Sometimes you’ve got to keep this stuff simple. Here’s the easiest flowchart in the world to help you determine if you have a good relationship with a woman or not.

Click the image to zoom it if it’s too small to read on your device.


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18 Comments on “Do You Have A Good Relationship?

  1. This has linear flow.  There is no good reason for it to be a flowchart.  A checklist would be clearer and more efficient.

  2. Interesting point of view. Nothing on your chars would matter to me. Here is my view on the subject.


    1) Do you have all the sex you want in your relationship?

    If yes – continue with 2

    If no – has this been going on for more than 6 month? -> If yes your relationship is most likely doomed. -> If no you can save the relationship if you are willing to change yourself and the other points are well. Continue with 2

    2) Do you have as many children as you wanted?

    If yes – continue with 3

    If no – is your wife young enough to fix that? If yes there is hope, if no your relationship is doomed

    3) Did your wife keep both her weight and the interest to look good from the start of your relationship until now?

    If yes – continue with 4

    If no – You are too beta and you have to act quickly and stop beeing such a pussy or your relationship will get worse quickly. And who would WANT to fuck an unattractive fatty anyways? So we would be back at 1) and have to answer “no” leading straight to a doomed relationship. Fix it now, as long as there is time.

    4) Is she submissive enough to accept and SUPPORT all your important(!) decisions? (like “you stay at home with the children” or “we move to country xy” or “this house is too expensive, we move to a different place so we can save more” or “Your BFF is a fat loser and i dont want her in our lives anymore” or or or you get the point)

    If yes – congratulations you have a great relationship

    If no – You have a good relationship but in order to make it even better and improve the odds of it lasting 10+ years you have to up your alpha vibs.

  3. I like Maldeks version.  I would prioritize the kids item lower than he, but that is a minor quible.  I disagree with Franklin that this is a Alpha 1.0 list.  In item #4, If you substitute happiness or low drama or my priorities in place of  “important decisions” then it is moldable to alpha 1 or 2.  An alpha 2 would prioritize low drama.  So #4 would read “does she support my desire for low drama.”.

  4. Looks like Maldek is reading from the Alpha 1.0 version of the flowchart.

    More or less, yes. He’s the biggest Alpha 1.0 who regularly comments here.

    What he’s really talking about is a traditional, live-in, monogamous relationship. My chart is a very general, keep-it-simple chart that can be applied to all relationships.

    If I were to write a chart specifically about monogamous relationships (which I would never do of course) it would like quite different. So would a chart specifically for live-in relationships (like an live-in OLTR).

  5. Hi Toninisimo!

    I think i was one of the first 100 or so buyers of BD alpha 2.0 book and i did read quite a lot of his material over the years. If i wouldnt know he was good and what he says is one working system i wouldnt be here 😉

    However I do have a few priorities in life, that are different. And from time to time i am presenting them here. Like for example i do value children very high and also i do like to have a woman in my household. A higher level of drama is fine with me, not beeing allowed to have sex with another woman on the other hand would not be ok. I do also have an alpha 2.0 business for more than 15 years now and i do fully share his experience when it comes to employees vs. outsource. Not to mention the importance of a life mission or the problems with social programs (SP).

    The main difference is perhaps my very high tolerance for drama and the fact that i am prone to cause some drama myself when i get angry, what happens a few times per year at most. That would be the moment when you could take a snapshot an post “thats what these alpha 1.0 look like” Thats also the main reason why i was called an asshole many times in the past and i must say that beeing an asshole at times can help you get forward in life considerably.

  6. Are you going to debate Stephan Molyneaux?

    Yes. It’s on the list. I’ll get around to it someday.

    A higher level of drama is fine with me

    my very high tolerance for drama

    i am prone to cause some drama myself

    beeing an asshole at times can help you get forward in life considerably

    All quintessential Alpha 1.0 statements. At least you own it and are proud of it, which is more than I can say for most Alpha 1.0s who make drive-by comments here.

  7. In my current relationships she did nothing that upsetted me in like 5 months, therefore the answer to 3rd blue question is technically “no” (she doesn’t upset me -> I have no reason to soft next her) and therefore Im in bad relationship. Well…

  8. In my current relationships she did nothing that upsetted me in like 5 months, therefore the answer to 3rd blue question is technically “no” (she doesn’t upset me -> I have no reason to soft next her) and therefore Im in bad relationship. Well…

    You didn’t read the 3rd blue question correctly. Read it again.

  9. Does Mark Manson have a good (MONOGAMOUS) relationship right now, at this moment?

    He’s #34 on Amazon right now. Holy shit, that’s impressive.

    But I read a little of the book. Guy seems defeated.

    I’m guessing he’s about 2-3 years into a monogamous relationship. That is just wild speculation on my part, arrived at by the ‘defeated’ tone of the new book and the past couple years of his blog post.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this? I’m quite curious

  10. I take it that this chart would not work in a traditional marriage, yes?

    Since a traditional marriage in the modern era is not a good relationship (for the man anyway), no.

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