When Women Leave You Then Return – Several Real-Life LSNFTE Case Studies

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My worst acronym ever, the LSNFTE, or Long Soft Next For Temporary Exclusivity, is a reality of life that you need to become comfortable with as a nonmonogamous man. Stated simply, the LSFNTE is when false Societal Programming finally gets the better of a FB or MLTR (or in rare cases, an OLTR) you’re seeing. Because of this, she gets disappointed with you after a few months or several years of having sex with you, either for not boyfriending her up (in the case of FBs) or not committing to sexual monogamy (in the case of MLTRs).

-By Caleb Jones

She then quietly dumps you without drama, and almost immediately monkey-branches to a beta male who will cheerfully chop off his own balls and promise the monogamy you will not give her. As a beta, he’s happy to be getting laid at all, so of course he’ll promise her anything.

The good news is that A) long-term sexual monogamy doesn’t work, and B) betas are extremely boring to women, usually to the point of being irritating to them. So eventually, once the NRE dies down with her new beta boyfriend or husband, she’ll do what women do, and dump/divorce his ass (or in some cases, cheat on him) and swing right back to you to resume your happy sexual relationship. This can take several weeks to several years depending on your frame during the relationship, your nonmonogamous relationship skills, the woman, her age, and the particular scenario.

As I’ve discussed before, my personal return rate for LSFNTEs is 94%. 94% of FBs, MLTRs, and even OLTRs who leave me eventually return. The remaining 6% is mostly represented by women who moved far away or other odd scenarios. This is the same rate that you can expect if you do everything right in terms of managing your nonmonogamous relationships correctly.

Once you get to the point of knowing that there’s a 94% chance a woman leaving you will be back to ride your cock someday soon, it will take most of the unhappiness and all the surprise away from the process. You just smile, let her go, go radio silent on her, have sex with your other women, and wait until you have sex with her again. As usual, the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle is the best lifestyle today’s modern man can live (in my admittedly biased opinion of course).

Today, I’ll give you several real-life examples of when this has happened to me. I combed through my older spreadsheets and came up with the ones that I feel can teach you the most. To show that his process works equally with women of all ages, I’ll provide a range of different age groups, from women age 18 to over 33. I’ll also use examples from all three relationship types: FB, MLTR, and OLTR. I have changed the names of the women, but these examples are all 100% accurate and truthful within the limits of my admittedly sometimes imperfect memory.

Case Study 1: Jessie
Jessie was one of the first VYW I ever dated. She was a very cute, extremely confident and extroverted 18 year-old who was a low-end MLTR. About five months into the relationship, she started pressuring me for monogamy even though she was fucking at least two other guys on the side. (Ah, 18 year-olds.)

Of course I said no, though gently. She keep pushing me regardless, and started hinting strongly that it would be a “great idea” if she moved in with me. I kept blowing off this request, and we kept on dating while she was bringing me many of her cute, young girlfriends to play with. It was a wild and fun time.

About two months after that, I saw on MySpace (yes, it was back then) that she changed her relationship status to “Married.” I sent her a MySpace message and asked her about it. She basically said, “Yep. I am.” She had married one of her FBs; needy younger guy whom she told me was gay. (I knew it was a lie as soon as she said it.) He had just joined the military and quickly needed a wife so he could double his paycheck before he went off to Iraq. He told her he loved her and she could live in his place, rent free, while he was gone. Of course she agreed. I shrugged and let her go. I was somewhat new at all of this back then, and didn’t know I’d have a 94% return rate yet, but I had a feeling she’d be back.

There was no contact between us for about seven months. After that, we texted. I don’t remember who texted who first, but I think I texted her. I figured seven months was plenty of time to wait, and it was. Her stupid marriage had crumbled (of course). She was still legally married to him because she wanted to keep her military health coverage, but they were separated.

Two months after that we were having sex, while she was pregnant with her “husband’s” baby. We only had sex a few times, and then she tried to reconcile with her “husband.” I smiled and let her go again. We kept in touch, but only very sporadically. I made sure to keep the contact as infrequent as possible (every 3-4 months or so at the most) and just long enough to get an idea of her relationship status. About a year after we had sex, her marriage had crumbled again, and she had a new boyfriend, but it was clear she wasn’t very committed to him. We started having sex again, and this time it was reasonably consistent for about a year. When we resumed, I made sure to downgrade her to FB because of her chaotic life and constant lying, but for a year we had a lot of fun.
Today, she’s 26 years old, has become semi-famous, and has been on national TV several times. To this day we still hook up occasionally- as recently as last year.

Case Study 2: Jen
Jen was my first OLTR(ish) relationship many years ago. (I didn't have OLTR as a term back then, but she was as close as a woman could come to that.) She was a hot, short blonde, just the way I like ‘em. She was 31 when we started seeing each other but 32 when we started getting serious. She was extremely smart, quick-witted, fiercely independent (the good and accurate definition of the word, not the female definition) and we were very sexually compatible.

We were very much in love and had a great, albeit short initial relationship. We never got to The Talk but it was pretty clear that she knew what I wanted and didn’t want. (Again, this was many years ago before my system was perfected.)
One day, while rapidly approaching the Female Age of Doom (age 33), completely out of the blue, she stopped responding to my texts. No argument, no lecture, and no warning. One day everything was great, and the next day she was gone. (Sound familiar? Women do this all the time.)

I was confused. Like most Societally Programmed men, I wanted a specific reason or answer to why she did this. However, by then I understood women and knew that I would probably never get one, and that perhaps she didn’t even know why she did it with 100% clarity. (I later found out she had acquired a new FB and started seeing him after leaving me, though they were never serious.)

