Body vs. Face

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-By Caleb Jones

There’s an important aspect of physical attraction I don’t see a lot of discussion about. This is the difference between being physically attracted to a woman’s body versus a woman’s face. I’m only talking about physical attraction here, not emotional or intellectual attraction which is a completely different animal.

Let’s get three things straight before we delve into this. All three of these points I have discussed in detail before.

1. Because of your individual genetics, personality, and upbringing, you have a particular “type” of woman you’re attracted to, and this type varies wildly from man to man.

2. You have a particular female body style you are attracted to over other styles. Once again, many men will disagree with you on which female body type is “most attractive.” I think super skinny, flat chested women are repulsive; yet other men think they’re super hot. I think a trim body, flat stomach, big boobs and big hips are super hot; many other men consider this “fat.” Et cetera.

3. For the above two reasons, the 1 to 10 hotness scale is near-useless when discussing large groups of men. Get ten random men together and show them some pictures of women, and you’ll get ten different opinions on what a “10” is or what a “7” is. You can have a personal 10 or a personal 7, but there is no objective 10 or 7. This is true even when accounting for biological factors like hip-to-bust ratio and facial symmetry. For example, you and I both love facial symmetry, but I promise my “10” is going to look different than your “10,” perhaps radically so, though both are likely to have fantastic facial symmetry.

Remember those three factors as we go on, because they’re important to this point. Going forward, whenever I use numbers like “10” or “7” to describe a woman, I’m describing personal 10s and 7s only, unless I state otherwise.

I’ve noticed that unlike a lot of other men, when I first see a woman, I look at her body first. When I decide her body is hot, only then I’ll look up to her face and see how attractive her face is. If her body is not hot (to me), her face is irrelevant. She could have the most beautiful face in the world, but if her body isn’t smokin' (to me), I don’t care.

When women look at other women, or when most men look at women, it’s exactly the opposite. They look at the face first, and then immediately make a mental assessment of hot or not. If the face is hot, they’ll then look down to the body to see if it's problematic enough to modify their original assessment. But unless there’s something seriously wrong with the body, they’ll still consider the woman “hot.”

I can’t speak for other men, but I can be easily won over by a woman with a 9 body and 7 face, perhaps even a 6 face, over a woman with a 10 face and 6 or 7 body. I could describe many examples of this. I'll give you two.

Last year, I had sex with a young woman from Romania who had a face that most men would consider a 10, if not a high 9. Many guys would consider her body a 9 or 10 as well. I hated her body. She was a quintessential Skinny; skinny body, no boobs, no real butt, no real hips. However, her face and hair were ridiculously hot, and she could “present well” via the way she dressed and handled herself in public, so I went for it.

I loved kissing her. I loved holding her. And to be honest, I loved being seen with her. But I hated the sex. Seriously. I didn’t like it at all. Of course she was super hot from the neck up, and of course she felt good, but her body was so diametrically opposite to what I liked, I just didn’t like it. I tried to like it. Really, I did. I couldn’t.

Either she sensed this or I wasn’t her type as well. We didn’t last long, which was for the best.

On the flip side, several years ago I had an MLTR for about two years with a woman who had a very average face. I’d put it at about a 6, maybe a 7 on a good day. Other men may have considered her face a 5. However, her body was ultra amazing (to me). Flat, trim stomach. Prefect legs. Huge, perfectly-shaped, young, perky boobs. Huge, perfectly-shaped hips and ass. She also had thick, long hair which is always a plus. Yet, if you saw a picture of both of us sitting at a table (where you could not see her body), you may have wondered "WTF? Blackdragon is dating her? I thought he could do better. Maybe he's not as good as he says."

Didn’t matter. She was fantastic, we enjoyed each other thoroughly, and she ended up being the lowest-drama MLTR I’ve probably ever had. She turned me on something fierce, and I loved her to death.

This does not mean I can be won over by a “butterface,” a woman who has a fantastic body but an ugly face. I’ve never dated in ugly woman in my life. If she’s ugly, I’ll pass, and I don’t care how hot her body is. A girl I knew in high school looked like this. Her face looked like a mutated horse, but her body was like a perfectly curvy swimsuit model. My cock was very confused whenever I looked at her. Regardless, I could never have had sex with her.

This means that even though I consider the body more important than the face, there does exist a minimum baseline in my brain for facial hotness. This is probably about a 6; if her face is at least 6 but her body is a 9-10, I’ll probably go there. If her face is 5 or less, I’ll probably pass regardless of her body.

