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I’ve reviewed many cites on the blog, and have discussed the relative attractiveness of women in these cities as compared to others. This got me thinking about exactly how certain cities are more attractive than others (in terms of women who live there), and also how to measure this level of attractiveness. How exactly does a “hot” city differ from a more “average” or “ugly” city? How is this determined?

-By Caleb Jones

Hot To Most Men

The first thing we have to consider is that, as I’ve shown many times, different men like different types of women. Some guys like Asian women. Others like blondes. Others like skinny girls. Still others like more curvy women. And so on. So for someone like me to say that X city is more attractive than Y city, I need to make sure that I’m not talking about my personal tastes, but an average of tastes over a wide variety of men. For example, I have talked about how cities like Miami and Los Angeles are full of attractive women, and they are. Yet when I’ve made these statements, I’ve been very careful not to state this in terms of the women I like, but in terms of what most men would like.

I have very specific tastes in women that are shared by some guys but not others. There are certain cities, such as Salt Lake City, Tempe, and Oslo that are full of the type of women I personally like (Barbie blondes, preferably with big boobs). Yet there are plenty of guys who don’t like blondes, or don't like big tits, or don’t prefer white women, or whatever. Therefore, I can’t let this color my opinion of what a “hot” city is. I’ve noticed that other men who discuss these topics fail to do this. If they say “X city is super hot” what they’re really saying is “X city is full of the type of women I personally like.”

For example, I’ve seen one or two guys say that Tokyo is the hottest city in the world. Well, that’s true...for men who like small-breasted Asian girls. Those are guys whose ideal woman is a hot Asian girl with large eyes and small tits. If that’s what you like the best, then yeah, you’ll be in heaven if you visit Tokyo. But will most other men like Tokyo just as much? When I talked about Tokyo, I mentioned that I sort of half-liked it, since the women are indeed super hot, but have tiny boobs, which is a huge turnoff for me. So yes, Tokyo is a pretty “hot” city, but would I consider it one of the hottest? No. What about men who don’t like Asian women at all? They would visit Tokyo and complain that all the women are “ugly” and how much Tokyo “sucks.”

So you see the problem.

Therefore, a “hot” city must be a city where there were lots of women that most men would agree are attractive. This rules out cities that are full of hot girls of a very specific type (like Tokyo or Oslo). These “specific type” cities are great for a certain type of guys, but you can’t say they’re hot on the overall. To determine an “overall” hot city, we need to make sure that women who are attractive in general are common. Hard to determine with great accuracy, but still possible to determine as long as you can compare it to other cities and do your best to keep your own opinions out of it.

How To Determine A Hot City

Now that we have a general criterion, how do we determine if that city has more hot women than another city? Is there a truly scientific method to doing this? I don’t know, but I tend to doubt it. Regardless, here’s the flawed, unscientific method I use.

Method 1: The Mall Method

The Mall Method is usually the first thing I try. Where do women tend to congregate? Malls. So one method is to go to a normal mall in the city you’re visiting and make sure it’s in a normal neighborhood This means not in a fancy, upscale neighborhood and not in a shitty, run-down area (unless the entire city is somewhat upscale (Monaco) or somewhat shitty (Detroit), in which case it doesn’t matter, but those are odd exceptions to the rule).

If you walk around a normal mall in a normal area of a particular city, I’ve found you can get a pretty good idea of the overall hotness of typical women there. Is it 100% accurate? No. Though you can help the accuracy by visiting several malls in several different parts of town (if you have the time). You can also combine this with other methods.

Method 2: Downtown Method

This is when you go to a downtown core area and wait until the crowds come streaming out of the buildings, such as noon for lunch or 5pm when the workday ends. You’ll get a very good idea of how the women are. This method is a little less accurate since one could argue that these are slightly more upscale women, and thus are more likely to be hot. One way to offset that is to use...

Method 3: Suburbs Method

This is when you visit strip malls in suburban areas (again, not upscale and not shitty, but average for the area) and observe people during eating times (noon or 6pm). You’ll see more families this way as opposed to the other methods, and is a good way to round out the other two. If you do all three of these things, I think you’ll have a pretty good idea of how hot (or not) the women are in a particular city. Again, if you’re looking for a super-accurate, scientific way of determining this, I can’t give it to you (and nor can anyone else), but if you’re looking for a good idea, I think these methods work.

Segmented Cities

One place where these methods fall down is in cities that are highly segmented. Miami, for example, has very “hot” areas and very “ugly” areas. So is Miami hot or not? Well, if you say it’s not, that’s not quite accurate. If you say it is, you need to qualify what you’re saying. Once again, we have to do the best we can with the limited tools available to us.

What About Colleges?

Invariably guys will recommend simply visiting a huge college campus in the target city and using that to gauge the hotness of the area. I disagree. Colleges are not an overall indicator of that city for a few reasons:

1. Colleges are full of younger women, and younger women tend to be more attractive. This artificially skews the hotness of the women upwards.

2. Colleges, particularly larger ones, are full of women who aren’t from that city. Is ASU full of hot blonde girls because Phoenix is full of hot blonde girls, or because hot blonde girls flock to ASU from all over the United States then move back home as soon as they graduate? The answer is the latter.

3. Colleges are usually not a good cross-section of income ranges.

So while college might be a good place to pick up women, I don’t consider it a place to measure overall hotness of a particular city.

Here’s a quickie graph of a few Western cities I’ve visited based on all the above factors. I don’t think it’s 100% accurate, but I think it’s reasonably close, again based on what most men would like. Consider it one giant bar chart with the hottest women at the top and the ugliest women at the bottom. I've segmented the chart into three sections to make it more clear.

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