Freedom and Happiness? Or An Orderly Society?

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Most of the inter-manosphere arguments revolve around one core question: Would you rather have vast personal freedom in a society with lots of problems, or severely reduced freedom in a much more orderly and successful society. That’s the key question. How you answer this question tells the world which side of the debate you fall into.

-By Caleb Jones

I'm a very busy man with three businesses to run and thus don't read as much manosphere content as I probably should. However, almost every time I do get around to reading other manosphere blogs these days, guys all over the place are lamenting about betas and “sluts,” sadly long for the 1950s or prior when men were men and women were women, and hope beyond hope that someday some nonexistent group of charismatic conservatives will retake society and turn it around to its former glory.

I don’t disagree that, as a society, America (and much of the Western world) was greater in many ways back when people were more conservative (or more accurately, less left-wing), men were more Alpha, and women were more feminine. I’ve written several articles on this blog on precisely those topics.

However, there are four major areas this stance doesn’t address:
1. That society is already long gone. Moreover, it isn’t coming back in our lifetimes, no matter what you do, what you write on the internet, or who you vote for. I’ve discussed this before.

2. Society did this to itself. It’s not like aliens invaded the Earth and made people start to behave less rationally. Society did this. Society wants to go in this new insane, socialistic, politically correct, self-destructive direction. More importantly, society doesn’t want your help to save it from itself, and will actually attack you viciously if you’ve tried to help it in this way. Therefore, I say leave this new bastardized version of Western society to its slow death and focus on your own life instead. Your own life is well within your control. Society isn’t. When you waste time focusing on society, you steal precious time, resources, and happiness from your own life. I’ve discussed this before as well.

3. Though this may be difficult to believe when you first hear it, you can live a life of pure, long-term happiness even when the world is crumbling all around you. My book describes exactly how to do this. I realize Societal Programming will tell you otherwise, but you don’t actually need a perfectly functioning society in order for you to be happy and successful. As a matter of fact, you can be a very happy and successful man even if you live in a screwed-up society (I'm an example of this) or live in the third world (many other men are examples of this). In the 21st century, a rational, successful, well-ordered society isn't required for your individual fulfillment or happiness. Again, my book explains this in detail.

4. You, as an Alpha Male, would be much less free to seek and find long-term consistent happiness in a more controlled, conservative, authoritarian society. True, society might be better off, but you wouldn’t be.

Is that trade-off worth it? Is it worth suffering reduced long-term happiness for this thing called “society?” I say no. Many of my manosphere brothers are apparently saying yes.

Sudden Time Travel
Let’s say you’re an Alpha 2.0 living that wonderful life. You’ve got FBs and MLTRs, you’re self-employed in your own location independent business, and you’re free to do whatever the hell you want with your life every day with zero resistance from anyone. You’re having lots of sex, having plenty of female companionship, making plenty of money, and are excited about your Mission. Most importantly, you’re free. You’re happy as can be and life is great.

At the same time, you look around, and see Western society crumbling all around you. You agree that it’s sad, and wish that society wasn’t so self-destructive. See things in politics every day that you find insane at best, evil at worst. You see people getting divorced left and right and shake your head at the sadness and dysfunction this creates for both parents and children. Yet, you recognize that society wanted this chaos, and you’re thankful you had the foresight to create a life where all this bullshit doesn’t affect you. You feel sorry for society, but your life is still great, and you’re happy.

One day you get struck by a bolt of lighting, and it magically teleports you back to America in the year 1948. After trying unsuccessfully to get back to the future like Marty McFly, you realize you’re now stuck in this time, and you reluctantly decide to make the best of it and live your new life here in the 1940s.

