Movies I Will and Won’t See in 2019

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I just went through the tentative movie release schedule for 2019. Following my new system of not seeing a lot of movies anymore, which has been working very well, below are the movies I plan on seeing, perhaps might see, and definitely won't see. I’ve found that if I largely ignore the movie critics and instead focus on fan buzz for a movie, my odds of selecting a good or bad movie are pretty good. If the fans say it’s bad, it’s probably bad.

-By Caleb Jones

If they say it’s good, it’s probably good (unless they are brainwashed by a particular franchise). Whereas if the critics say a movie is good or bad, it really depends; sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re not.

Here’s my list…
Movies I Will Definitely See In 2019 Unless The Fan Buzz Is Really Terrible
I will definitely see these movies unless the audience scores are really, really bad.
Glass – Unbreakable was awesome and Split is one of my favorite movies of the last 20 years. Hell yes I’m seeing Glass. Can’t wait.

Captain Marvel – I don’t really want to see this, but I view this as required viewing if I’m going to enjoy the next Avengers movie, which I’m definitely going to see.
Avengers – Of course.

John Wick Chapter 3 – Of course. These movies are fantastic, a tiny light in a sea of shit.

Godzilla: King of Monsters  - The last Godzilla movie suffered from the fact that you barely saw Godzilla. I’m confident that they will fix this problem in this movie, since he will fight all of my favorite monsters from my childhood: Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. Cool.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – Quentin Tarantino is probably the best filmmaker of our era. Hell yes, I’m there.

Movies I Will See Only If The Fan Buzz Is Really Good
I will plan on not seeing these movies unless the audience scores are usually good, say over 80-85% or so.

Alita: Battle Angel – This is one of those “the trailer looks really good but it will probably suck” movies. So we’ll see.

Shazam! – As above. This movie could be really dumb or could be groundbreaking good. It’s 50/50.

Hellboy – Hellboy 2 is one of my favorite movies ever, but this reboot isn’t being done by Guillermo del Toro. Hm.

Dark Phoenix – The last X-Men movie (Apocalypse) was absolutely terrible and a huge letdown, so we’ll see what the fans say about this. If they love it, I’ll go. Otherwise I’ll pass.

It: Chapter Two – If it’s as good as the first movie, I’ll see it. (Interesting side note: Pink Firefly loves horror movies and I think they're dumb, yet she hated It and I liked it. Weird.)
Gemini Man – Interesting premise. Maybe.
Joker – This could be a total cluster fuck, and probably will be. But if the buzz is good I’ll give it a shot.

Terminator – God dammit. GOD DAMMIT! The left-wingers might have killed this franchise too (just like they killed Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.). I was looking forward to this since James Cameron is behind it, but then all the silly SJW stuff about it came to light. We’ll see, but it doesn't look good.

Movies I Will Not See No Matter What

The next Star Wars movie - Nope. I’m done with Star Wars. They’ve killed it. These new Star Wars movies are not Star Wars movies; they're goofy, slapstick comedies set in a Star Wars-like universe. If I want to see that kind of thing I'll re-watch Spaceballs which was far superior. If you want more info on this, read this.
Kingsman 3 – They screwed up this one too. No.
Hobbs and Shaw – I might see this on video, but not in the theaters. The Fast and Furious franchise has just gotten too stupid, and that's saying something.
The New Mutants – Kill me. Looks terrible.
Men In Black reboot – Are you fucking kidding me? (And that trailer was shit.)

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