I was a little bummed for a day or two but I just shrugged it off, kept on having sex with my FBs. I went back to the dating sites to get 1-2 new MLTRS, which I had within about a month. Life went on and things were good, as they always are.
About a year and half later, I checked her Facebook profile, confirmed there was no boyfriend or “In A Relationship” status that I could see, and sent her a Facebook message. She responded, but was a little cold. I got her to text me, and we conversed over text a little. I knew that from her colder attitude and her new over-33 status that just inviting her over to my house would not work.
So instead, I broke one of my rules and invited her to lunch. I knew she had no boyfriend, so my plan was to sexually escalate there. She agreed to go, and there was no sexual escalation other than some really tight hugs (a mistake and failure on my part).
Another entire year went by with minimal to no contact. I texted her out of the blue one day, and she responded. I pitched going to lunch again, but with several more years of experience doing this, I was adamant that I would sexually escalate.

She agreed, and during lunch I was sexual as hell. Sex talk, squeezing her legs, the works. Walking out of the cheap Mexican restaurant (I made sure to keep the “date” very cheap and casual, and she paid for her half), I grabbed her and we made out. After we were done, she frowned at me (ah, over 33 women) but didn’t say anything negative.
Walking back to our cars, I told her to come over to my place. Her over-33 ASD bubbled up within her, saying that she didn’t want to because she didn’t want to get “groped.” I smiled and persisted. She said no two more times. I shrugged, kissed her again, hard, smiled, told her to have a nice day, and left.

Just three hours later, she sent me a text saying that she had to admit that I “tasted good.” I told her to come over. She was hesitant. She said she didn’t want to be a FB (ah, over 33 women.) I told her that she could never be a FB because of our history together, and it was the truth.
One hour after that, we were having sex on one of my blankets on my living room floor. We had sex off and on for three hours.
Three days later, we did it again. This time, four hours.
This continued for about three months, until one day she stopped responding to my texts again. Ah, so this was her pattern. This time I was cool with it. I knew she’d be back.

Several times over the next several years Jen would come back to me every once in a while for a few months of hyper-intensive sex, and then just vanish again. It was great every time, though I knew she could never be an OLTR with that level of inconsistency. MLTR, sure. OLTR, never. Good times though. She’s now almost 40 and we’re still distant friends. (I have an OLTR now, a real one, so I don't see Jen anymore.)

Case Study 3: Marlee
This is a more recent example from the last few years. Marlee was 24 years old and someone many of you would consider to be a 10. She was a slightly smaller and skinner version of Kim Kardashian, but with an even prettier face. She was a FB from the very start, because I knew that she had a lot of drama in her life. Regardless, we got along very well and had a natural chemistry from the very first date.

Initially we only saw each other very sporadically, much like most of my FBs, which was once every 5-6 weeks or so. Over time, we started seeing each other very regularly, like once a week (keeping to the once a week rule at all times, of course; because keeping to the rules increases the odds of LSNFTEs returning to you).

One day she suddenly stopped responding to my texts. Just like with Jen, there was no argument and no warning. I popped over to her Facebook page. Like many of my women over the last few years, I hadn’t added her to my friends list, so she could keep plausible deniability with any other men she dated. However, per my system, I bookmarked her page and also communicated over Facebook at least once so if she ever lost/replaced her phone and/or lost my number, she would have a way of contacting me. Facebook is a much more consistent medium of communication these days than cell phones.

As expected, she was now “In A Relationship” with a young beta of about her age. Marlee was a Type 3, meaning she was a younger woman who would fuck a much older guy and have no problem with it, but was accustomed to dating men her own age. I smiled, nodded, noted the event in one of my spreadsheets, and started a six month timer.
Six months later, I sent her a text. No response.

No prob. I waited another six months, and sent her another text. This time, she responded instantly. With a few back and forths, I discovered that, sure enough, she was having all kinds of problems with her new boyfriend because he was so needy. I told her she should come over so she could cum over. Two days later, that’s exactly what she was doing with me. Being direct like this works just fine with women well under age 33. With women 33 or over, sadly, you have to put in a little more work, like with Jen.
We started seeing each other for several months; almost every week.

One day, about four months after this, some guy from a strange phone number started calling me and leaving me multiple voice mails about what an asshole I was, how he “caught me,” and how he was going to tell everyone I work with that I “have sex with younger women.” Oh no. I hope no one finds that out.

Oh wait. Everyone already knows. (I love it when people make threats when they have no idea who they’re dealing with; a guy of near-unlimited outcome independence who’s almost completely detached from the usual societal system.) Marlee texted me a little later, saying that this idiot was her new boyfriend. Sure enough, it was another needy, young beta, different from the first one, who had looked through her phone and was now throwing Drama From Hell™ at her. She then went on to explain that she could not see me or talk to me anymore, ever again.

Yeah. Right.
I laughed out loud as I texted her that it was cool with me, because it was, and I wished her the best of luck, knowing I’d be inside her again within a year at the very most. Women put up with bullshit drama from a man during the first few months of NRE, but not after that.

Exactly four months later (you know how this ends, don’t you?) I got a Facebook message from her out of the blue. She had changed cell phones and didn’t have any other way to reach me. (See? The Facebook method works.) Her new boyfriend didn’t work out (big shock) because he was too much drama (big shock) and she wanted to hang out again.

We resumed having sex. Multiple LSNFTEs from the same woman. This happens often, particularly with the younger ones.
I hope these case studies have helped you understand these techniques a little better. The LSFNTE is a very normal, typical, and usual thing in my life, and I’ve come to enjoy the ease of the process. If your goal is to maintain a large, long-term roster of women, you must become comfortable with this process and proficient with the rules, such as ignoring women for at least 4-6 months when they leave you, not freaking out when they do, following all the relationship rules when you’re seeing them, keeping your frame, always be having sex with at least 2-3 women, etc. Good luck!

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