What about the other way around? What if there’s a woman who has a 9 or 10 face, but her body is not what I like? I’ve found that I have a “at least one or the other” rule. This means that if a woman has a really hot face, she needs to have either really good tits or a really good ass for me to consider her hot. At least one or the other. If her face is a 10/9/8, and she has a flat chest, but has an amazing huge ass, I’m there. If she has no ass but huge awesome boobs, again I'm there. If she has neither, I’ll probably pass, regardless of how hot her face is (unless the circumstances are unusual, like with the above Romanian girl).

At the moment, there’s a woman in my life who falls perfectly into this "at least one or the other" rule. Her face is a 10. Her ass is a 10. Her entire body is a 10...except that she has tiny A cup boobies, which to me is 1. That’s okay. She’s super hot and the sex is fantastic. She has “at least one.” I usually leave her shirt on during sex. She doesn't mind, and it works out great. She has made a few jokes about me paying for her to get fake boobs (dream on, Darling), but if/when she finds a beta who does this for her at some point in the future, she's going to be an all-around 10 (to me).

This is yet another reason why the 1 to 10 scale doesn't work unless you're talking about an all-around perfect 10. You say a girl is an "8." Okay, but what exactly do you mean? Her face is an 8 but her body is a 6? Her body is a 9 but her face is a 7? Both her body and face are both, exactly an 8? (Very unlikely.) A single number doesn't convey any of that pertinent information. It likely means you think she has an "8" face and isn't fat. Fine, but that's not nearly enough info for me to make an assessment.

Many men are like me in terms of this body-over-face desire and the "at least one or the other" rule, and I’m sure I’ll get agreement on this in the comments. But a lot of men aren’t like this at all. Moreover, women are almost never like this. All the time, when I point out a woman who I think is “super hot” to another woman, she’ll grimace and say “Ew! Her??? Gross!” (This is not a jealousy thing, because this happens with women I'm not having sex with, like co-workers or family members.)

Why? Because when women look at other women, they look at the face. They barely even see the body, at least at first. When women look at other women, they process things like a woman’s face, makeup, hair, earrings, skin, and all the other stuff I barely look see at first (because I’m too busy looking at her TITS). This is why women think celebrities like Jennifer Anniston or Milla Jovovich are super hot, yet men are too busy drooling over Kim Kardashian or Kate Upton to notice.

At this point you might be thinking something like:

Why not go for a woman who has a hot body AND a hot face? If you like big boobs and ass, why not go for a woman who has both? You're the one always talking about abundance mentality!

The short answer is that I do, but very few women have this combination. Seriously, how many women walking around out there in the real world have a 10 body AND a 10 face? A few do, sure, but not many.

In my particular case, how many women out there have big boobs AND a big ass but who are not chubby? Again, not many. Granted, there are some. I’ve dated and had sex with a lot of women like that, and I’m a happy happy boy when I do (I have one in my life right now). Yet I have to be realistic about my expectations. Again, a woman with a super hot face and either boobs or a butt are very exciting for me. My happiness does not require perfection (and I hope yours doesn't either).

This is to say nothing about non-physical aspects. Taking things a step further, how many women out in the real world are not chubby at all AND have big tits AND have a big ass AND are low-drama AND have their shit together? I think you get the point; we’re really narrowing down the percentages here.

Lastly, you're forgetting I'm never completely sexually monogamous and never will be. Even if Girl A I'm with today doesn't have a great ass, Girl B I'll be seeing on Wednesday will, so no worries. I have it all, at all times. Requiring one individual partner to have "everything you could ever want" is a bullshit Disney desire and part of the monogamy paradigm. I'm not part of that world (thank god).

When you first see a woman, do you judge her appearance on her face or body first? (And please don’t say “both.” Remember, I’m talking about what you judge FIRST.)

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  • Al 2015-07-20 05:23:52

    Ha ha! 😀 This could be interesting! I have a requirement. A gap between the uppermost thighs when trousers are worn. That always does it for me. Granted, if the face is a bit off, like you, my cock gets confused. As for the rest, all sevens will do me. I have a friend who is an A cup. BUT my, those nipples are sensitive. I have known some pretty big boobs in my time and they don't seem very sensitive in terms of getting downstairs going. 🙂 I've had two women in my life who scored a personal ten in ALL departments, including wanting sex all the time. BUT they were also the biggest drama queens. But as Alpha 2, we know how to deal with that, don't we children. 🙂

  • ricerocket 2015-07-20 06:08:52

    For me, I always look at body first and then face.   A woman's body is what hooks me first and foremost, and my type is tall, athletic, and her ass is far more a turn on than boobs.  Boobs for me are almost a non-factor in my personal scale of hotness. My personal body scale attractiveness starts at a 7, and she can have a face less than my personal 7 and I can still be attracted to her sexually. And, I completely agree with the article, and have found the same things, it is not that common to find women with 8/8-10/10 face/body.  The majority of women I have slept with have been a mix, but the key for me is 7+ up body, and, while I have slept with the occasional woman whom I consider a bit 'overweight' they don't turn me on. One other component, more of a intangible, some women have a 'sexual' vibe and energy that can come across with their personality that will +1 or -1 or more their actual physical attractiveness for me.  Just this past weekend, I slept with a woman, who when I first met, was a 7 body, 5/6 face, and I was largely neutral about at first.  Over the coarse of our interaction, her sexual energy and vibe picked up the attraction, so we did have sex, and I am happy we did, as she was fun!

