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A year or two ago I started experimenting with female condoms. I use the typical male condoms of course, and have talked about my experiences with them here, but I admit they’re a little problematic at times, since the sensation of sex while using a condom is noticeably lessened (though this is less the case if you’re on TRT).

-By Caleb Jones

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This is particularly true if you’re already having sex with an OLTR or high-end MLTR without using a condom. I know that men who are hardcore polyamorous, or only have sex with FBs or hookers and whatnot, and who use condoms 100% of the time, actually become accustomed to the reduced sensation and everything feels fine to them (at least over time). But men in open relationships where there’s one special girl he’s not using a condom with, while using condoms on all the rest, always get that distinct lessening of sensation with side women.Of course it should go without saying that you should not be going without a condom on more than one woman at a time. I know a lot of you violate that rule, and it’s your body, but STDs and accidental pregnancies are no fun. Even you guys with vasectomies can still get STDs, particularly from those younger girls who are less careful about that kind of thing.

One day I decided to use a female condom on a FB instead of the usual male condoms. Once I got the hang of it, I was sold. I can now officially recommend female condoms over normal condoms if you can deal with their negatives, which I think are negligible. I'll cover both the good and the bad.

The Positives
1. They feel fantastic. Far better than standard condoms. Seriously. These things are awesome.
A male condom goes over your cock and snugly sticks to it during sex. When you move back and forth, you feel less sensation because you’re not getting any friction between your skin and hers.[Female condoms work in exactly the reverse way. They go inside her first and stay there. Then your cock goes inside the female condom, which is inside her, and when you move back and forth, you’re feeling all the same friction you would feel during normal sex. It feels great.

The only difference is that the friction you’re feeling is against the material of the condom rather than her skin, but honestly, your cock barely knows the difference. (Let’s face it, your cock is pretty stupid. I know mine is.)
You might ask if this difference feels less good for the woman. I can’t answer that definitively, but according to the women I've used female condoms on, it feels about the same. Women hate condoms as much as men do, so condomless sex still feels better to a woman. But the difference for the woman between the standard and female condom seems to be minimal, at least based on the feedback I’ve received.

One reason for this is that much (or most!) of the sensation during sex a woman feels is actually outside of the vagina. This is unaffected by a female condom. She still feels that.Again though, I’m just guessing. Any women who have had sex using both types of condoms are more than welcome to comment below on any significant differences they felt. All I can tell you for sure is YOU, as the man, will feel the difference. In a good way.

2. They don’t need to be discarded during a night of sex. Sometimes with normal condoms, as you change positions, or go down on her, or whatever, you either lose a part of your erection or the condom slips off. Often you need to get another condom to replace it.
With female condoms, this never happens. The female condom just stays inside her the entire time. You never need to remove and discard it until you’re all done having sex.

3. It solves the “safe sex for threesomes” problem. I get email from you guys asking what to do regarding condoms during threesomes. Do you use two different condoms, one for each woman? Do you use a condom on one and not the other? Can you fuck one using one condom, and use that same condom for the other girl, or do you have to replace the condom every time you switch?

Female condoms solves all those problems. Put one condom inside each woman, and you’re done. You can pump away on both of them all night long, switch off as often as you like, and none of the three of you are at risk for an STD.

4. You don’t need to keep checking them during sex. As I’ve talked about before, condoms sometimes roll up on you, so you have to keep checking the damn things during sex. I’ve never had a female condom do the same. Maybe someday it will happen, but it hasn’t yet.

5. Far less risk of breaking. I’ve had condoms break. Not often, but it’s happened. Hey, my cock is huge, okay? (Just kidding. I’m very average down there.)

With female condoms, the odds of this happening are far, far less. This is because they’re not tightly wrapped around your cock like a damn superhero costume. Instead, they just “rest” inside her vag, not tight around anything. I can’t even visualize how a female condom would break unless it was defective out of the wrapper.
The Negatives
Nothing in life is perfect, so I have to cover the negatives too. I will list them in order of severity. However, I consider all of these negatives well worth the positives.

1. They cost more. Most normal condoms cost around 35 to 50 cents, depending on what kind and how you purchase them. Female condoms cost about triple this, running around $1.40 per condom, again depending on what brands you use and where/how you get them. The ones I’ve typically used are these ones. At some point I may research cheaper ways of getting them, but regardless of what you do, they’re still going to be more expensive.

Unless you’re on a really tight budget, I don’t think this matters much to most of you. Also remember that these condoms never have to be replaced during sex, which saves a little money.2. They look weird while in use. This is the big reason why female condoms have never caught on, and why they probably never will even though they’re clearly better.
Once the female condom is inside her, the end of it hangs out of her pussy the entire time you’re having sex. It looks a little weird if you’re not accustomed to it, and she will definitely feel weird about it if she’s not accustomed to it either.
Do I give a shit about this? No. Once you’re having sex, your eyes are nowhere near that region anyway. Even during doggy style it looks just fine.
You’ll just have to calm your female partner about this the first few times you use them and explain to her that it’s “normal” for it to look like that. Once she starts feeling good, she won’t care.

3. There’s a “process” to them at the start of sex. Just like you have to put your normal condom on before sex, she has to put her condom “on” before sex if you use a female condom.The process is pretty simple but it might take you one or two tries the very first time you do it. There are instructions enclosed with every packet of female condoms to help you. The female condom is a cylinder with one end that’s slightly smaller than the other. All you do is A) make sure she’s wet, B) pinch the smaller end so it gets small, C) gently push it inside her with your finger (this can actually feel good to her if you do it right) so that it’s all the way in (or close to it) with the end hanging out.

That’s it. When you have sex, you put your cock in the condom instead of her. From that point on, it’s all the same, except it feels way better than using a standard condom.
I strongly recommend you get a pack of these babies and try them out at least once or twice. You’ll thank me.
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