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  1. This makes sense but the obvious question is how do you communicate value?

    In business that would be good marketing / copywriting.

    In dating though? Do you suggest to say some of these things early on? I feel its better if she finds for herself but that usually takes time and how does she stay long enough to know these things? I feel a lot of women have left me before they could even know.

  2. So let’s say you are taking the time in quarantine to build an Instagram for your art as a lens for healing/self love project for women. Posting snippets of writing/pics of paintings/spiritual quotes with selfies- is the most value derived from focusing on this channel as a response to the coronavirus anxiety or should the value proposition be at large? Thx

  3. Interesting questions I was wondering the same thing in the context of new women during this pandemic.

    Yeah or even new women in general. It is something I had been thinking for a while and reflecting on. I feel that nowadays (or perhaps not just nowadays but nowadays is what I know) women decide whether to stay or not almost always before it is even possible to know. Of course I know there are ways to communicate direct and indirect who you are and what she can expect but thats never the same as actually knowing.

  4. My best bet is just to spam them in this pandemic period. I only had a new one who came over and 2 plates but that was before the lockdown.

    The point is the ROI of dating apps is definitely going down now since she might (and eventually will) lose interest if you try to talk with her until the end of the crisis. Not good.

    Better focus this time on your business and start from scratch once it is over.

  5. Is it worth trying to convince the women who are afraid to meet these days or better to just focus on the ones who do want to meet?

  6. What if you are a newbie focusing on getting good at one aspect of a skill? Other than working for free or going dirt cheap? Maybe putting all the risk on you and not requiring payment until you produce results..

  7. Maybe putting all the risk on you and not requiring payment until you produce results..

    Then you are communicating that you are indeed a newbie who doesnt know what he is doing. I think at the start you have to fake it a bit till you make it.

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