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-By Caleb Jones

Here's a breakdown of my typical Monday. It should give you an idea of how I manage my time, my life, and my women. This is not a literally exact day I've had, but an accurate example of a typical Monday for me.

8:30 am - Wake up. My alarm goes off from my smartphone, and I've made sure to place it across the room so the only way to shut it off is to get my ass out of bed. I'm not a morning person. I shut off the alarm then stagger into the bathroom to take a wiz. However I don't weigh myself yet.

8:35 am - Sit down at my desk in my home office, set a timer on my smartphone for 10 minutes, and review my goals. They're printed out for me on my desk, since I don't want to turn my computer on yet (the computer might suck me in and waste my time...the internet can be dangerous to time management).

I also take a look at a boating magazine I recently purchased...it would be nice to own a boat again...maybe I could get a big boat, dump my house, just live on the water. Maybe do that for a year and see how I like it? My mind wanders at the possibilities. When the timer goes off I head back to the bathroom to weigh myself.

8:45 am - Go back to the bathroom and relieve myself again, if possible. Then I weigh myself and write down my new weight on my tracking sheet. I weigh half a pound less today than yesterday. Good.

8:50 am - Chug some water, strap on the heart rate monitor, headphones, crank the heavy metal music, and do 30 minutes on the exercise bike, keeping my heart rate at above 125 beats per minute, since that's 70% of my max heart rate based on my age. I warm up for 5 minutes, go full blast for 20, warm down for 5, and I'm done. I'm sweaty now.

I use timers on my smartphone to do all of this, which is charging while I go. Exercise bikes are not a very manly way to do cardio I know, but I can do it quickly, in any weather, without having to drive somewhere, and it won't wear out my knees in my old age like running or jumping rope would. Not only healthy but also very time management friendly.

9:25 am - Set a timer for 15 minutes, grab my breakfast and eat it while sitting at my desk reading a book or some more motivational goal magazines, usually Fast Company or Robb Report. It's my standard weight-loss meal: a small serving of cottage cheese, one yogurt, a handful of raw almonds and about two glasses of water.

(Lately I've been experimenting with swapping the yogurt for a small serving of homemade black beans (not from a can) to avoid the yogurt's fructose.) I'll eat this same meal two more times today. It's the first meal of the day so I also take a huge handful of various vitamins. Within 15 minutes my food is gone and I'm done. This 15 minutes also helps me cool down and stop sweating before my shower.

Note to some of you health purists, because I just know I'm going to get some email or comments from you guys: Yes, I realize my current diet could be better. My goal at this point is not health, nor is it muscle gain, nor is it a balanced diet. It's fat loss. In 6-12 months once I get the remaining weight lost, I promise I will switch to a more balanced and well-rounded diet.

In the meantime, cottage cheese (a complete protein), yogurt or black beans (low glycemic carbs) and almonds (a healthy fat) is what has worked for me so far in terms of getting this dangerous and health-threatening fat off my 40 year-old body.

9:35 am - Take a shower and dress. Walking by the mirror I growl with displeasure at how chubby I still look while naked. Much less fat there than before, but compared to where I want to be I still have a ways to go. Oh well. In a few short months I'll be where I want, and I mentally focus on that day.

10:30 am - Sit down at my desk. I check all three of my primary email accounts, which is the first time I've checked email today. I get about 13 new messages, but don't read any of them. I simply scan the titles and either delete them, drag them to an Action folder for later prioritization, or drag them to an Archive folder. Six get deleted, three get filed, two get postponed for reading/action later, and two do actually look urgent/important enough for me to respond immediately.

One is from one of my best clients in my consulting practice; she's asking a few questions on a procedure we set up last week. Another is one of my buddies in Australia who is helping me set up a Blackdragon Retreat there. I fire off answers to both of them quickly, my Inbox folder empty yet again, and close my email, which I probably won't look at again until later in the afternoon. (Email is just too much of a time-sucker.)

10:45 am - I very quickly check any dating sites where I have been emailing chicks to see if I need to fire off any responses. There are two, both from cute chicks under the age of 23. I schedule a date with one of them and exchange cell phone numbers, but the other gal is reluctant, so I fire off another question or two for her to continue the comfort-building conversation.

10:53 am - Email out of the way, I can now focus on work. I need to devote the next few hours to "Standard Work", the work which pays the bills and puts food on the table. That's usually client work. I focus on working on a patient management system I'm helping one of my clients with. They're a chain of urgent care centers. Some work I do on my own computer and some I do while remotely logged into their systems.

11:22 am - While working I get a text from one of my women, my 22 year-old. She's confirming our "appointment" on Thursday night. I fire off a quick text confirming the appointment, then get back to work.

