Why Do Women Get Fat? Some Empirical Evidence From My Dating Life

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We could all have a very predictable conversation about how once you marry a woman, especially a Western woman, over time she starts getting fatter. But we already know this. Today I'm going to talk about something deeper. I've talked before about how the longer I know a woman, the fatter she gets. Even if she's just an FB or low-end MLTR. I wanted to check the real data before I made some sweeping conclusions, so I pulled out my master list of women and took a good long look.

-By Caleb Jones

This is my "roster", my list of all the women I've ever been in a relationship with, "relationship" here being defined as at least an FB. This pretty much means any woman I've had sex with more than about two or three times.

This is not a small list. I never "screen", I never get monogamous, I don't do one-night-stands (I don't see the point), I get laid a lot, and I've been doing this consistently for going on seven years now. I'm not going to give you the exact number of women I have on this particular list (that would just create arguments from nitpickers) but I can tell you it's a decently sizable number, enough to draw at least some conclusions from.

Of course the list is very biased, in that it's a list of women all of whom are of a type that I would really like. Any type of woman I would hate or be repulsed from would obviously not be on this list. Conversely, any type of woman who would hate me would also not be on this list. (You won't find any ugly chicks, or hardcore feminists, or hardcore Christians on this list for example.)

So whenever I draw conclusions from my roster, I know that while I'm dealing in accurate information, I'm also dealing with somewhat biased data.

But hey, we've got to start somewhere!
The first thing I did was remove all the women who are relatively new in my life. So all the women I've known for less than nine months I cut off. That still left a lot.

Then I eliminated all the women whose relationships were very brief, and who never came back to me after a LSNFTE. That's not very many women, since the majority of my relationships, even my casual ones, are measured in years, not weeks or months. Moreover, 92% (or so) of the women who leave me eventually return...even if they leave me to go get married or have babies with some other guy, even if it's years later.

That left women with whom I had relationships with that lasted a real amount of time. Sometimes consistently, sometimes inconsistently, but over a period of nine months to six years, or even longer.

Here's the percentage breakdown:
71% gained weight since I first met them.

This included women of all ages. From 18 year old girls to women in their mid 40s. There was no age correlation at all. All ages got fatter.
This also included women of all races and nationalities. White, American, Asian, Russian, European, Latina, and half-black. All races and nationalities got fatter. (Though they all were residents of the USA at the time of the relationship of course.)
43% gained a LOT of weight. As in well over 30 pounds.
43% of these women not only gained weight, but gained weight in ways where if you saw them after the weight gain, you would be shocked at the difference, and not in a good way. And once again, all ages and races were affected. If anything, the younger women seemed to gain more.

Now what about the women who got skinnier? Were there any?
Only 6% improved their physical fitness in any way.
And that's a very iffy 6%. One woman did lose weight since I met her, but only because she had health problems. Another lost a little weight, but frankly she was a little on the "curvy" side to begin with. You get the point. It's not like these women were busting their asses to lose weight or become more healthy (as I've been doing for the past 2-3 years).

If you do the math, that means 23% remained about the same in terms of weight.
23% maintained a "no better, no worse" body over the years I've known them. You would think that these women were the naturally skinny ones with genetically high metabolisms. Some were like that, but many were "normal" or "curvy". Once again, no correlation, no pattern. (With one exception: All women in this static 23% were all white Americans. I doubt that means anything though, simply because most women I date are white Americans. That's what I am and that's where I live.)

Now let me reiterate a few things. Yes, we all know that if you marry a woman, move her in, and go all provider on her, she'll gain weight. Of course this happens.
But I didn't do that with any of these women. And they gained weight anyway.

I did not marry any of these women.
I did not move in with any of these women.
I did not "provide" for any of these women (at least not in the traditional sense).
I did not get serious in any way with about 60% these women. They were just FBs. (The rest were MLTRs of varying degrees. No OLTRs.)

Yet they still gained weight.

Devil's Advocate

I tried to play devils advocate with myself in a (fruitless) attempt to explain this.
Devil's Advocate Point 1: Well Blackdragon, YOU are overweight. So if you're going to hang out with these women, of course they'll start eventually getting fat. It's natural they're eventually going to be like you.
True, and there's some validity to that. However I would counter with the following:

1. Even with the MLTRs, I don't see these women more than once a week. It's one of my rules. Very, very few of these women really spend a lot of time with me. If they were hanging out with me all the time, then you might have a point. But that's not what's happening here. These women were not "girlfriends".

2. Even more importantly, over the last two years I have been losing weight. Slowly, but noticeably. Trust me, when a woman sees you naked, she can really tell if you've lost 40, 30, or even 20 pounds. Most of these women have seen me lose some serious poundage, and have watched me eat healthy, or not eat at all, while they were still eating typical American garbage food. Over this time period, none of these women started losing weight like me, and by your argument, they should have. If I got fatter, they got fatter. But if I got skinnier, they still got fatter.

Devil's Advocate Point 2: Well Blackdragon, as you said, these are all women you're attracted to. You just happen to be attracted to women who have personalities that are conducive to eventual weight gain.

Maybe, but here's the problem. These 71% of women who gained weight ran the complete gamut of personality styles and levels of intelligence. This group included:

Stupid chicks, and very smart, high-IQ women.
Completely uneducated women, and women with masters degrees and/or degrees from Ivy League colleges.
Wild, crazy chicks, and shy, quiet chicks.
Touchy-feely artsy women, sharp, hard-edged corporate women.
Total losers, and very organized, impressive winners (other than the weight gain of course).

ALL these women gained weight. Most of them, a LOT of weight. Again, there was no real correlation between these women other than when I met them they were very pretty, had sex with me relatively quickly, and didn't give me much drama as we were dating. There was no consistent "type". Remember, I don't "screen". I'm a very inclusive guy!  🙂

I am under the opinion, backed by strong evidence (and not just this evidence here) that Western women, or perhaps Western people, just get fatter. It's just what they do. You really can't stop it. It's going to happen. It's the era in which we live. Women. Get. Fatter.

Oh, one more excuse I can anticipate: Oh c'mon Blackdragon, as people age they gain weight because their metabolisms get slower. It's natural and happens to everyone.

No. Not like this. Women in the 1950s were not gaining 30+ pounds in six years or less. There's something else going on here.

Therefore, while a woman marrying a man may accelerate this fattening process, it does not prevent it. She'll likely just keep gaining more weight anyway. Married or single, dating or relationship, friends with benefits or serious boyfriend...doesn't matter, she'll gain weight. Anyway, that's my theory. What do you think?

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