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The issue of prostitution is a unique one in the political and social arenas, for several reasons. Let us count the ways! But first, I need to declare my own biases.

-By Caleb Jones

My Position on Prostitution -

Before we get into the meat, I should be clear regarding my personal biases on this issue:

1. I think all prostitution should be 100% legal, across the board, as long as you’re talking about consenting, legal adults. It’s absolutely none of the government’s business who you’re having sex with (as long as they’re all consenting, legal adults), how you’re having that sex, or what other arrangements you have around that sex, financial or otherwise. The fact that anyone can, with a straight face, state that private sexual matters between consenting, legal adults are within the purview of the bureaucracy of the government is loony in the extreme, and perhaps one of the best examples of purely false Societal Programming on overdrive.

2. I have never had sex with a working prostitute in my life. I have no interest in doing so in the future.

3. I have never directly paid cash-for-sex in my entire life (with the exception of a few temporary sugar daddy experiments I ran).

4. My entire dating system is based around getting sex for as little money spent as possible. I think the concept of paying a woman for sex (either directly or via paying for expensive dates) is utterly insane, considering the fact that women like sex just as much or more than men do. “Here’s $300 so I can show you a bunch of attention, make you feel good, and make you cum.”

Huh? How the hell does that make sense? If women hated sex then that might be a valid thing to do, but this is clearly not the case.
That being said, I don’t judge others for paying for sex or, in certain scenarios, paying for higher dating expenses to have sex, and I do admit that if you’re a high-income guy with a very busy schedule, it may make more sense to pay prostitutes or sugar babies directly or indirectly for sex rather than taking the time and effort to learn and practice game. The same perhaps goes if you’re an extremely old or ugly guy who can’t get sex with cute hotties any other way.

5. As my income has gone up, the more lenient I’ve become on this money spending issue. I may be even more lenient on it in the future as my income further increases and as I get older. I will admit that I’ve spent a little more money on women in general over the last few years than I did in previous years when my income was lower and I was much more of a financial cheapass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge, frugal cheapass, in all areas of my life, but I have to admit I’ve relaxed a little as I've gotten older.

Alright, now onto they key points of this article.
Prostitution Will Never Be Legal In the US
That’s right. Never.
It will remain legal in places like Europe and Asia, and perhaps increase in those areas. It will also remain legal in little pockets of the US, like rural Nevada. But prostitution will never be across the board legal in the US like it is in some other countries, and this is despite the fact the left-wing has already won the culture war.
They say never say never? I’m saying never.

Why? Because prostitution is one of the few issues where right-wingers and left-wingers (mostly left-wing women) agree.
Right-wingers, in all their fiery, traditional, out-of-date, puritanical slut-shaming glory, think prostitution is immoral, disgusting, depraved, and creates a culture of sluts. Oh no! Sluts! We can’t have those!
Left-wing women view prostitution as an even bigger evil than the right-wingers. They view hookers, particularly younger attractive ones, as competition. Hookers (usually) don’t need to be wined or dined or taken out on dates. They don’t need to be promised monogamy, marriage, or girlfriend status. They don’t need to be given gifts or even treated nicely. Nope. They just fuck guys as long as some money changes hands, no fuss, mo muss, no other requirements, and no questions asked. “Aw HELL no!” left-wing women scream, “We can’t have this!”
Married women are particularly terrified of prostitution. Whenever the topic of legalizing it comes up, they take a spastic nosedive into the 2% Rule and say things like, “What if a married guy has sex with a bunch of hookers without wearing a condom and then gives his wife an STD?!?” No, prostitution must remain illegal, left-wing values be damned.

Regardless, people aren’t stupid. Everyone, right and left alike, know deep down that having something like sex, that A) everyone loves, B) is a highly personal matter and C) most everyone gives away for free because they love it, suddenly becoming a governmental crime if you pay for it, is crazy. Especially considering that paying cash-for-sex suddenly becomes legal again if you point a camera at it and call it “porn.”

People know this, but it doesn’t matter. The entrenched interests of both the right and the left (and again, it’s mostly left-wing women) will ensure that prostitution will never become legal in US despite the fact that the political left has already soundly won the culture war over the conservatives.

When Prostitution Is Legal
Prostitution being legal is a very good thing for men, even for men who never use prostitutes. I know for a fact that in cities or countries where prostitution is legal and common, normal non-prostitute women generally have less ASD, have sex with men faster, and don’t demand as much time or extravagant dates pre-sex. This is because they know that if they don’t put out fast, that potential boyfriend, provider, or husband will just shrug, leave, and go nail a hooker, who in many cases will be hotter and/or younger than her(!).

You will see a similar dynamic in countries where prostitution is illegal while still being an accepted societal norm and essentially decriminalized. Some parts of Asia come to mind.

On the flip side, in places where prostitution is both illegal and heavily criminalized by the police, normal women are free to throw up as much ASD and pre-sex demands as they like, knowing their primary competition are other ASD women instead of hookers.

For example, I live in a part of the country where cops do indeed crack down on prostitution. Hookers are given a slap on the wrist, but pimps, madams, and other such brokers (“procurers”) are given huge prison sentences, even for first time offenses. I’ve met a few of these people and they’re constantly paranoid about getting caught, whereas individual escorts are free to set up web sites advertising their services without much worry.