11:42 am - I get a phone call from another one of my women, my 24-year-old. I don't answer. (I'm not going to interrupt my work.) She does not leave a voice mail. Good. I continue to focus on work.

12:00 pm - I set a timer for 15 minutes and take a quick break for lunch. I eat another standard meal at my desk, though this time I just take a vitamin C and an omega-3 pill instead of the handful of vitamins. I take these two vitamins whenever I eat.

As I eat I watch news videos online. First I watch Bill O'Reilly. My eyes roll at how delusional conservatives are. Then I flip over to the Young Turks on YouTube for the liberal side of the story. My eyes roll at how irrational liberals are. With these two groups in charge, no wonder America is fucked. My food eaten, the timer goes off and I leave for a meeting I'm having with another client.

12:30 pm - Arrive at my client's offices and we have our lunch meeting. I made sure to schedule this meeting well before 3:00 pm, which is when traffic starts to get bad. They serve food there (sandwiches, and they look really good) but I don't eat any of it. One of the women in the meeting, a beauty in her mid-40's with jet black hair, makes my heart pump. However I keep to my rule of never fucking clients. I have all of her personal contact info though; I'll just have to wait until she finds another job, then we can play.

1:15 pm - It was a good meeting. Years ago I downsized the number of clients I work with, just keeping the good ones. These guys are sharp and on the ball. Meeting done, I head back home, listening to an audiobook in my car. This one is Abundance by Peter H. Diamandis. It's very good. I often pause the playback and dictate voice notes into my smartphone whenever I hear a key point. I will transcribe these later.

1:45 pm - Arrive back home, head right back to my home office. My "Standard Work" done for the day, it's now time for my "Get Rich Work", or "Improve Income Work", or "IIW". This is work that increases my income beyond what it currently is even if it doesn't make me any money today. It's very, very important.

I've set a goal to complete three hours of IIW every day, seven days a week. (That's right, even weekends, though I do take a break from Standard Work on weekends). Today I have a choice between working on marketing for new business or writing my Alpha Male book. I choose writing the book. I set a one-hour timer on my phone, pull up the document, and write.

2:45 pm - One hour of writing done, the timer goes off and I take a little breather. I'm getting horny, and I realize I have no women scheduled for this evening. Hm...can't have that. I pick up my phone and fire off texts to my 24 year-old, my 27 year-old, and my 39 year-old.

I don't send one to my 22 year-old because I already know I'm seeing her on Thursday, and I don't see any women more than once a week...that will just cause drama and activate betaization. None of them respond immediately...today I'm hoping for my 39 year-old because that's just the kind of mood I'm in (great ass), but we'll see. I set another one-hour timer and get back to writing.

3:02 pm - By now all three of them have responded. 39 year-old has to work late, so she's out. 27 year-old is spending time with her mom, so she's out. 24 year-old is available. Coolness. She has no car so I'll have to pick her up, which is fine since she's only 15 minutes away. She wants me to pick her up at 4:00 pm. Uh, no sweetie. Way too early. I need to work. I tell her I'll pick her up at 6:30. She bitches about it a little but then agrees.

During all this my 27 year-old sends a few back-and-forth texts about how bad she's feeling since turning 27. She's so "old" now. I tell her to not worry about it, then I smile and give thanks that I was born a man and don't have to worry about all this aging shit women are constantly freaking out about. As long as you keep your shit together, men improve with age. Boo-ya!

4:00 pm - Another hour of writing done, I quickly check my email. Same email procedure as before. Only one email I actually read. It's my daughter sending me a sample of her writing. I read it and smile. My kids are so smart. I tell her it's fantastic and push her to keep it up.

4:10 pm - Time for another quick break and meal. Sick of watching the news, I eat another one of my standard meals while watching 10 minutes of the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe for some Alpha Male goodness. (I'm sure to set a 15 minute timer so I don't keep watching.)

"Tell us your true name."

"My name is Gladiator."

"How dare you turn your back on me!"


4:25 pm - I quickly hop onto the forums at Sedfast.com and quickly read the few threads I'm subscribed to. I respond to one of them. I quickly scan the titles of a few other new threads in my favorite subforums (which are General, Online Game, Poly Relationships, and Off-Topic). I respond to one more thread in Poly Relationships...some guy is screwing up his frame with one of his MLTRs by getting needy and acting too much like her boyfriend. A very common mistake.

5:00 pm - I write a blog post for the Blackdragon Blog and fire it off to my proofreader. I'll actually post it in about a week.

5:30 pm - I get a phone call from my mom, talking about the schedule this weekend with my daughter. I don't communicate with my ex-wife so I make all arrangements with either my mom or my daughter directly. I can't wait for my daughter to turn 16 in two years so she can get her own car and driver's license. It will make logistics much easier for me and her.

