The Thought Processes of the Citizenry in a Collapsing Empire

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The advancement of a society is only as strong as the thought processes of the citizens within that society. This is particularly true in democracies, including fake democracies like the USA and Europe. If the vast majority of citizens can’t identify real problems with their civilization and focus their energies on solving or improving those problems, these problems will grow in severity, forever. Well, “forever” being a metaphorical word, since the society will collapse because of these ever-worsening problems eventually.

-By Caleb Jones

The latest news story is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Some US soldiers were shot and killed in the African nation of Niger, and Tantrum Trump allegedly said some insensitive things to one of the soldier’s widows. Both sides of the political isle took their usual, stupid, boring, predictable positions. Left-wingers heads exploded, and screamed their heads off about what a jerk Tantrum Trump is, how insensitive he is, how unpresidential he is, and in some cases, how racist he is (since the widow was black).

Right-wingers circled the wagons around their leader whom they secretly hate, defended him as being a kind and courteous president, and downplayed the entire thing as an overreaction. Societal Programming and the dominant thought processes of the day gently push you in the direction of one of those two viewpoints and to pick a side. And that’s the problem. As usual, both sides, which encompass the vast majority of the population, are focused on the wrong thing.

When they first heard this story, most people instantly leaped into the left-wing “Trump is an asshole” camp or the right-wing “Trump is doing a good thing” camp. Since I’m not affected by Societal Programming in this way, the first thought that instantly came to my mind as soon as I saw this story was: What the fuck are we doing in Niger? Why do we have military troops in Niger? What the hell? We’re in seven different Obama wars already… now we’re in eight wars?

It appears that American zeitgeist has become so numb to the reality of never-ending war and American empire that virtually no one cares that our troops are getting into firefights in the country of Niger. 40 years ago, if there was suddenly new news that we had troops in Niger, people would be shocked and horrified. Congress would hold hearings about it, and people’s heads would roll.

Today, no one cares. All they care about, and they care a lot about it, are the specific words the current corporatist president uses on the telephone to a widow that no one will care about in two weeks. The fact we have military troops in Niger, and all over the world, doesn’t matter to anyone. This is what I’m talking about regarding the thought processes of a citizenry. If people were thinking rationally, then left-wingers would be furious not about a phone conversation, but about the fact that we had troops in Niger, as well as all over the Middle East and North Africa. Left-wingers should be screaming that we need to bring the troops home so that phone calls to widows wouldn’t be required in the first place.

But nope, as usual, left is mostly silent on that; they’re too busy being furious about a phone call that means nothing to the future of the country and of our civilization. By the way, the alt-right, if they were truly and intellectually consistent, which they are not, should be screaming about the same thing. They should be yelling at Trump to get our troops out of Niger. Do you hear any of them doing this? I don’t. They’re too busy defending their God Emperor about a phone call that means nothing to the future of the country and of our civilization.

When I say that the problems of the collapsing West are literally unfixable, I’m not saying that to just be a jerk or to be controversial. I say that because it is a literal reflection of the facts. You can see in this one stark example how the thought processes of most of the population are geared to look away from the real problems and towards minor things that don’t matter. And this is only one tiny scenario; I see this same problem played out over and over again with serious issues being ignored and minor issues being brought to the fore, on purpose, by both sides. I said this back when the left and the right were screeching at each other about gay marriage (something that affects only 0.2% of the population)… yet most of these people, on both sides, don’t even know what the Federal Reserve is (something that severely affects 100% of everyone, including non-Americans). Problems in a society, collapsing or otherwise, will never be fixed, can never be fixed, if this is how a society processes information.

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