  • New Hombre 2015-07-20 06:47:22

    Body first then face.  Like both boobs and ass, but boobs are definitely the higher priority for me.

  • Sean 2015-07-20 06:51:43

    There's a reason Sir Mix-a-Lot sang about "An LA face with an Oakland booty". If someone needs perfection to be happy, they're probably watching too much porn.

  • Brian 2015-07-20 07:20:00

    The prettiest face will never compensate for an unattractive body, fortunately if their body is FAT , so is everything else, eliminating any indecisiveness! Ever wonder what overweight women would look like if they just lost the lard? So I go with the body first, if they have worked on that my bet is they do whatever to maximize the face appeal w hair style and color, make up, smile. Brian

  • Bobby 2015-07-20 07:22:32

    A lot of different combinations have worked for me through out my life. Right now my favourite woman has a face that's probably a 6 (only because she's in her 40's and there are wrinkles... would've ranked higher when she was younger), and small boobs.... but the rest of her is fantastic... Very flat stomach, with wide hips and a beautiful butt with very nice legs. I look at face first though, when seeing some one for the first time, but after taking the time to access everything.... I basically need at least two things to be great (ass, tits, face, legs, stomach)  

  • CrabRangoon 2015-07-20 08:11:51

    I'm a big "face" guy to be honest but agree that the body has to at least be close to the same rating of the face.  Like you BD, I'm not a fan of the super skinny type-I need some curve to the make my dick happy.  It's too much like looking a boy's body when they're too skinny or too muscular,  hence why I tend to like the latin girls.  2 current girls are middle eastern(persian and and indian/paki), both have damn near 10 faces but both lacking in the chesticle department.  However the ass, legs and stomach are great so I can get past the lack of tits(keeping the bra on really helps with that problem).

  • Diggy 2015-07-20 08:14:26

    I think there is a third aspect that is missing here. Swagger. Sex appeal. Sensual nature...   While I'm not disagreeing with the article at all I think that the way a woman holds herself is huge. I dated this woman once that was cute...maybe a 7. She was about 15-20 lbs over weight and penciled in her eyebrows... so maybe a 6.  She was totally cute and more than 10 years my junior but come on, penciled eyebrows... What she did bring to the table was this unabashed sex appeal. She was extremely low drama and always in a great mood. She was killing in bed and just exuded sexual confidence. It made our 4 months together awesome. Maybe I'm weird, and most of my women are considered attractive, but man I love a woman that just knows how to handle herself. It takes her up a point or two for sure.    

  • Bulma78 2015-07-20 08:52:31

    (I'm a girl) Since some of you guys mentioned not only is it face and body but sex appeal / sexual confidence that you look for, then what is the difference between a girl who is good in bed and one who is not?  What do us girls have to do to be considered good in bed and make a guy happy?  What do you guys like and want us to do? If I’m petite, very cute, submissive, and slightly shy when it comes to sex, but with a little bit of an edge and a mischievous streak……..where does that put me?

  • POB 2015-07-20 08:59:29

    1) face 2) butt At least a 7 on these two. Even if she has no boobs she's fine (shirt off, bra always on), but she better stand out on one of the other two (9 face and at least an 8 butt). In fact one of my current FBs is just like that. Skynny, almost no boobs but a tight round ass, nice hips and a 9 face. I'm ok with that.

    Again, a woman with a super hot face and either boobs or a butt are very exciting for me. My happiness does not require perfection (and I hope yours doesn’t either).

  • Obeyx 2015-07-20 09:05:39

    Great post BD, I'm 100% body over sex face, face has to be 6 at least but the body HAS to be a 8 and up, minimum My issue is that most (not all) curvy big booty women whom I adore and are obsessed with, always turn me off when they take their clothes off. My main chick has the perfect curvy set all men love, but I recently had sex with a women who was a 9 face and a 9 body (skinny body but c cup tits and a perky little butt.) What she did in my backseat blew my mind. I originally thought it wouldn't hit because she had no ass, but although she was skinny with her dress on, she had a FAT, NICE ass under her dress. In comparison to my main who has NICE ass with a dress on, and is chubby and gross butt-naked. I really do appreciate skinny girls in bed now.