I also listen to my mom lament about various problems my sister is having and my grandfather's health problems. I'm polite and nice but offer no advice. Like all women, my mom just needs to vent sometimes.

6:00 pm - Time to go get my 24 year-old. I text her that I'll be 15 minutes early and she's happy.

6:15 pm - Pick her up. She gets in the car and immediately starts talking about her day, her family, her friends, and various other irrelevant feminine shit. She's very girly and very talkative. I just listen quietly and occasionally ask questions. It's actually quite relieving to have such a simple conversation after a day of such intense thinking, writing, and business conversation.

6:30 pm - We get back to my place and get right to the good stuff. She's recently hurt her knee so I can't be as rough as I like, which sucks. But I'll be seeing at least two other women this week so it's no big deal.

7:30 pm - About one hour and two condoms later, I'm naked on the floor with a big dumb smile on my face. She watches one of the many Snow White remakes on the living room computer (since I don't own a television; with computers what's the point?) while I relax and chug some more water (which is the only liquid I drink).

She looks over at me with big eyes, her red hair flashing from the light of the TV in the dark room. "You really like fucking me, huh?" she asks. "Yes I do," I say. Even though she's 24, she looks and acts like a woman about five years younger. She starts talking about some big event she's having at her church with her family, and I tune it out. Then she starts whining about my "stupid diet" and that if I wasn't eating all that yogurt and cottage cheese, her and I could go out and eat some "real food".

I hear this a lot from my gals. They hate my diet with a passion. Why is it all my women want to keep me chubby? Ay caramba!  Anyway, going out is not in the cards tonight. I need sex and some youthful feminine energy to enjoy, relax and recharge me, not food.

8:30 pm - After relaxing, watching TV, talking, and playing around a little more, it's time for her to go. I quickly rinse off in the shower, throw on some shorts and a T-shirt, and drive her home.

8:45 pm - Arriving at her place, I drop her off on the corner so she can walk the rest of the way home. She doesn't want her family to know she's fucking a 40 year-old man, especially one who doesn't believe in Jesus. Fine with me. If I never have to meet her family it prevents that much more provider/betaization behaviors from her and keeps her jealousy levels low. Perfect.

9:00 pm - I get back home and realize I've only put in two hours of Improve Income Work so far today. I need three before I can call it a day! After stretching and relaxing for a few minutes, I set another one-hour timer and write.

10:10 pm - I text one of the two new gals from the dating site and confirm our first date for early this Friday evening. Then I make some travel arrangements and plan for my next big international trip.

10:50 pm - Time to start winding down for bed. I ignite the fireplace and curl up with a fiction book and read for about half an hour. This book is The Blackhearts, a simple but fun hack-and-slash sword and sorcery novel. The novel helps me take my mind off work and relax before bed. If I come across any unusual medieval or old-English words I don't understand, I pause and make a note of them in my smartphone for looking up later.

11:30 pm - I get a sexual text from my 39 year-old. Damn she's horny. Older women usually are. Such a shame she won't be seeing me for very long. Her over-age-33 ASD ruleset about sex will eventually tear her away from me unless I get monogamous (or at least very boyfriendish), which of course I won't.

(If she had an actual boyfriend or husband and I was the guy-on-the-side, then this would all be "okay" according to her societal programming and chick logic, and I could fuck her for much longer, perhaps even years, but alas, I'm the only guy in her sex life at the moment.) Oh well. We back-and-forth just a little while I read. She says she wants to see me and I pencil her in for Wednesday night, being sure to keep the weekend free (since that's my kids-time or alone-time, both of which I cherish).

I like her a lot. Wednesday will be nice.

11:35 pm - I'm a little hungry so I eat a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese, just enough to satisfy my hunger. This stuff is awesome. I can eat quite a bit of it and never gain weight, and it more than satisfies my cravings for fatty-tasting food.

11:45 pm - I make sure to glance at my primary A1 goal on the wall in my office to imprint it into my brain before sleepy time. Then I leap into bed. It was a good day. Exercised twice (the bike and sex), got my Standard Work done, got three hours of Improve Income Work done, got laid, and stuck to my eating regimen, which means I'll likely weigh less on the scale tomorrow than I did this morning. Also scheduled a first date with a new gal. Not a bad day at all. Thinking thoughts of freedom, goals, and sex, I doze off to sleep.

Life is good.

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  • Rod 2012-11-18 11:54:52

    Great post! You seem to accomplish more in a day than most people in a whole week! Do you dedicate some time to learning new skills? If so, on average how many hours per week?

  • Austin 2012-11-18 12:36:04

    Damn, now I'm dying to know your typical rest of the week. Great post.

  • peter 2012-11-18 13:03:21

    Question: Is your proofreader one of those virtual assistants from India that work for 3 bucks/hour? And if so, what other tasks do you outsource to your assistant?

