America Continues To Move Left

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-By Caleb Jones

I have written several articles already showing all the facts and stats that clearly demonstrate America is a left-wing country and continues to move left. If your answer is “But what about Trump???” then remember that more people voted for the Lizard Queen (the worst presidential candidate in my lifetime), only 26% of people voted for Trump, and a significant percentage of those people didn’t think he was qualified to be president. But seriously, if you think America is “going back to the right,” then stop right now and read this article and this one. (And for Christ's sake dude, try to form your opinions using facts, not feelings.)

There’s a concept called the Overton Window. If you’re not familiar with it, it means the range of ideas that are tolerated in public discourse. Every year, the Overton Window shifts more to the left. Even since Tantrum Trump's election in 2016, it has continued to shift to the political left, and here’s the latest indication of this…

Last week, openly-admitted socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (the most popular politician in the USA right now according to all the surveys; still think the USA isn’t becoming more left-wing?) made a serious proposal that all Americans be automatically guaranteed a government job, at $15 per hour, with full health care coverage.

I’m not going to talk about the insanity of this proposal, since that’s obvious to anyone who is informed about the US government's current financial position and who can perform basic math.

The more important thing is the public’s reaction to this proposal.

If you’re old enough, imagine a nationally-known, mainstream politician seriously announcing this proposal 10-15 years ago. How would people react to it? I don’t mean the fringe far left; I mean normal, everyday people.

The answer is that they would blow it off as absurdity and move on. They wouldn’t even argue about it. The idea would be just too insane-sounding to them. Mainstream news probably wouldn’t even cover it.

How are people reacting to it today?

Pretty much the opposite. It was plastered all over every news source you could think of. Everyone talked about it and debated it like it was a real thing. People all over the country and the internet are talking about how it’s a great idea. And of course, terrified conservatives are screaming that it’s a terrible idea.

My point is none of this would be happening if the Overton Window in the US hasn’t shifted greatly to the left. The fact everyone is talking about it, and that many people love it, and other people are bitching about it like it’s a real possibility (which it is, more on that in a minute) proves this. Again, if some popular Senator proposed this back in 1995 or 2005 you would probably never have even heard about it.

In following the predicable slow collapse of every prosperous empire in human history, the US will continue to move left, every year, no matter what else happens or who is elected. It’s inevitable at this point. One could even make the argument (and I have before in a roundabout way) that things like Trump, the screaming alt-right / alt-lite, Brexit, and all of these celebrity sexual harassment cases actually increase this slow move to the left with normal, everyday, non-informed Americans.

America will continue to move to the left. If you don’t think this is happening, you’re either not paying attention to the facts or you’re being irrational. Sometime in the next few years, you will see insane quasi-communist reforms in the federal government just like Comrade Bernie’s proposal. This will happen. Just watch.

If you’re an American left-winger, then don’t worry. In time, you’ll get everything you want; America will end up as a more corporatist and indebted version of Scandinavia. So good on you.

If you’re an American but you’re not a left-winger, and don’t like things like redistribution of wealth on a mass scale, sky-high taxes, massive personal and business regulation, then instead of hoping that some Messiah like Trump is going to come along and save you (which he can’t and won’t), you need to make plans to offset these problems which are coming to America in your lifetime.

The Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle is my recommendation, obviously. Alpha Male 2.0’s will be protected from at least 90% of this stuff even if they don’t move out of the country. And yes, you could do what I’m doing and make plans to leave the country too if you really want to, though that isn’t required as long as you do everything else correctly.

My point here is to not delude yourself about the overall direction the United States is heading just because you see an unhinged anti-SJW as our temporary President. America is heading for bigger government, more debt, more laws, higher taxes, and more socialism. Republicans can't and won't fix it (they're actually part of the problem).

Don’t stick your head in the sand about this… instead, plan on it and make plans to avoid it. That's the smart thing to do.

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