either way, this is really no different from a woman padding her bra or wearing a bit of makeup… or a guy doing some deadlifts for strength, yoga for posture, or using some Rogaine or cologne. You are just enhancing what you have to do better in the physical attraction game.

  5. I just moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and most women here are 5,11 and up.. THankfully, very few of them wear heels because they are already so damn tall.. Even to nice restaurants I see them wearing flat type of dress shoes.   However , I am a pretty short guy and really need your advice.. Ugh.. I am 5,9 and pretty much a midget by North Carolina standards.  Almost every girl is taller than me here.. Help, what do I do??  🙁    I will have to say that Charlotte is a paradise for taller guys!  Wow.. The women here are the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life and easily blow away women in Los Angeles and have a natural beauty and model like genetics.  I never realized the South had such gorgeous women and that they were all tall and beautiful with gorgeous boobs and butts.  The girls in Tennessee I find to be even sexier although obesity is somewhat a problem , it is overblown and tends to me more of a problem with the African American community.  Even though I actually like the black southern girls, most are overweight and many are even taller than the white girls.  Many of the black Southern ladies are 6 feet and up.. In fact, they are the tallest people I ever seen in my life.  The women are actually attractive, but so many are really overweight.

    Anyway, I find the women here to be much more feminine and beta-like personalities to anything I am use to. I  have lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my life and never lived anywhere else, except SOuthern California for some time.  I have traveled a little bit though.

    However, I am starting to think that I am probably to short to get a date with any of the hot Southern babes.. Even though many of the men here are real manginas, beta and have very vanilla personalities. I  found that women in Colorado seemed way more attractive to my rugged appearance.  I really fit in with the style of people in Colorado and actually liked the women there a lot.  Colorado had more beautiful women than I imagined too, although not even half as sexy as what I saw once I hit Tennessee.   Missouri had tons of beautiful tall blondes, although not as tall as the Carolinas..  But, blondes, blondes and more blondes.. Oh man, if you like blondes go to the Midwest..  Kansas too..  Kansas had some pretty attractive girls and Kansas people are so wholesome and old fashioned.

    Anyhow, I am stuck being a short guy.. I know I want to start getting back to gym and getting jacked, but even if I am ripped and decent looking face, I am old (40 now) , bald and about 2 to 3 inches shorter than most women here.   I do wear boots that give me about 1.5 in lift and I coudl try wearing lifts.  But, will a woman really enjoy a guy who needs to wear 4 inches of boost if he is still shorter than her when he takes them off?

    I do notice that Charlotte has a huge abundance of gorgeous babes everywhere and the guys, although tall and very pretty looking (yes the men are pretty, but not rugged, manly and handsome like in Oregon/Washington), they really are so beta and vanilla personality.  The girls are so shy and feminine its almost mind boggling .. Haha, if I was 6,1 I bet I could clean up in this town.. Girls aren’t use to guys chatting them up or picking up on them, it is almost shocking for them.

    I may be stuck with the uglier , shorter and more pale East Coast girls .. There are tons of girls from Pennsylvania and New YOrk, but I find them to be not very attractive and hate their liberal, politically correct and cold , unfriendly personalities.   However, they are still more feminine than anything I am use to back in the Northwest.  I am coming to terms that women in the Northwest are real tomboys/lesbo types and shun their gender.  I didn’t realize how much this was true until I finally left the Northwest.

    Sadly, I didn’t get very blessed with genetics.. It sucks when you are a short guy stuck in a place full of giants.. I’ve never seen such tall people in my whole life.  I’m not really even attracted to shorter women and really rather be with women who are 5,7 and up.   I know its crazy.. I guess I always aim big.  Short women always were a turn off to me in the sexual attraction realm.  Not that I would be against an OLTR type of relationship with one who was just amazing, but I just love bigger women.  In fact, I am probably one of the few short guys who would be just fine with a 6,1 girl in her heels.. I never feel small, but even at my short height, I don’t come off as a pansy or pussy.. And, I am 210 lbs and not exactly fat (bit overweight, but stocky build).  Use to be 190lbs and completely ripped at my short height back in the day when I was into bodybuilding.

  6. Just read Stefano’s comments and agree with some of it, but not with others.  Since when is being bald a beta male trait?  In fact, hair can make a man look quite beta in many ways.  If you consider Mr. Clean, The Rock, Sean Connery, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham to be beta male types and Robert Pattison and other pretty hairdo males to be more alpha male type I would find your definition of alpha and beta quite humorous.

    If anything many women say bald men scare them a bit because they are intimidating..  Intimidating is not a trait of beta-men.

    As well, I find it ironic that many of America’s sex icons are actually guys under 6 feet, such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, etc..

    Of course, these are movie stars.. But, they are still sex icons..  Women always refer to them as OHHH HE LOOKS LIKE Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt… Of course, the same woman may be 6 foot and not be standing next to him.

    I still believe being tall, muscular and handsome with a nice set of hair is always an advantage..  And, to be honest, living in North Carolina I find most women to be way out of my league physically.  However, I also find that I am a lot more alpha than a lot of the guys here.  THey are bigger than me (well taller, although I more built than many), but just seem like pussies compared to the tough and rugged guys I knew back in the Northwest.   Ironically, some of the most handsome manly guys in the Northwest had the most ugly girlfriends, because of the lack of women there.  Also, many guys had lots of cash and it was provider hunter central and many men would just “buy” wives there.

    One thing I find in Charlotte is that many of the women are so tall and beautiful that there is quite a bit of competition.  The men may be tall but they dress like homosexuals and when I first came here I was thinking that many of the men were gay, who actually ended up being straight.   It is almost humorous the way the men dress here in ugly polo shirts wearing shorts that don’t match.  It’s like their mom dresses them and that they just go to store and don’t even think about what they are wearing .  The women, however, dress very sexy and stylish and dress to try to attract men.  Seriously, if these men came to the Northwest they would be mistaken for gay men.  They also have very vanillla personalities.  Women are not use to men approaching them or hitting them up for conversation either it seems.  I’m still trying to figure out this weird culture, but I am shocked at how gorgeous the women are.  It is like every girl here looks like a supermodel.

    I wish I wasn’t such a damn midget though (yes, 5,9 is a midget in the Carolinas).. I see many men who are even 7 feet tall here.. It reminds me of when I was in Amsterdam. Never been to a place where every girl is over 5,10 like here.  Never seen so many hot curvy 6+ ft women either.

    Girls also tend to blush and get all shy and weird acting when you chat them up as if they never had a guy do this.  I seriously think most men here meet women online because they are way too much pussies to even approach a woman..

    I’m hoping that having a little “game” can give me some advantage, despite being way below average in the height/hair department.  Also, going to start hitting up the weights.. I build muscle and get ripped pretty fast.  I’m avoiding too much of the amazing Southern food and beer like the plague.. Taste good, but so many guys here also have nice little pot bellies because of it.

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