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-18 15:28:52

    I like your rebel mentality and how you live on the fly. Prime example is the thought about living on the sea for a bit and ditching the apartment. Apart from our head-butting, we pretty much rock out the same way on a date to day basis.

  • Blackdragon 2012-11-18 17:12:49

    @Kenny - Yep, politics is the only place we disagree. 🙂 @Peter - My proofreader is volunteer. He sworn to secrecy because he gets to read all of my stuff (paid stuff included) before anyone else. At this point I only use VA's for individual projects; I don't have a "regular" VA at the moment; though this is going to change in 2013. @Austin - I'd love to actually overview an entire typical week, but that would involve me giving out more intimate details about other folks (namely women), so the single Monday will have to do for now. I don't mind talking about me, but (most of) my women didn't ask to become internet celebrities. 🙂 @Rod - Yes, that's what my nonfiction reading time is for: learning. I also devote time to internet-based learning, mostly for technical topics related to sales and marketing. Hours per week...I'd guess very roughly 5-10 hours per week of learning time, depending on the time of year and my project load. Great questions guys!

  • Heisse 2012-11-19 06:54:20

    Great post, very inspirational. I'm printing it out and making notes. I'd love to see a typical week as well.. You can publish an overview of your typical week while changing identifying details. Change names: Jill to Kelly. And then publish the first initial of the changed name. Give age ranges instead of exact ages: 20-22, 23-25, etc. We don't need to know a girl is 23.6 years old. Or, add/subtract a couple of years as long as it keeps the demographic profile true. I understand the pleasure of saying you have an 18 year-old FB, but we get the picture anyway. 🙂 If you talk about the spots, you can give a general description: posh lounge downtown vs a dive bar 3 doors down (while it's actually around the block ;). Exact addresses are not necessary. From your text, ages are the only identifying pieces of info, that's easy to skew. Please publish a week! 🙂

  • Heisse 2012-11-19 07:49:48

    Some ideas, questions, and suggestions. >Why is it all my women want to keep me chubby? Ask all of them. Watch for signs of lying if you know how to spot them. Perhaps, they are afraid that you'd find a replacement for them easily if you're attractive? Just like wives like to dress their husbands in dorky clothes. Another reason: if you're chubby, they don't feel self-conscious about their own weight. This makes them feel more comfortable. This was listed in one of women's mags. "We're more at ease around guys with a beer belly as they won't be judgmental about our flaws". >If I come across any unusual medieval or old-English words I don’t understand, I pause and make a note of them in my smartphone for looking up later." Why not look them up immediately? There's plenty of dictionary apps out there. Some even have History/Favorites function, so you can go over the words later. > I make sure to glance at my primary A1 goal on the wall in my office Could you share where this classification of goals comes from?

  • Jack 2012-11-19 17:22:29

    Heisse is right. These women are trying to betaize you by keeping you fat. This way, they'll try to rope you into monogamy after getting rid of your other options using calories. Don't accept clothes from them as Christmas gifts either. They are designed to send "stay away" signals to other women.

  • Ellie 2012-11-19 21:38:23

    Awesome stuff, BD. I'm amazed at how many things you get done in one day. Do you ever drink coffee to keep your momentum up? Never get sluggish days where your work pace is slower than usual? You are like a machine man! Thanks for posting this. It's given me some ideas.

  • Alejandro 2012-11-20 02:47:07

    Very good post. What I found very interesting is that the total amount of time dedicated to work is not that high. His total "standard work" was under 3 hours total, including driving time (is it like that all the time?) and his other work was around 4 hours of you count posting in the forums and writing a blog post as work. This is relatively low compared to the 40+ hours a week most people spend at their jobs. I also noticed you tend to split your work in one hour uninterrupted work batches. Is it always like that for you? If you need to work more time for some reason, do you still take small pauses every hour? Which goals do you review every day? Weekly ones? Yearly ones? All of them?