  • Bulma78 2015-07-20 09:09:49

    I’m kind of not liking the comments from some of you guys saying that if a girl has small/smaller boobs then the T-shirt has to stay on. If a guy made me keep my shirt on while we were having sex, I would never return!……and then burst into a fit of tears at home by myself.  (I know it is your preference though; can’t be helped).

  • POB 2015-07-20 09:31:11

    I originally thought it wouldn’t hit because she had no ass, but although she was skinny with her dress on, she had a FAT, NICE ass under her dress.
    @Obeyx I know that feeling. It's soooo nice...

  • Blackdragon 2015-07-20 10:03:16

    Ever wonder what overweight women would look like if they just lost the lard?
    I do wonder that. Sometimes I'll see an overweight woman I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole but who would look really, really hot if she got down to a normal weight. It's sad.
    What she did bring to the table was this unabashed sex appeal. She was extremely low drama and always in a great mood. She was killing in bed and just exuded sexual confidence. It made our 4 months together awesome.
    Yeah, like I said, those are non-physical aspects that have nothing to do with her face or body. Of course these can help a woman or harm a woman in our eyes, but that's a different topic. I'll have to address that in another post.
    I’m kind of not liking the comments from some of you guys saying that if a girl has small/smaller boobs then the T-shirt has to stay on.
    If a tiny-breasted woman absolutely DEMANDS to take her shirt off during sex, I'm not going to stop her. She can do what she wants (Alpha Male 2.0). But after sex I'm going to make it clear that seeing that flat-as-a-board chest as she lays on her back turns me off sexually, makes her look like a man, and makes it harder for me to perform (all of which is the honest truth). Then she can make her own decision. Usually she'll keep her shirt on after that.
    If a guy made me keep my shirt on while we were having sex, I would never return!……and then burst into a fit of tears at home by myself.  (I know it is your preference though; can’t be helped).
    Two words: breast implants. They're only about $5000; just about any woman can eventually save that up amount and/or get a beta male boyfriend to pay for them. And by the way, you don't need to go huge. One of the most amazing women I ever dated was a formerly flat-as-a-board girl who got small breast implants (small C cup) and she was SOOOO HOT!

  • ricerocket 2015-07-20 10:44:05

    (I’m a girl) Since some of you guys mentioned not only is it face and body but sex appeal / sexual confidence that you look for, then what is the difference between a girl who is good in bed and one who is not?  What do us girls have to do to be considered good in bed and make a guy happy?  What do you guys like and want us to do? If I’m petite, very cute, submissive, and slightly shy when it comes to sex, but with a little bit of an edge and a mischievous streak……..where does that put me?
    @Bulma78   Sometimes it's intangible, and mean by that, think of a guy you have liked, who just had 'it', whatever that 'it' is to you.  Can you identify specifically what 'it' is?  Can be charisma, a feel, a 'vibe', non-spoken that you just pick up on. That said, from a mans perspective, a woman who embraces her femininity and all that encompasses,  including her sexuality, and brings that to the encounter, or bedroom can be the sexiest thing.  They are not looking to find things that may 'please' her man, but shares her sexuality unashamed and fully present.  She's overcome the SP around her own sexuality and even when asking "What do you like?" it comes across as a partner, and shared experience, not from being shy about what she would like or do. Having been with many women that are like this, and many women that are not, that is hot!  Of course the man has to be present and embracing his own as well, to guys that are not, they can be intimidated by that.   The more you experience around sex, the more  you will pick up on it.  This goes against the SP of women having slept with many guys, but personally I have found, though not always, women that have, and have embraced it I have experienced better sex with. Small Breasts:  You mentioned this as well, one thing I would add to what others have said, is, and it's tough, try not to take that personally.  If you have small breasts, and are with a guy who likes bigger ones, that is about him, and his style, not about you.

  • Samim S 2015-07-20 10:51:26

    I always go for the body first. Anything from 6 above for the face and I am good. Like you said, I have seen almost all my male friends and women(with very minor exceptions) go for the face first. To me this has something to do with High drive men(Tits and Ass) like us Vs Low Drive men(Gorgeous Face).

