Why Americans and Europeans Vote for the Wrong Reasons

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-By Caleb Jones

The Washington Post recently published this article about how Americans view Tantrum Trump so far as President. The results of the research reiterate, at least to me, why voting in the Western world is fundamentally broken, and as been for a long time.

If you look at the results they publish in the article, it shows that the top three reasons why Trump supporters like Trump is because of “strong leadership,” he “speaks his mind,” and “everything.” The top three reasons people who hate Trump hate him is because “the way he acts,” “everything,” and that he’s “uninformed.”

There is something very wrong with all that, on both sides. Hopefully, you can see what it is before I state it.

Do you know what I like or dislike the most about any particular president or government official? His or her polices, what that person actually does while in office (or has actually done in past government positions). I don’t give a fuck about what that person says, how that person acts, how much he knows or doesn’t know, whether or not he “speaks his mind,” or any of that other crap. All I care about is what that person does while he’s in office; the laws he passes, the wars he starts (or continues, or escalates, or ends), the economics he fixes or screws up, etc.

As you can see, the top reasons why people love or hate a president has nothing to do with policies at all. Instead, people are focused on how a president makes them feel rather than what that president actually does. This applies to both Trump worshipers and Trump haters, just like it applied to Obama worshipers and Obama haters.

“Strong leadership” doesn’t mean anything. It just means that Trump acts tough. That’s great, but do I care about that when he escalates the stupid and ridiculous wars in Afghanistan and Syria? Or when it’s clear he wants a government-mandated health care system as long as it’s not called “Obamacare?” No. I don’t care how he acts. I only care about what he does.

When people say they love or hate “everything” about him, that’s equally useless, and proves you aren’t thinking objectively. I don’t love or hate “everything” about anyone. I confident such a thing would be impossible.

“The way he acts” and “speaks his mind” are, once again, how he acts and how he makes people feel. What fucking difference does that make other than for entertainment? I’ve had many Trump supporters on my blogs say they love Trump for the way he trolls the media. I agree that’s hugely entertaining and I like that too, but it terms of actually evaluating Trump as a president, it’s completely meaningless and should not even be considered. The only thing you should care about is what he does as president and how it affects you and/or your children.

Even “uninformed” doesn’t matter. I would much prefer a deeply flawed and reasonably uninformed libertarian like Gary Johnson than a highly intelligent, ultra-knowledgeable corporatist like Hillary Clinton. I don’t care how smart you are. I only care about what you’ll do to my country as president.

This is one of the many reasons why democracy is fundamentally flawed. People, left and right both, vote for irrational and emotional reasons rather than objective, performance-based reasons. They always have. As the Western world gets more and more irrational, this is becoming worse and worse. They’re even seriously talking right now about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running for president in 2020. As depressing as this sounds, I actually think he would have a decent shot at it. That’s how insane American voters have become. (Those suicidal Europeans aren't much better. It looks like the Germans might actually re-elect Merkel in September. Amazing!)

Enjoy the decline!

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