Women and GO TIME

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Women and GO TIME

-By Caleb Jones

January is my favorite time of year, the start of GO TIME! Go Time, if you didn't already know, is the time between January 2nd and May 31st. It is the absolute best time of year to achieve your business, financial, and career goals. These are five straight months with no major holidays or vacations (outside of one week for spring break, which most families don't travel or take time off for anyway), so everyone is available to work and get things done for you and with you.

However, there's another reason why I like Go Time, and that's because Go Time is also the best time of year to meet women.


For the same exact reason. Scheduling dates during the summer is a bitch. In summertime women are always outside doing stuff. Traveling, camping, visiting relatives, entertaining visiting relatives, going to the beach, etc. Nailing down dates during the summer is doable, and I certainly have done it, but it's much more work than in other months.

It gets even worse during the winter holiday season, where nailing down reliable dates becomes almost impossible.

Looking back on most years, the most sexual success I've had, and the most women I've brought into my sex life, were during the months between January and May. Go Time is the best time to meet new women, then you can ride out the summer and winter months in style with a fresh new portfolio of FBs and MLTRs.

It's the same with my business performance. In most years, I get the most business goals and tasks completed during January-May, and the basis for most of the income I have during the entire year is derived from the efforts of those first five months. That doesn't mean I'm sitting on my ass the other seven months, but you get the idea.

The Tricky Part

The hard part is if you have strong woman goals and financial goals. You don't want to lose your focus by attacking multiple areas, so you must be very careful. As always, I follow my cardinal rule of only working on one or two goals at a time, with a minimum of a one month time horizon.

So perhaps in January I may have one, or perhaps two very specific business goals, and I throw my whole heart into them to take best advantage of the first month of Go Time. Then perhaps in February I'll pause one of those two goals and add in some online dating to meet some new women and replenish my FB/MLTR roster if it needs it. Then on March 1st I can evaluate if I want to work on two business goals, or one business goal and one woman goal. So I set the goals for March, and proceed on those.

I stay very, very focused like this until June 1st when I relax a little (and start taking more time off to go hiking, camping, and watching the summer action movies). I am 100% focused on my objectives during Go Time, regardless if they have to do with business or women. During Go Time, I do not take time off, I try not to travel too much, and I even avoid taking weekends off. I don't want anything to dilute my focus during Go Time. Go Time is sacred. I save any and all farting-around time for after May. (And even then, I don't fart around very much; I'm a pretty focused guy all 12 months of the year; it's just that during Go Time I am more so.)

This doesn't mean I don't do things like exercise or have sex during Go Time. Of course I do. I keep my minimum bodily requirements up to par even during Go Time. Exercise and sex are my gasoline, and those things are regularly required no matter what time of year it is. I'm just saying I don't "screw around", waste time, take vacations, or get distracted like most people do (who wonder why they never accomplish anything in life).

So from now until May 31st, put the flak jacket on, put your head down, and get to work. Look at your woman life and your business life, set some clear short-term goals (one-month or five-month goals) based on your long-term goals in those two areas, never work on more than two goals or projects at a time, and don't look up until June.

Then enjoy the summer and bask in a job well done, with new women and more money.

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This article was originally published on January 9, 2014


  • Jon 2014-01-09 16:10:41

    I never associated "go time" with women. In fact, I usually ignore them altogether and just focus on work. Then June arrives, and I decide to spend a few months loosing the weight I gained during the first part of the year. Then I have a mini go time in Sept and Oct. Next thing you know the Holidays are here and I decide to put off dating until the new year. Gotta find a way to break that pattern... How does this post go with your last one? I'm currently in an extended dry spell because I keep putting it off, but I also have trouble with the idea of making women my number one focus during my busiest time of year.

  • Blackdragon 2014-01-09 21:27:30

    I also have trouble with the idea of making women my number one focus during my busiest time of year
    The answer to that is the two-projects maximum rule. If you want to dive into women during Go Time, that's fine, provided you're only focusing on ONE other improvement area in your life during that same time. If that area is related to your business, then fine. What you don't want to do during Go Time is try to meet women AND increase your income at your day job AND start business on the side AND get to 8% body fat AND...

  • Bo 2014-01-10 14:09:57

    Jon, there's a saying that goes "disregard females, acquire currency". It's go time for me as well and what I've decided to do is focus on life/work (non-girl) goals. One because, as BD mentioned, there's no holiday crap right now and secondly, a lot of girls who'd be open to flings in the summertime are in "relationship" mode since it's still winter. But once Feb 14 passes and spring break is looming, it's game on. So personally I'm having two months of unabashed "go time" and then raising game up the priority list.

  • Diego 2014-01-10 14:43:04

    Guys, it's ok to focus on your cash flow, but stop looking for excuses to not date/game women. ASAP You can do both. (As BD would say), ask me how I know.

  • Bo 2014-01-10 17:47:43

    Diego, I'm sure it's possible to do both, but realize different guys have different ROI rates on their gaming endeavors. Just because you can doesn't mean others effectively could, or would even want to. And for time efficiency purposes, there are always escorts which are inexpensive nowadays (as in $100 for a quality provider). But I digress..

  • Brett 2015-01-02 08:12:38

    How do you figure Jan2-May31 is Go Time with women? In cold states summer is much better. During winter people stay inside because days are shorter and it's cold, they tend to hibernate. In summer women are out and about and excited to finally be back outside. Summer is WAY better for meeting women.

  • Blackdragon 2015-01-02 10:42:42

    During winter people stay inside because days are shorter and it’s cold, they tend to hibernate. In summer women are out and about and excited to finally be back outside.
    That's exactly why winter is better than summer (except between Nov 15th and Jan 1st, which is terrible). Since they aren't doing anything, its WAY easier to 1st dates and day2s. During the summer women are busy as hell; much harder to nail down dates (doable, but more difficult). The only way in which summer would be significantly better is if you did summer daygame where women conglomerated during the summer (like at the beach or something).