  • Bobby 2015-07-20 12:20:54

    @Bulma78 I wouldn't tell a woman to keep her bra on during sex because her flat chest turns me off.  I love big breasts, but if I'm having sex with her, there must be other things about her that turn me on, so the lack of breasts is never an issue for me. I do agree with BD though in the sense that if the flat chest is such a turn off that it affects performance, then for sure you must say something and let her decide what to do (ie, cover up, or never have sex with you anymore).  I had a similar situation with a woman who had a nice body but she was very self conscious about it (I don't know why), so she needed the lights off all the time.  This is a major turnoff for me ...  So I was honest with her and told her that I couldn't really perform to the best of my abilities in a pitch black room.  We stayed friends because we belong to the same social circle, but she made her choice not to sleep with me anymore as we both could not compromise on the lighting issue.

  • POB 2015-07-20 12:36:02


    What do us girls have to do to be considered good in bed and make a guy happy? 
    Blowjobs. Leave the rest to us.
    What do you guys like and want us to do?
    Be nice, be gentle, be feminine, don't complain about useless stuff and show us you're also having a good time. Also do what you feel like on top, scream, bite...if we don't like we will tell. P.S. do not put any fingers in any men holes. Huge turn off.

  • Bulma78 2015-07-20 12:49:45

    Thanks Black Dragon, Ricerocket, Bobby & POB,  I think I was more surprised to hear that some guys actually tell girls to keep their shirts or bras on.  I’ve never experienced that, which is why I said I’d never want to see them ever again if that happened to me.  That really would hurt my feelings because they can already see what I’m packing in the T&A department in advance because I don’t false advertise.  To wait until the clothes start coming off to drop a bomb like that would really hurt, even if it wasn’t said in a mean way.  I appreciate the suggestion, but I wouldn’t get fake boobs for many reasons.  I believe having those put in can lower your body’s immune system and that they’re only good for 10 years, then you have to get them replaced.  Besides, I personally don’t want or need them; I think size b is just fine and I hold my own. Like Black Dragon said, it is what it is; if he’s turned off, he can’t help that.  It does seem kind of harsh though, to tell a girl that it makes her look like a man and that it’s a turn off.  Although, I’m sure you say it in the nicest way possible.  It kind of makes me wonder though if that’s what most guys are really thinking, but they are just too nice to admit it?  Maybe they are really turned off?  But I don’t believe so!  Bottom line, I just hope that when they’ve said they like the way I look in that area that they actually meant it and aren’t lying.  Just like when Black Dragon say’s he doesn’t prefer it, he’s being honest.

  • billyboy 2015-07-20 14:22:55

    Lol, interesting conversation, not sure if useful (the dick already knows what it wants) but interesting. I saw a real butterface on the train the other day --- I just couldn't do it. To me, the face seems more important. Not to be a complete pig, but I think a girl's social status comes mostly from her face, too. Or at least, in my mind.   My one caveat: fat girls. C'mon, usually that means the face is fat, too, but eh. As long as they're not fat, if the face is great, the body is usually 'good enough.'   I actually like girls with small boobs. A lot. I'm not sure why. And I'm not talking literally boob-less, like a man ... does that even exist? Maybe some Asian women? .... nah to me, a handful is enough. Shape is more important than size, too. I've played with some big ones ... where the shape was just ... I don't know. Send all the A-cup girls my way 😉 Yeah I agree, I wouldn't try to blast a girl's self-esteem in bed by telling them to "keep their clothes on" ... or putting a paper bag on their head, which is essentially the same thing, only slightly more offensive. Or if they had a mole or scar or something, I wouldn't scream EEWWWW! wtf YOU FREAK?? ... That's just me, but I get aroused pretty easily. Only thing that tends to turn me off is poor hygiene, or if I'm pretty drunk and an extra 30 pounds seem to suddenly "appear" once clothes start flying off, lol.

  • Leiff 2015-07-20 14:48:36

    The magic number is 14 for me. Scores for face and body must add up to that number, though with a few  caveats.   I'm only talking women under 30. Generally, women over 30 do nothing for me at all. Sad, but true. (I'm late 40's.)   Neither trait can be less than a 5. Also, I don't really believe in 10's, even subjectively ( maybe that doesn't make sense, but it's true for me). A 5 component means that she is plain, but not unattractive for that trait. I also tend to lean towards the body over the face, so theoretically, I could be happy with a 9 body and 5 face combination; however, I think  8 body/6 face combo is more realistic and actually occurs much more often. I am not opposed to the reverse with a 6 body/ 8 face, but think it less sexy overall.    

  • J.G 2015-07-20 15:52:05

    For me it is body all the way. An 8+ body could excuse an 4+ face. But I am unsure about this american numbers system. I am guessing that 5-6 is average in your society? And what about hair? Is that face or body? Because I love long hair, a woman with a nice body and long hair could almost look like a troll 🙂 I guess short hair for me is like no breasts for some of you guys. So, long hair, petite, nice butt and I am there!