  • Blackdragon 2012-11-20 12:28:58

    @Heisse - I'll give more thought to publishing an entire week. To answer your questions: - I agree with your and Jack's assessments about why my women don't want me losing weight. Aren't women cute? - I don't look them up immediately because I don't want to break the flow of reading, and I can still continue to read with basic comprehension. "Gerald tore his doublet...", I can reasonably assume that "doublet" is some form of clothing or jacket, so I can make a note and look up the word later for clarification. More importantly, I want these new words and their definitions written down so I can remember them and review them later. - A1 goal...sorry, I was using some of my own terminology. Of all of your goals you have A, B, and C goals. A's most important. Of the A goals, you have them numbered by priority. So your A1 goal is your greatest, most important goal currently in your life. @Ellie - I have a 100% no-drugs policy in my life that I do not waver on. Caffeine is a drug, so I don't drink coffee. Ever. I don't want my body and my motivations to come from some external chemical that I'm dependent upon. My energy comes from exercise, lots of water, lots of sexual motivation, lots of motivation for goals that excite me, and a strong Mission that carries me forward. @Alejandro - DINGDINGDINGDING!!! I was waiting for someone to point that out! Exactly right. Even though I have a higher than average income, my work hours per week are way BELOW the average worker. That's because: 1. My work hours, as you can see, are VERY FOCUSED. No distractions, no wavering, 100% focus while I work. I work in one-hour (sometimes two-hour) focused bursts. (To answer your other question, yes, sometimes I will work in longer bursts of 3 or 4 hours or more, but not usually.) 2. I make a lot of money for the few hours I do put in, because I've focused on making myself very valuable to the marketplace to command a high income for the small amount of hours I DO work. My role model in this is a man named Alan Weiss. He works 20 hours a week, from his home, and makes over $2 million a year in income(!). Now that's a model I like to follow! To answer you last question, the goals I review are my six-month and one-month ones. Occasionally I will review my longer-term ones also, but the shorter-term the goal, the more power it has upon you, so those are the ones you focus on more often.

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-20 12:36:38

    @BD- Dude, don't give me that shit as some sort of acknowledgment to me giving you a link! Go over to my site and personally thank me on my blog for essentially recommending you to my readers. This sort of ingratitude is why many PUA and seduction blog die out rapidly; they refuse to show appreciation when it's given. Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • Blackdragon 2012-11-20 12:39:56


  • Socialkenny 2012-11-20 13:01:28

    Dude, you can obviously see that I posted a link to your blog within my most recent post about my favorite PUA articles of the week. I gave you love by including this article on my list. The least you can do, is to show appreciation, same as if you were to give me a pingback and mention me on your site. Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • Matt T. 2012-11-20 17:11:12

    @Socialkenny - Dude, you kinda sound like my little cousin recently. She put me in her facebook status and waited a day for me to respond. I did not check facebook that day, and she got mad I did not respond in time: "Matt, what's wrong with you!? God! UGH!" Patience, sweetie, all good things come in time.

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-20 18:09:11

    Blackdragon better hope that I don't go on a campaign and. Shut his blog down like I did with a bunch of those Manosphere idiots. 1 post about BD's ungratefulness, and his views will tank. So he doesn't want to see me get active on his ass Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • Jon 2012-11-20 19:24:57

    Dude, you can obviously see that I posted a link to your blog within my most recent post about my favorite PUA articles of the week. I gave you love by including this article on my list. The least you can do, is to show appreciation, same as if you were to give me a pingback and mention me on your site.
    That's an example of a "covert contract" - I do something for you, and expect you to do something for me, only I'm not going to tell you what it is before hand and then when you don't do it I'm going get all butt hurt about it. 😕 I don't know why you would, but if you're ever tempted to do me any favors, please let me know what I'll owe you for them in advance so I have the opportunity to turn you down.

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-20 19:34:17

    @Jon- It's no covert contract. It's called "PROTOCOL". It's called being self-aware. It's also called being thankful. It's no fucking ploy or cover contract. Dude, if you didn't realize by now, my site is very active. On average, I average about 40 comments per post, as far as up to 90 comments on my posts. My base of readers is large! So I don't fucking need to have BlackDragon comment on any of my shit. I have 1 of the most active PUA blogs ever!!! So I don't need BD to interact on my shit. But when I mention you in a post, the least you can do it show gratitude! That is why his blog won't survive must longer, 'cause he's an ungrateful bastard, and all I have to do to tank his fucking blog and essentially kill it, is to make a podcast episode about his ungrateful ways, as I've don't to 9 blogs over the past 3 months. I'm known as the blog killer, so you better fucking ask about me or read what's been going down lately in the PUA and Game bloggersphere. I'm not to be fucked with or I'll reduce this site to 1 view per day. Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-20 19:38:44

    @Jon- P.S. And I don't slander. I speak the truth. And ppl/ readers do not take kind to ungrateful fuckers in the blogging community. So that's food for thought for BD Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • emeilo 2012-11-21 01:22:52

    @socialkenny: you are aware that BD is essentially the boss of a very big PUA forum (which presumably gets ten times more views daily than your blog)? Judging from the nicks of the commenters, many readers of this blog come from the forum.