The good news is that unlike America in the 21st century, America in the 1940s actually works. The economy is booming. Poverty and unemployment are low. The government doesn’t print trillions of dollars to bail out unemployed losers or millionaire bankers. The divorce rate is less than 7% and lifetime marriage is the norm. Men are tough, Alpha, and cool. Women are feminine, submissive, and attractive. You realize that once you snag a woman, she’ll be your sweet little slave for the rest of your life.
This society appeals to your core masculine desires. You nod in agreement. Then you swing those same masculine desires away from society to your own life, and realize that there are some very, very big problems.

- In this new society, having sex on the first date, or even the second date, is pretty much impossible, regardless of your game. (Hookers still exist, but that’s not the same thing.)

- MLTRs and properly managed OLTRs are completely impossible.

- FBs are, while technically possible under certain unusual conditions, extremely difficult and time consuming because of the sheer amount of screening you have to do and the horrific amount of sneaking around you have to do because they aren’t socially acceptable.

- When you do have sex with a woman, its petty shitty as compared to when you used to have sex in the 21st century. Women aren’t sexually experienced and often things like blowjobs or anal sex are considered only things hookers do.

- Women are feminine, not fat, and wear dresses and things like that, but they aren’t very hot. Sexy long hair is gone. Fake boobs? Gone. Fat women are gone, but trim-fitness women also gone. Most women are the skinnyfat variety. Tight jeans? Tight T-shirts on women? All that stuff is gone, not allowed in this right-wing society. Women are feminine, but they’re also very conservative. It’s not very exciting.

- So, you decide to find some solace and you check out some porn. But wait! There is no porn in this new society! (At last nothing like we’re used to now.) That kind of thing "isn't appropriate for young ladies."Hm...

- Not only is there no internet, but there really isn’t freedom of speech as we understand it today. Want to get some tips on open relationships or fast sex? Utterly gone. You panic as you realize you can’t find anything, anywhere, even at the bookstore, about these topics. You’re completely on your own, with no resources whatsoever to better your woman skills. “Dating” isn’t even a thing. Premarital sex isn’t even a thing (barring extremely rare exceptions). Everyone expects you to shut up and get married as soon as you get out of high school and spend the rest of your life following society’s standards like some kind of Borg drone.

- Let’s say you’re a white guy who loves Asian women, or black women, or Hispanic women.  Nope, sorry, you’re not allowed to date any of those. Even if you find one who has the balls to be with you, she won’t do it because all of her friends and family will freak out. You’re stuck with women your own race. Forever. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

I’ve said before that I could not live the lifestyle I now live if I lived in the 1940s or 50s. It wouldn’t be possible. Even if you adamantly say that it’s possible, I wouldn’t have any desire to spend the extra time and work such a lifestyle would require in such a socially restrictive era as the 1940s. Today, even with all of today's problems that I agree are bad, I can live this lifestyle almost effortlessly, yet in 1948 such a lifestyle would take a massive amount of sacrifice and work. Not interested.

It’s fascinating. If these manosphere guys suddenly had the conservative, Alpha Male 1.0 world they wanted so badly, they wouldn’t be able to do exactly what they love to do so much and are currently doing: have sex with multiple attractive women whenever they wanted without a ridiculous amount of effort. I’m sure the answer they would give to the above would be something like: “Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to do that, but wouldn’t matter. I’d finally be a in proper society where women are feminine and men run things like they should.”

Okay, that brings me back to the original question:
Would you rather have vast personal freedom in a society with lots of problems, or severely reduced freedom in much more orderly and successful society? I would rather be a free man, living exactly how I choose, in a society full of stupid problems like today, than a thinly veiled drone-slave in a perfectly masculine, perfectly orderly society. (Emotionally I’d like to have both, but you can’t have both. It’s one or the other. You’ll have to pick one. Also I'd like a third option: a libertarian society, but most people hate libertarian core concepts so you're not going to get that either.)

One of the many reasons the manosphere will never completely unite is because you have too many men on both sides of this question. Those who want to be free and happy in a somewhat screwed-up society or those who don’t mind suffering reduced happiness and freedom in a more masculine, orderly society. Isn’t that interesting?

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