How Sugar Daddy Sites Fit Into All This
The sugar daddy stuff further complicates this. I could be wrong, but most likely the sugar daddy site phenomenon will end up one of two ways in the near future, both of them bad.

The first possible scenario, and perhaps the one most likely of the two, is that left-wing women will catch onto this trend and their heads will explode. Hating to see hordes of super hot, super young women ready to fuck even gameless betas as long as they throw down a few hundred bucks, these women are going to declare that sugar daddy sites/services are “prostitution” (which they technically are). They will scream to the latest Obama/Hillary/Bernie in charge of the country, and with a stroke of an authoritarian pen, sugar daddy sites will become illegal.

This won’t make them go away of course. Left-wingers and right-wingers don't understand that making something illegal doesn't make it go away (lefties screaming about guns and righties screaming about pot). So just like pot used to be (before it was made legal in many states) and like guns will be soon (when the lefties in charge make them illegal or virtually illegal, which they will), the sugar babies will simply go underground and continue doing business. This will force the price of sugar babies upwards, as well as threaten men who have sex with them, who can and will be sent to jail, more so that those "poor, innocent, young women." American and Canadian's bizarre and unique disgust for older men with younger women will ensure the older men will be facing more criminal charges than the young women.

The second possible scenario, which is also likely, is pretty much the opposite. This is if sugar daddy game isn't rendered illegal and instead goes mainstream. Normal girls will start seeing some of their girlfriends get hundreds or even thousands of dollars just by having the same sex they’d have anyway. Non-sugar baby girls will start to adopt this model, or mutated variations of it. So you’ll be a normal guy on a normal date with a normal girl from a normal dating site like or OKCupid, and when you pitch to have her come over to your place, she’ll say, “Sure! How about $300? That's what my girlfriend gets.”

Yikes. Cold chill down my spine.
I have no idea which one of these will happen. I just have a strong feeling that because of Americans’ strong and insane anti-prostitution Societal Programming, this sugar daddy party will be coming to end at some point. Though I could always be wrong.
“All” Women Are Prostitutes?
It’s been said, not by me but by many others, that “all” women are prostitutes. The women we call prostitutes are the ones that demand direct payment of cash for sex. The women who demand cash paid to a restaurant or bar for sex are called normal. The women who demand cash paid to restaurants, grocery stores, and clothing stores on a regular basis for sex are called girlfriends. The women who demand their bills paid and their kids taken care of for sex (at least for a while before they get bored) are called wives.

Regardless, the saying goes, all of these women are prostitutes. The only women who aren’t prostitutes are the ones who have sex with you for no payment at all, because they love sex. Right-wingers have a word for that type of woman that I won’t use, because I love these women and want more of them in society, not less. (If you’d like to see a great speech on this topic, Johnny Soporno has a great one here.)

Do I believe this? Only somewhat. To say that all women are prostitutes might be technically correct but it’s also an oversimplification. This doesn’t account for the fact that as men, we have strong protective, paternal instincts. We like to take care of people. When I really care for one special woman, I want to take care of her, to a degree at least. It's a masculine trait. I don’t view this as her being a prostitute, because I want to take care of her. Granted, most beta males and even many high-income Alpha Male 1.0s way overdo this, and it’s a huge problem that damages all men. But to a degree wanting to take care of one special woman in your life I think is okay as long as you don’t go crazy. It may even be healthy for your masculinity.

Prostitution and You
If you prefer paying hookers or sugar babies for sex, that’s fine. I would suggest that you probably don’t want to live in the United States for the long-term future, because our culture and government frown on that stuff and may be cracking down more on this soon.

If you’re a guy like me who prefers to get laid for free or near-free using a specific dating system like mine, that’s also fine. Have at it and make sure you put all that money you save into your investments where they belong (or to pay off debt if you have any).

If you’re an older guy or a higher-income guy and find yourself in-between these two extremes, that’s okay too. Just don’t go beta and start slathering women with money and/or support (unless you are truly wealthy and completely debt free and it doesn’t harm your long-term finances to do so).

What does the future hold? Again, I’m not sure, but I’ll end with a little story.
A while back I went out on a first date with a smoking-hot, perfect-10 woman in her early 20s whose last boyfriend was in his 60s. Yes, he was in his 60s. The catch? He was extremely wealthy and once a week he’d transfer $1000 into her checking account. This was on top of various other “gifts” and “helping out.” She drove a Mercedes and lived in an expensive high-rise apartment despite having no job and being a full-time student. She lived like this for a year before she dumped him.
Being accustomed to this behavior from a “boyfriend” (more accurately, a John) she expected this kind of thing from me as well. I’m sure you can guess what I told her. She was upset that she went on all these dates with all these men who not willing to pay her $1000 a week. Like, OMG. What the hell is wrong with men? Truthfully and in all seriousness, this was her attitude. She was actually confused that men wouldn't pay her $1000 a week in order to date her.

Why did she break up with him if she had such a great deal? I saved that for last, because it’s so astounding. She found out that while dating her, he was secretly giving three other women $1000 a week also. He was “cheating” on her (her words). She actually felt hurt and violated(!). So she dumped him. Now she's going to spend the rest of her life looking for another guy to pay her $1000 a week to give him something other hot girls will give him for free, and being furious if she can't find such a man (which, in her town, she may not).

As this practice becomes more common and as ripoff college tuition prices continue to skyrocket and as the economy continues to slowly worsen, is this a sign of things to come?
You tell me.

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