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-21 02:53:57

    Oh really? No anonymous blogger nor guy who's afraid to show himself to his audience will ever have credibility in the PUA community. When BD starts to man up and show put himself on the line to be scrutinize, only then people will start to read his shit. And who the fuck is a Black Dragon? I never heard of him in the community period before stumbling upon this bullshit site. And where is his in-field videos? Where is his proof of actually having the ability to f-close, # close or pickup period? My site is littered with in-field videos of me picking up, on dates, HB's @ my apartment (pic proof and vid proof). So I'm legit. BD is NOT, and that's why he could never match me on any level in Game. He's a clown and I'll take him down if I had nothing better to do. Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • emeilo 2012-11-21 04:20:33

    @socialkenny: i have never understood why people need to see others being successful before they can make conclusions whether their advice is sound or not. To give you an example: back in the days i was reading Tyler's (the rsd guy) archive, that was before he put out his infield-videos. Just reading his archive and going in the field and trying his stuff out convinced me enough to think that his advise is legit. The same with reading Franco's archive. Not much different with BD.

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-21 04:25:44

    So you don't believe that a guy who teaches pickup has to actually show and prove that he can really do it, and that he's not just a theorist who can't pick up an HB5 to save his life? Really!? Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • emeilo 2012-11-21 04:30:37

    Again, if i use specific advise from person X and it works for me personally, i couldn't care less if person X is a virgin living in his mom's basement. If i take advise from person Y and it doesn't match my own, field tested experience, then i will disregard his advise (even if he is the biggest player i know)

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-21 04:36:33

    The point is, no one will take it seriously. If one isn't able to showcase he can actually pickup, he won't have any credibility. It's like claiming you can teach guys how to box but you have no video of you boxing or in the ring. No one will buy your shit. So you can't be teaching pickup yet don't demonstrate it for ppl to see. Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • Peter 2012-11-21 06:42:52

    Videos? How do you think anyone took anyone else credibly or taught before the 1980s then? It was called books. Reading; like you are doing right now... Quit being a troll Kenny...

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-21 06:50:45

    @Peter- Come on dude, that's so ridiculous lol! It's funny how y'all dudes go to the extent to defend Beta-ish and AFC-ish ways which is being anonymous and not having to prove shit. In this age and time, if you didn't know, this' an age of camera, one has no excuse to solely say "Learn from me", when in this age he doesn't have pic or vid proof of any of his conquests. Why didn't BD think to take photos of the HB he had at his place in this field report or lay report basically? Why couldn't he had taken some photos to appear more authentic to his viewers? I don't post field/lay reports with pic or video proof. Just as many other coaches in the community do; we include pics or vids in our reports. If it's an issue of confidentiality, then censor the girl's face (as I do 20% of the time). Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-21 07:08:46

    What I mean to say was, I don't post field and lay reports without pic or vid proof Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • Blackdragon 2012-11-21 09:15:29

    Alright, alright, enough drama. No more Kenny arguments gentlemen. He's informed me he's unsubscribed from this blog, so that's that. Let's move on now.

  • Socialkenny 2012-11-21 09:27:21

    Yea whatever. Well at least for the meantime, I brought some activity to your blog. Your rankings has probably shot up since I came on here. Sent from my BlackBerry® device

  • ARD 2012-11-21 09:40:54

    This blog post inspired me to follow your advice and buy "The Four Hour Work Week" last night. I had to force myself to stop reading it and get some sleep!!! This is my favorite non-seduction post of all time! Thanks BD!

  • Heisse 2012-11-22 11:49:53

    BTW, I have a suggestion for your exercise routine. You selected exercise bike because you don't need to go anywhere. You don't specify if you do it daily. I'd suggest TACFIT Warrior. You can do 1 hr sessions 3 times a week or, if you don't have time, you can cut the sessions to 30 mins, only 4 sets per exercise, not 8. I did it 2 times a week with good results. My resting HR upon waking up was 55, a sign of a well-trained heart, AFAIK. Why it's better than the bike, IMO: - High Intensity Interval Training, which is more efficient than steady exertion -Works the whole body, thus activates more muscles. Concentrates of the core. -The exercises are sequenced so that your HR increases to the middle of the routine and then decreases - Only a yoga mat needed for the workout. Required space: 6x6 feet. I do it in my kitchen. - You will love this part. The workout routine has goal setting sessions on off days and then hypnotic instances of embedding those goals during the workout itself. When you approach the point of exhaustion, the voiceover says, "If you can do this, you can do anything". I noticed that my objectives get reached as if by themselves. If you have a PROBLEM with your knees, there are modifications to the exercises listed. Cons: - The voiceover tells you to push yourself, if you do that you can overtrain. I had to learn to resist it and stick to the number of reps I determined. - The workout is pretty intense and the pep talk encouraging, so I tended to overexert myself and get very tired on the off days. Overall, great system, highly recommended. Increases agility, trains abs. Helps get time dilation during periods of stress. I'm not affiliated with them in any way.

