Liberals Have Won Over Conservatives – Good or Bad For Alpha Males?

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This week Rush Limbaugh, God of All Conservatives™ and Voice of the Republican Party™, announced that the left has officially "beaten" the right. Disclaimer: I am neither conservative nor liberal. I criticize both heavily. I never, ever vote for either Republicans or Democrats (and frankly, you shouldn’t either).

-By Caleb Jones

He is correct.

The only point I might quibble with him about is that the left already beat the right a very long time ago. I would say conservatism in America died somewhere around the mid 1990's when the baby boomer generation took over the reigns of power from the WWII generation. Everything that has happened since then, including George W. Bush (who was the biggest-spending president in history before Obama came along), was simply more nails in the coffin of what we call conservatism.

Obviously Europe and Australia are already left-dominated, so that ship has sailed. Here in America, in just about every political poll, from taxes to drugs to minimum wage to gun control to gay marriage to war to the economy to climate change to immigration to just about any other political topic you can think of, liberals kick conservative's asses, often by 75% / 25% splits. Only on the issues of government healthcare and drone strikes does the liberal stranglehold waver a little, but that's due to some initial backlash from Obamacare which will blow over in a few years. I promise you that soon everyone's going to be bitching that Obamacare doesn't do enough and we need more government force in healthcare. (The drones thing is a little more complicated and off-topic for this post.)

Per capita government spending has skyrocketed in the last 50 years, and last year the government spent $6.2 trillion dollars (federal, state, and local combined), which is more than one-third of America's entire GDP...yet people's biggest complaint is the government isn't spending enough. Americans love big government, and crave more. And they going to get it.

The liberals have won. Conservatives never had a chance. Seriously.

Conservatism has always been a losing strategy in the modern era. In any given year, even if conservatives bust their ass and do everything perfectly to keep things the same and prevent 80% of liberals' changes, that means liberals have achieved a 20% victory while conservatives have achieved a 0% victory. Thus I figured out a very long time ago that conservatism, even though it has some concepts I agree with, is a political movement that is literally designed to fail.

Liberalism will continue to grow in power both in the culture and in government. It's inevitable.

So what does this mean for us Alphas? The simple answer is 50% of it is very good, 50% is very bad, and we're going to have to learn to deal with both. Let's cover the good first.

The Good

The good news, and it really is good news, is that as I've talked about before many times here, social norms will continue to liberalize, and most of these will favor the Alpha Male. Things like:

Sex will be more accessible with less traditional barriers such as dinner dates, commitment, promises, the "three date rule", gold digging, etc (at least with the under-33 female crowd). Traditional, long term, monogamous marriage will be less and less expected. Open relationships will be considered more normal, less "disrespectful", and more realistic. Open marriages will be considered more normal. Things like cohabitation agreements and prenuptial agreements will be considered more realistic and less "insulting" to women. Demands from women for men to marry them or move in with them will continue to decrease.

These are all very good things and I'm very pleased they're all on the rise. This is when I'm happily cheering "Go liberals, go!".

Also, in some areas personal freedom will increase and government intervention in our lives will decrease. As just one example, although I don't do drugs and never will, I am for drug legalization simply because I would rather the government spend its limited resources on something more important than whether or not Larry down the street might be smoking a joint. If Larry smokes pot in his basement, or even some meth, I really don't give a shit. That's Larry's problem, not mine. If he wants to be stupid, let him. I'd rather government focus on things like roads and firetrucks, not Larry. Marijuana is now legal in many states, and soon it will be legal across the board and other drugs will soon follow. This is a very good thing for personal freedom and a less aggressive government.
More liberalism also puts more emphasis on protecting the environment and green technology, which are also good things for the Alpha lifestyle. Some of the new green tech on the horizon is very exciting.

Now let's get to the dark side of liberal power...

The Bad

There are two very big problems with the continuing liberal/progressive trends for the Alpha Male.

1. Big government and its predictable massive future failures. The biggest problem with liberalism is that liberals are addicted to big government, and big government means big spending, big printing, big regulations, big bailouts, and big taxes. This is what drives me crazy about liberals and it saddens me that my liberal buddies can be so smart about everything else while suddenly getting very stupid when it comes to massive governmental power over our lives and all of its predictable failures.

Not only does big government severely hamper the Alpha Male's ability to earn a living and keep and invest his hard-earned money, but it also means Alphas are going to have to suffer all the impending economic disasters of the next few years just like everyone else. Because of the western world's insane addiction to bailing out the very banks that are destroying them, on top the left's bizarre and childlike need to suck on the government teet and rely on it to solve everyone's problems, over the next several decades governments all over the western world (including the U.S.) are going to either collapse completely or radically implode/transform into something previously unrecognizable. This has already started in Europe and will get worse. Soon it will spread to America and its economic satellites (Canada, Mexico, etc). Only Australia and New Zealand are exempted (somewhat) from this swath of destruction because of their proximity to resource-hungry Asia which is on the rise.

The answer to this is true capitalism (I said capitalism, not corporatism which is what the U.S. and Japan practice. Bailing out millionaire bankers is NOT capitalism, so please don't call it that.)  The way to prevent all this is lower taxes, less laws, less borrowing, smaller government, and strong limits on printing money. Because liberalism has won, no one wants to hear this right now. Everyone wants to keep borrowing and printing and spending and regulating and banning and if you don't want to do these things you're an asshole. Well, okay then. Soon this party is going to suffer an abrupt end, and Alphas are going to suffer along with everyone else (unless they take radical steps to prepare for it, and most Alphas won't).

2. Increased power of the over-33 female class. This means more political correctness, more quasi-feminist concepts, and more "man sucks, women are great" societal programming in the media and culture. I just watched a YouTube video the other day where an over-33 woman was bragging to a guy that she was dating a dude ten years younger than her and how awesome it was. The guy smiled and said that he was dating a woman ten years younger than himself as well. The woman did an immediate 180, got very pissed off and started throwing shit at the guy. Because of more liberalism, which by its very nature is pro-woman, pro-feminist, pro-submissive beta, and anti-Alpha, get ready for more of this kind of "logic". Get ready to experience more hatred and sneers from over-33 women and the betas who support them. Get ready for more over-33 female politicians in more positions of power to push this shit even further. (Hillary Clinton is very likely to be president at some point.)

It's utterly fascinating to me that so many men out there who support pro-man positions routinely vote for liberal-progressive politicians who actively work against men.

On the older-man-younger-woman thing, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. As life expectancy increases, this will become more normal. In the short term though, get ready to experience more shit from society if you ever sleep with or date any women ten years (or more) younger than you. Of course women are allowed to fuck much younger people. That's empowering and hot. You go girl. But if men do it, ew. Gross. Pedophile. Get ready for more of this.

Get ready for more men to get raped in more divorces and child custody cases and the laws to further turn the screws on anyone born with a penis. Get ready for even more demonization of men, husbands, and boyfriends in movies, TV shows, and commercials. Get ready for more women to rally around their sisters to "divorce that guy!" or "just go ahead and cheat on work hard, you deserve it!" or "he's only 22? Damn, you go girl!" while brutally smearing men who do the same exact things.

Yes, liberalism has won and will continue to gain power. Take full advantage of good, and prepare for the bad, because there's a lot of both coming.

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