Louis C.K.

Beta and proud.

Comedian Louis C.K. just started his own TV series.  His stand up stuff is really funny and often very insightful so I watched an episode on Hulu right here (the second episode in the season).

Ugh.  Holy crap.  It’s extremely painful to watch, but it’s interesting.

If you don’t already know, Louis C.K. is a very intelligent and funny comedian who historically based most of his comedy routine on his married life.

Then, of course, he got divorced.  Oops!

Now most of his comedy routine is about maneuvering the dating world as an awkward middle-aged divorced beta male.  Listening to him talk about it is brutal.  Funny, but painful.  The episode above is a step-by-step portrayal about what it’s like to be a complete AFC beta trying to get laid.  He (or at least the character he portrays which is based on himself) is nervous, unsure, submissive, sexually uncomfortable, outcome dependent, and needy.  Pretty much a laundry list of everything you should not be.

At one point I heard him say in an interview that he leaves his shirt on during sex because he’s embarrassed about how he looks. I’m way fatter than Louis C.K. and I have my shirt off during sex all the time. That’s because I’m outcome independent. He is the opposite.

In the show, he goes up against two strong high-sex drive alpha females and the result is not pretty.

A fun side point is the speech the second woman gives him about how she “just wants sex and doesn’t want to date anyone because her life is together” is the exact same speech I’ve heard from a few women myself, usually the 24 – 26 year-olds (they still eventually get feelings and monogamy desires anyway).  She turns out to be a freak in bed which could have been amazing for both of them, but he’s such a pussy he fucks that up too.

Seriously, AFC behavior is soooo painful to watch for me these days.  Even (or especially) when it’s someone I like.

When I watch this kind of thing I don’t know whether to laugh or slit my wrists.

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