  • Blackdragon 2012-11-23 12:30:03

    I've looked at Tacfit and a few similar programs. It looks to me like those kinds of programs are for guys who are already somewhat skinny and/or have smaller builds. Most of the exercises I see these guys do even in their "beginner" programs are ones I couldn't do for more than a few seconds...I'm just too big. Even if I lost another 25 pounds, I'd probably still be too big just because of my large frame. I'm a BIG guy. Next year when I finish the fat-loss phase I'm going to be looking at stuff like tai chi or yoga in addition to (or in lieu of) heavy weight lifting. I will probably also switch from the bike an elliptical. Not sure yet.

  • Kurt 2012-11-24 10:25:13

    BD, I love your site and this is a great post. Your fitness routine however... I'll say some things here but I encourage you to do some research for yourself on these topics. Barbell strength training is highly effective for health and physique and is unparalleled in producing useful, quantifiable fitness gains in the most time-efficient manner possible. I do the Starting Strength program and am in my 40's. That book was the best $30 I ever spent. I highly recommend you look into it or something similar (barbell workout 3X/week, squat, press and pull each workout). More and more research is showing that full-body barbell training is THE way to go for health and general fitness. Also, it is very goal-oriented and the gains are very quantifiable, which makes it a ton of fun to do. Another way to think about it: look yourself in the mirror and try to tell yourself with a straight face "eating cottage cheese and sweating on a stationary bike is how a real MAN trains to be a superior being". Trust me BD, once you start gaining some real strength you will look a LOT better than you will by just trying to lose fat, even if you are gaining weight. More importantly, YOU WON'T GIVE A SHIT how you look once you enjoy getting stronger (with all the confidence and happiness it brings) and that physical confidence is, I'm sure you'll agree, way sexier than a pretty body alone. Muscle mass drives base metabolism (muscle is expensive tissue and you must burn more calories just to maintain it), and base metabolism determines how many calories you burn per day (the amount you burn during exercise/sex is small compared to your daily total, or a little extra food). When you lose weight you lose both muscle and fat, it is impossible to lose only fat. When you gain weight you can gain up to 60% muscle along with fat (if you are young and lifting like a motherfucker) but no more. It is of course possible to gain fat alone, and to lose muscle while gaining fat. If you focus just on losing weight you will get yourself into a trap of declining muscle mass leading to lower metabolism, leading to greater difficulty keeping off the fat, etc. Compounded with your increasing age which is leading to declining metabolism anyway, the whole sweat & diet strategy will likely not work well, or be very difficult and inefficient if you have the willpower to make it work. Unless of course you have time to run for four or more hours a day, but I think you have other things you want to do...

  • Blackdragon 2012-11-24 18:04:17

    I'm already lifting weights. Dumbells and barbells 2x per week. I'll up this to 3 or 4 times per week next year.

  • Kurt 2012-11-25 11:07:35

    hmm. and you are hewing to the old max heart rate bullshit I see. I'm not one to engage in arguments on message boards, so I'll just leave these here, and propose that perhaps you are wasting a lot more time than you realize with your exercise program: http://startingstrength.com/index.php/site/article/the_novice_effect#.ULJqP6XDPdk http://startingstrength.com/index.php/site/article/strength_fitness#.ULJnnqXDPdk http://startingstrength.com/index.php/site/article/appropriate_conditioning#.ULJokaXDPdk http://startingstrength.com/index.php/site/video/sss_jonathon_sullivan The articles are from various athletic coaches. The last video is an interesting perspective from a medical researcher.

  • Oxyjinn 2012-11-25 12:18:38

    Keep it up BD. Compound exercises is the way to go if you want to max out the benefits from lifting (including fat loss). Most of the time I will be using barbell and kettlebells. Squating and running makes for me the biggest difference in overall fitness level. And I always use footwear WITHOUT any shock absorption padding. Got inspired by Mark Sisson (marksdailyapple.com) and works fine for me. Plus I do stretching after every workout. No more knee problems. Starting Strength is good source for strength improvement (and correct form), but you would have to adjust your eating habits or it's gonna kick your ass :). If you wanna just lose weight though, stick to the cardio. And yeah, running might take a little more time per session, but is far more beneficial in my opinion. As I see it, your priorities don't allow you to dedicate more time to trying out some other fitness routines. Try to find some more room for that and your body will thank you for it. And let's not forget that being more fit also means better and longer sex.

  • Blackdragon 2012-11-25 13:09:49

    Thanks for all the fitness advice guys. I'm not going to change what I'm doing until early next year when my fat goes down some more. The health/fitness topic is one of the few things I refuse to debate. Because for every trainer/expert/athlete/researcher who has real evidence a particular thing is good or bad, there's always another trainer/expert/athlete/researcher who's just as well-respected who says the first guy is wrong. It's a no-win scenario. So I take my best guess based on what I read and stay out of the argument.