  • Blackdragon 2015-07-20 16:06:50

    And what about hair? Is that face or body?
    Face. And I agree with you; a mediocre woman with a full head of blonde hair can often bump herself up a full digit or two on the 1 to 10 scale for me.

  • big daddy 2015-07-20 18:05:55

    I could never have a long term relationship with a butterface, no matter how hot her body is.   A long term relationship means I'm going to be spending a lot of face time with her, so her face has got to be up to snuff.  For FB's, the body is more important.  I don't have to spend a lot of time in conversation with her.  Thus the face is less important for the FB. And as all the others say, there is a minimum threshold for both face and body that are not to be violated.

  • scott 2015-07-20 20:02:03

    For me it's face Blackdragon...I mean the whole package is important for sure but if I can't look at the woman without thinking twice...I can't go any further.

  • nathan 2015-07-20 20:31:02

    Face. For me the face is the most important. I it makes the smiles & laughter even more exciting. A girl needs to be fit though, I'm not too fussed on body type so long as it's in proportion. Can't stand fat/flab arms - they need to be super trim. Funny thing is I automatically look at boobs if they  are presented (cleavage), I can't seem to help this - I'm not a boob man and even if the boobs are nothing that I like I LOOK. That is a very annoying hardwired piece of my brain - like looking at a car crash.

  • sasa 2015-07-21 02:31:32

    i am a lady.. i ve read all aboves and from my experience i can tell that men like me because of my total figure and my unrestrained sexuality. although i have a really small breast i ve never tasted any kind of rejection.i cant tell a number for my face neither for my body, just that i got curves. high hips, round butt and narrow weist that compared to my self confidence make me irresisteble to any man that i choose, even to the big tits lovers . lately i made a test . i sent a variety of pics to males, with uncovered butt and uncovered cheast, and i told them to pick their favorite. although my strong plus is my ass, they all picked the naked chest. you know why? for two reasons . the one were the nipples, obviously. The other was the position i had taken. it was lustfull and was my eyeslook and the sexuality i was emmiting, the way my body was standing that made the recipients pick my phenomenical weak point.. as a conclusion i believe that a woman's total essence is what realy provoke a man rather than numbers.

  • Hugo 2015-07-21 05:29:37

    Definitely face first, body second.  And I go in for "cute" faces, which often means slightly chubby body (which is just fine with me), or even slightly fat (which I do not prefer but can tolerate). As for the body, ass first, boobs and legs second - so any one of those will do it for me. However, maybe just as important would be charisma - if a woman exudes confidence, being comfortable in her body, and simply liking sex, pretty much any body and face will do.  One of my friends is definitely fat (certainly weighting more than I do), and while, given enough time, can easily make up her face as a sure 8 and possibly 9, is more a 4 or 5 without make up and on an average day.  Still, that girl (ahm, actually slightly older than me) is Sex on Legs, and it only takes a very few moments near her to simply make me forget all these numbers.  So much for looks. And to the worried girls out there: not all man go in for huge boobs - although I suspect it is a majority, I know several who prefer A or even AA cups. I myself, while always willing to be impressed by mass alone, would prefer a well-formed B cup over a formless D any day (ok, then of course a well formed D...), but the main point here is that tastes really vary, and for any one who thinks yours is to small, there's another one out there who thinks it's just right (and still another one who thinks it's to big, unless you are occupying one of the extremes). So don't worry...

  • Doubter 2015-07-21 06:26:53

    Wow....great topic. Body......I have come to realize that the Law of the Boner rules. If the body doesn't do it for me, I won't be able to perform like normal. When I was less experienced in this lifestyle, I would try to bang any woman I could. Practice has led me to be more specific in what I want. BD, your point about a woman needing two of three is spot on. Face, boobs, butt. Can't fight nature....

  • POB 2015-07-21 06:34:01

    I think I was more surprised to hear that some guys actually tell girls to keep their shirts or bras on.
    @Bulma78 Don't know about the other guys, but I don't tell anything!!! Just don't take it off myself... If she wants to, she can, and I'm confident it won't turn me off. Although I can feel that (in my experience) girls with small boobs really don't mind keeping at least the bra on.

