During the online dating profile contest this time around, while going through guy’s profiles and the women’s rankings of these profiles, I keep learning some very fascinating things about human dynamics. I’ve spoken before about some of the things I discovered from last year’s contest, but this time around I’ve seen some new stuff that has been utterly fascinating. At least to me.

But before I go on…

TODAY is the last day to get your profile submissions in. We close submissions tonight at 8pm PST, so if you’re wanting to have a shot at the cash prize, go right here and submit your profile(s) ASAP.

Here are three quick things that really struck me this time around, at least so far.

1. Well-written profiles appeal to all types of women, across the board, no matter how tough or picky they are.

One or two of our lovely female judges are really tough on the profiles, giving many 1 to 10 ratings of 1 or 2 or even zero. However even these judges, when they rate a profile an 8 or a 9, will be rating a profile that most the other judges will also have rated very highly.

In other words, a well-written profile that really taps into something within the feminine psyche will work well for you even on women who are tough on profiles in general.

2. Okay, this one really surprised me. Seriously, I’ve been thinking about this off-and-on throughout the day.

As you might imagine, we get some profiles submitted to us that most or all of the judges will rank badly. No surprise there.

But sometimes we’ll get a profile almost all the judges will rank badly, like 1 or 2, but two (or perhaps three) judges will rank very highly, like a 9. Out of curiosity, I will look to see who those two judges are, thinking they will be very similar in personality or age or whatever. To my shock, those two judges won’t be anything alike. We’re talking extremely different personalities and/or ages.

Yet they both loved a profile that most the other women hated. Isn’t that fascinating?

This tells me that although writing a good profile will appeal to all women, writing a profile that appeals to a certain “type” of woman may be much more hit-and-miss than we might expect.

I thought back about this, and I’ve had first dates where I was sitting in front of a woman thinking, “Why the hell did this woman like my profile? (Or my photos?) This makes no sense.” Yet the woman will turn out very interested not only in my profile, but in me. I admit this is not the norm (since when a woman really likes you it’s because she’s clearly in your target market), but this has certainly happened more than once to me over the years.

3. Women get really, really excited when they read a profile they like. I have a feeling that most women (hell, most people) get very tired of reading the same crap over and over again when they’re on a dating site.

But when women run into a profile they really like, they get very pumped about it. In both contests I’ve had judges excitedly ask me to introduce them to the guys who write profiles they rank as 10s. (“OMG where has this guy been my whole life?” “OMG can I meet this guy?” OMG I want to marry this guy right now!”) Granted, this is rare, since very few women rank any profiles as high as 10, but that’s exactly my point.

This is why, assuming you’ve maximized your personal appearance and photos as best as possible, a really good profile text can push a woman over the top even if she considers your looks mediocre. To be clear, as I’ve said many times before, if she considers your photos poor, no profile text will help you no matter how well-written. However! If your photos are at least mediocre or higher, a very well-written profile text that really stimulates a woman’s desires will help, and will make the difference between a response and no response.

More on this next week when we announce the winners. Stay turned.

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5 Comments on “Things I’ve Learned From Both Contests About How Women Read Profiles

  1. I love ya BD but it does me no good whatsoever to tell me that women love a well written profile and that they all hate a bad profile. I am not a smart man but even I could tell you that.

    From what I can tell all you have to do is take a few professional looking photos. Then write stuff about how … “you won’t catch me sitting on the couch watching tv in the evenings. No sir.” “If you want join my world you’re going to have to be active. Cause this weekend i’m skiing at Whistler. If you miss me there then come out to ST. Barts, where I will be piloting America’s Cup Yacht #1”.
    “If you think you can be a part of my active lifestyle, then maybe you would qualify to be my date”. Do you have what it takes to play in my world? Message me to find out.

    This makes very good copy but nobody (OK. very few people)actually does this kind of shit on a regular basis. Most guys are just normal guys. Most guys do not play in a band, own their own business, go boating or skiing on the weekends.

    How does a normal guy go about creating a profile? Or do I have to give up my normal life to create an online persona?

    Or does it really matter? Do you just create the flashy profile and keep things vague enough that she doesn’t see thru the fake veneer for a few dates, hoping to score before she finds out that you are not really a rock star or the captain of a yacht?

  2. From what I can tell all you have to do is take a few professional looking photos. Then write stuff about how … “you won’t catch me sitting on the couch watching tv in the evenings. No sir.” “If you want join my world you’re going to have to be active. Cause this weekend i’m skiing at Whistler. If you miss me there then come out to ST. Barts, where I will be piloting America’s Cup Yacht #1″.

    Nooooooo! If you do that you’ll attract a bunch of gold diggers who will demand many expensive dates (or even cash!) before having sex. No no no.

    In answer to your question, every “normal” guy has at least one thing interesting in his life or his past he can write about. Also, every “normal” guy who gives it some thought can create a profile with a mysterious vibe, or an interesting vibe, or a sexual vibe, without saying anything concrete at all. (Not my style but this does work.)

  3. Here’s an example:

    I may not be the most eligible bachelor or husband material, and I do like a fun, interesting girl to laugh with. Unfair? Yes. Do I care? No. I’ve found that 69% of people are cool with you as long as you’re up front with your wants and desires. Oops I meant 99%.

  4. I still think you are seeing scatter, glitches, noise because of unknown flaws in the experiment.
    No I don’t know what they are except too small of a sample size is part of it.
    And women are just flukey
    hell I have even had good looking women just fall on me for no known reason a few times and I have to just remain silent and try not to look too surprised…
    Some woman married Charles Manson a serial killer who is in prison for life!
    Another one that just stuns me is a black prison inmate that got a female guard pregnant and they found out about because a few other female prison guards lost it because they were jealous!

  5. How many women did you contact about being judges?
    How many were judges?
    I think that is it.
    You have found the preferences of a sub group of women that would like their picture on your web site and would like to judge dating profile text and that is a small subset of all women on dating sites.
    Characteristics of this group of women.
    Extremely outgoing.
    Want their opinions heard.
    Like judging mens profiles.
    Have strong opinions about writing style.
    Have read a lot of romance novels.
    This group of women has a lot of experience on dating sites.
    The female version of a “player”

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