  • Tim 2012-11-27 12:41:00

    I've never met you but from what you write, it seems like you and I share many similar beliefs regarding the way the world works, in particular with regard to the opposite sex. However, the approach we take is almost completely different, and I am curious as to the way you feel when you are around these girls. Do you really enjoy being in their company? At least from what is up above, it appears like the only thing you really give a damn about is fucking them. Which is fine. But how do you evaluate the cost-benefit of the situation when deciding to bring them into your life? Most of the situations I have been in with girls appear to be in line with the 24-year-old you described above. They talk about their shit, I sit there and ask some questions, we hookup, she chats some more, I say a little, and then I'm ready to ship her off. It's to the point now though where the sex isn't worth me having to listen to them, and masturbation is a preferred. Only rarely will I find a girl I really like being around. I mean, it's rare. Maybe, maybe a handful thus far, and I am currently 26. How does such a logical guy like yourself find it optimal to engage in these relationships?

  • Blackdragon 2012-11-27 13:35:49

    The example I gave was only one particular woman on one particular day. This woman is an FB (Fuck Buddy), and with those, yeah, it's just sex and they're out the door. With other women (MLTRs) there's much more, and with that "special one" (OLTR) there's even far more. Do a little more reading around my blog and other sites (and the glossary) for the different types of relationships that I have. This 24 year-old is just one FB example. If she was an MLTR it would be much different. The answer to your question is yes, I enjoy spending time with all of my women, immensely. And some much more than others. The ones I like more spend more time with me.

  • Randian Hero 2012-11-30 15:28:37

    Why is it all my women want to keep me chubby?
    This is simple... Once a woman has realized that she is attracted to you and is already fucking you, she'll be in "guarding mode". And one strategy to keep status quo going is obsiously for you not to become more attractive, or make any other big changes for that matter.

  • Cat 2012-12-10 13:21:51

    Jesus...no wonder the US is in a mess!! Hollywood & Disney has a lot to answer for!

  • Jen 2014-11-27 11:27:09

    So, I just happened on your blog today and I've been reading through the archives. It's very interesting, and it's this current post that is helping me articulate the following question. Clearly you love your daughter very much and are proud of her and her intelligence and presumably character. You want the best for her and you want her to live a happy and productive life. Given, then, that you see also so many challenges to women's happiness (i.e., they are too comfortable being uncomfortable, they inevitably increase their level of ASD, they are hard-wired to want children at age 28) what kind of story arc/life plan do you hope for for your daughter? Should she also run her life like you, with FBs, MLTRs, etc? What about children? Should she settle for a beta? And finally, would you be happy knowing that she were in the same position as any of your current women -- in the place of the 22, 24, 27, or 39 yo? Obviously not so that you were fucking her, but that some other guy were treating her the way you treat them? Is that really the best that women can hope for in a realistic world? Please take this question in the respectful but curious way I mean it. I think you have an interesting take on things and that your philosophy and strategies are consistent and show a good deal of integrity, even if I disagree with some of what you say. I just can't fathom what you think a realistic life/sex/happiness long term strategy is for the LADIES. Thanks.

  • Blackdragon 2014-11-27 19:09:07

    Jen, your question is a great one. I'm going to make a blog post answering it.

  • E.S. 2016-06-03 15:33:51

    I'm working on getting my life together. This article was incredibly informative! I plan on modeling this in many ways. I found it through the Arnold article. Thanks!

  • Elba 2017-03-09 05:28:16

    After 4+ years of posting this, do you still have a standard meal for breakfast and lunch, maybe just for time management reasons? I remember reading you bought beans and ate it directly from the can while on holiday with your son and his friends. This makes me curious if you have tried food replacement products like Soylent (USA) or Huel (UK) and your thoughts on them. I'm in the UK and I have tried Huel. I was very impressed even though I am a carnivorous bastard. It's 100% vegan and it takes about two minutes to prepare a meal. It took me a couple of days to get used to but I'm certain it will soon be replacing my daily lunch.

  • Blackdragon 2017-03-09 11:19:05

    After 4+ years of posting this, do you still have a standard meal for breakfast and lunch, maybe just for time management reasons?
    Yes. Veggies and cheese and a plant protein shake, or tuna with a little mayo.
    This makes me curious if you have tried food replacement products like Soylent (USA) or Huel (UK) and your thoughts on them.
    Never tried them.

  • Vince 2017-04-01 21:32:04

    Great post. About your diet, why don't you add in say thirty grams of high quality whey protein mixed with water with each meal? Especially valuable with your last meal of the day. Your protein intake is low, and it regulates the release of insulin to slow down and sustain carb release into the bloodstream. At the same time, that insulin release helps drive the protein into muscle cells. Also use creatine monohydrate, do a five day loading phase then sustain. Multiple benefits, google it 🙂

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