  • Jack Outside the Box 2015-07-21 08:26:13

     If a guy made me keep my shirt on while we were having sex, I would never return!……and then burst into a fit of tears at home by myself.
    Hmmm. Does this mean you would never sleep with a guy like this? Also, I feel an overwhelming urge to post my favorite Nip/Tuck scene here, even though it is only tangentially related to this:

  • lazy guy 2015-07-21 10:54:57

    This topic reminds me of an old saying (maybe from Europe?) "After forty, a woman must choose between her face and her figure." If she keeps her body slender enough, her face will show more lines than if she carries enough fat to make her face smooth (but then her figure has lost/reduced the curvy contrasts, the hourglass shape). For me, body counts more than face, but a woman's overall sexual vibe can make a big difference, either way -- reducing the allure & pleasure of a great body, or increasing the allure & pleasure of a less-than-great body. In recent years, I'm more aware of how feminine a woman is or isn't -- the way she talks, moves, holds herself, etc. As for big boobs, if they sag too much when she's naked, they detract more than add to attraction. Good tone & shape w/less size is better than bigger-but-shapeless. Seeing a new woman fully clothed, I'm leery about how different she might look naked. Generally, good shape without good tone isn't so hot. Being too flabby is always a turn off, no matter what the shape. And fat upper arms? Big turn off. BO, bad breath, and body hair can be a big turn off too. Great skin adds a lot.

  • Bulma78 2015-07-21 12:06:53

                “Hmmm. Does this mean you would never sleep with a guy like this?” Hello Jack Outside the Box,  Haha, no I would not, but my body and face look many times better than hers in that video clip anyways……and by the way,  when I said I would cry, I wouldn’t be crying because I was upset that I don’t have huge boobs, it’d be because a guy made that fact painfully aware to me and didn’t like it……and that hasn’t actually happened to me before.  I was just fantasizing about how I’d react if it did. Staying on topic, it’s a hard decision on body or face.  And I’ve dated a guy that didn’t have a great face objectively, but he had a great body objectively……..and subjectively to me, it was all good, 10/10! I spend a lot of time outdoors and so many times I’ll notice guys when they speed past me on the bike trails or when carrying kayaks, so obviously I can’t see their faces.  If they have a really great body to me, I’m like, Wow he’s hot!......doesn’t really matter what his face might look like at that point.  Same thing with guys I see on motorcycles or when I’m skiing.  They’re wearing helmets, so again, can’t see their faces, but otherwise they look really hot to me, even the guys bundled up in ski clothes.  Part of this might be that I find guys that do these kinds of things attractive in general.

  • Amanda 2015-07-21 12:11:58

    I think it's true that women find other women whose body types are similar to their own to be most attractive. (Either that, or it's a subconscious way to try to convince men that we are the better option!) Example: I was a very late bloomer; up until the age of about 25 I was very thin with zero boobs or butt - around 100 pounds, straight up and down. Back then I would say things like, "normally when a girl has big boobs it just means she's fat." And I really believed this; it wasn't some conscious underhanded tactic! But now that I've developed a more womanly, hourglass figure and actually HAVE boobs and a butt, I think Kim Kardashian is probably the most beautiful woman on the planet, since she has the ideal version of the hourglass figure.

  • JRM 2015-07-22 17:05:12

    @BD - We have the exact same taste in women. Miami is a playground of beautiful Latina's with big tits, little waists, and big asses...and gorgeous faces. I can never leave!!

  • Mih 2015-07-23 11:47:27

    Face first, probably because i think she could always improve her body. To me Kim Kardashian is a 5, kind of an ugly goat face and kind of fat...

  • themaster 2015-07-27 09:36:53

    It's pretty simple. A man prioritizes face over body when looking for a lady to have kids with. For fucking either long term or short term the body takes priority. Personally I'm a > 8 curvy/thick body with a > 5 face. Mother of my kids however has to be 8 for both. Blackdragon or any man would elevate the face when wanting to have kids

  • Netbug 2015-07-29 21:13:40

    I find it fascinating that you go for the body first when the majority of your work is done online where the face is presented first. Just interesting is all. Your filtration method must consciously or sub-consciously pick up on indicators in the face for body-type. Something to think on.

  • Blackdragon 2015-07-30 12:06:21

    Blackdragon or any man would elevate the face when wanting to have kids
    Interesting theory. You might be right, though with the woman I marred and wanted to have kids with, I was attracted to her body FAR more than I was her face.
    I find it fascinating that you go for the body first when the majority of your work is done online where the face is presented first. Just interesting is all. Your filtration method must consciously or sub-consciously pick up on indicators in the face for body-type.
    That's actually the biggest downside to online often don't know what you're getting body-wise until you see her on the first date. That is daygame's one big advantage over online game: you see exactly what you're getting.  

  • Nikki 2015-08-07 01:48:05

    Comment deleted for violation of Rule Number One and Rule Number Five.

  • Anna 2015-08-10 05:15:47

    Comment deleted for violation of Rule Number Five.

  • Gary 2016-01-07 07:21:28

    Well, what do you do when you like her face and you THOUGHT she has a nice body but when you actually undress her, she has neither boobs nor an ass? I guess you don't stick around, do you?

