An Open Invitation To The Alt-Right and Manosphere To Tell Me Where I’m Wrong

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As you probably already know, it is my position that the Western world is already screwed and any political or social action is, while emotionally satisfying, not going to save the West from its fate. The only thing that might save the West is if some Elon Musk type invents a technological widget that changes the world into a paradise. Other than that, the West will collapse at some point in the future, and it doesn’t matter who you vote for or what social/political movement you become a part of. Thus, instead of focusing on external, political or societal solutions, you should instead focus your limited time on bettering the lives of yourself and your close loved ones.

-By Caleb Jones

If you want to know when I think the West will collapse, I have no idea. I don’t know that, nor does anyone else.
If you want to know how I think the collapse will occur or what exactly will happen, I don’t know that either, though I have a few strong educated guesses that I describe here if you’re interested.
But today isn’t about me. Today, I’m going to shut up and turn this blog over to you.

If you are part of the activist manosphere or alt-right, and think that voting for certain people, or voting for certain parties, or funding certain groups, or taking part in political or social movements will actually save the West and turn power back over to pro-masculine, right-wing, traditional values, then please leave a comment below, tell me how I’m wrong, and tell me exactly how your idea will work.

There are no rules for the comments you leave on this post (other than the usual Five Simple Rules for this blog, which will be enforced as always), but if you want me to reply to your comment and have a rational discussion about your plan, your comment must include the following three elements:

1. Exactly what your plan entails. How, exactly, will your social / political plan, or movement, or revolution, or whatever, save the West, make women feminine and submissive again, get rid of all those immigrants, return conservatism to its former glory, or whatever else you want it to do. You must be specific. “Voting for Republicans” is not specific. I want your specific plan.

2. How your plan will work in the real world, in the West, in 2016 or later, rather than something that might have worked in 1950, or something that will work in your right-wing fantasies, or something that might work in South America. Tell me exactly how your plan will work in our current big government, politically correct, left-wing, anti-man, corporatist/socialist world completely dominated by politicians and bankers, where the majority of the citizenry are left-wingers and where white men are only 31% of the population (and declining). Just saying “Trump will make America great again” is not specific enough.

3. If your plan is meant to save the West and turn things around, or if your plan is meant to minimize the damage when the collapse occurs. Those are two very different things. I think there is no plan that will save the West (though I promise to keep an open mind for the purpose of this blog post and the comments). However, I am at least mildly interested in any plans that acknowledge the right has lost, the left has won, the collapse is coming no matter what, but if we do X, Y, and Z, we can minimize the damage that is caused to men in Western society (or all of society) when (not if) the collapse occurs. Those kinds of plans might have some merit.

Since I've had many of these discussions before, I'll save you some time and give you a few examples of things that are not specific plans, and examples of comments I will ignore:
"Turn back to God." (This is not a specific plan.)"Leave the EU!" (Not specific enough. You'll leave, then what? How will this save the rest of Europe / US / Canada / etc?)
"Vote for Donald Trump and make America great again." (This is not a specific plan. And if Hillary wins, then what?)
"Kick the Muslims/Mexicans out!" (Not specific enough. How exactly will you do this, based on current fiscal, political, and cultural realities? Give me your specific plan.)
"Get an AR-15 and get ready for the revolution!" (This is not a specific plan.)

One more thing. If you're a manosphere/alt-right guy, I agree with at least 85% of your political views, if not more. I just think the solution is personal and individual (Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle, nonmonogamy, self-employment, location independent income, maintaining good physical health, eventually moving out of the Western world, etc) and you think the solution is external (voting, political activism, protesting, movements, angrily posting on blogs and social media, etc).We agree on the problem, we only disagree on the solution. I'm actually on your side. Try your best to keep that in mind when you start getting angry, which I know many of you will.
But enough of that. I now officially hand the discussion over to you. Comment below and tell me how the West can be saved. I’m here to listen and learn.

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