  • Blackdragon 2016-01-07 09:56:48

    Well, what do you do when you like her face and you THOUGHT she has a nice body but when you actually undress her, she has neither boobs nor an ass? I guess you don’t stick around, do you?
    She'll have an ass, because I'll see that through her clothes before I undress her, so I've never had that problem and neither will you unless you're blind. If she has no boobs, but she has a great ass and face, then I'll go for it, but I'll usually leave her shirt on during sex.

  • Gary 2016-01-08 04:07:54

    Yeah, she may have a big ass, but full of cellulite. Or you may see no ass and instead count on her boobs, to see tits like yours, as soon as you finally undress her. These are not just exteme hypotheticals. They have actually happened to me.

  • EsauAlfaro 2016-07-26 08:15:04

    All tits are good as long as they're attached to a girl with a nice butt and legs. More than the boobs themselves, my attention goes to the whole torso, so a girl with a flat chest is as erotic as a girl with big boobs. However, I get turned off by a overweight fat ass and tights and ugly feet. Even a skinny butt is acceptable, but my preferences are nice ass, hips and legs and a cute torso. Curvy and athletic women are my favorites. Skinny is also good. I don't care that much about the face tbh. In high school I liked a girl so much and everybody agreed that her face was ugly... so an average face does the trick for me. One of my friends is all about the face tho... and I can't really understand that.

  • Scott 2016-07-26 08:36:04

    I gotta look at that thing in the morning and live with what you did the night before lol.

  • anafricanengineer 2017-02-13 08:46:38

    I can't believe that there are still real red blooded men like the ones who commented above, who are not afraid to say what they want and what a real man is supposed to want without fear of feminist backlash. for me though boobs and ass have to be at least 8s face can be 6/7 but I priotize body over face for a romantic relationship any day of the week. I could not bring myself to fuck a pretty faced girl with no boobs / (especially ) ass. it'll be like fucking a kid or a pretty boy. I happened to be quite muscular so I'd like a luscious body to hold on to. that's why Sophia vergara, Nikki minaj, Amber rose and Christina Hendricks will always trump Sandra bullock, Jessica Simpson, Julia Roberts and Angelina jolie.

  • LibreMax 2017-04-20 12:09:26

    Haha. This article is not helping me with my over one year NRE and oneitis. For me: -Her body is 10, curvy type bue flat stomac and thin waisf 10, round butt 9 and round boobs 10. -Her face is a solid 9 for me. An esquisite combination of paxific islander, asian and latina. I love the shape of her eyes and her lips, her little nose. There is only one reason I don't say she is 10: only one of her teeth is slightly rotated but that is one very easy dentistry trick away from making it straight and thus 10 face. Long hair with bang 9. -seated height is 10, her body is perfect size for me, I like small bodies but I wouldn't like as much smaller than her or bigger than her -standing height is 9.5, 142cm/4'8", I am 173cm/5'8.5" she could have up to 5cm (1 or1.5 inches I guess) longer legs and she would be 10. However I kinda also like it that way because she can wear amazingly high heels and she is perfect size for standing doggy. What is the percentage of women this size who are proportionate? In this country Philippines she is amongst the 10% smallest, in the world my guess is 1% -One on one sex is 10, I had sex with over 150 women, only 3 can compare. Sex is of course a very intersubjecrive danse. In term of kinks, I love anal, if a woman doesn't do anal it's as if 50% of the sex is missig for me. And she is an anal freak. And sensually we click perfectly.I am high sex drive but she is even higher sex drive, she is the one to initiate more. She is again in the 1%. -She has a positive outlook on life, makes a lot of sex jokes which make me laugh. She can often change my mood from low to laughing. -She was 18 when we met is now 19, I am now 35. Since I met her I haven't seen anywhere any other girl of similar size who look remotely as hot as her. I have been actively looking. I don.t think I have scarcity memtality, but I don't know, she is perhaps in the 0.001% (taking into account the important height criterion for me). All my friends agree that physically she is super hot. I clearly see that most men drool all over her, so I guess objectively she is a 9 overall. BUT She is not bisexual. She is not swinger. She betaized me into lying to her an accepting 'monogamy', I cheat. During her PMS, each month, she becomes a drama queen, we are talking crazy drama, break up stuff. However she is able later to say that she was being crazy and to say she is sorry. She recognizes that PMS make her crazy.

  • Vaquero357 2018-06-08 10:48:19

    Brought here by this week's Sexual Subconscious piece.... Legs first - first thing I check out on a woman is her legs always. Then hair. Boobs, of course, are the immediate third. Then after a quick eval of her taste in clothes, finally her face. Been doing it this way since I was 14....