Location Independent Consulting vs. Normal Consulting

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Most consultants, even very successful ones, are what I call “normal” consultants. These are consultants who are largely location dependent. This means the clients they work with all exist in the city where the consultant lives. He spends a good portion of his time personally going to their offices to conduct his work. There’s nothing wrong with being a normal consultant. That being said, The Location-Independent Six-Figure Consultant Course (which you can get only until this Thursday night and then you can’t!) describes how to be this kind of consultant, as well as a different type of consultant: the location independent consultant

-By Caleb Jones

The location independent consultant is a consultant who works with clients all over the country, or all over the world, without having to live in the cities where those clients reside. For the rest of this article, I’ll call these two types LI consultants (location independent) or LD consultants (location dependent). The LD consultant markets to prospects in his local city and works with clients in his local city. He may have a little business outside of his city, but not much.

The LI consultant markets to prospects anywhere on the planet and works with clients in any location in the world he chooses. He can still have a few clients in his local city if he wants, but these local clients only represent a small percentage of his income. Moreover, if he’s also an Alpha Male 2.0, these local clients represent income he is 100% financially and emotionally okay with dumping at literally any time. Does this mean the LI consultant literally never goes to his distant clients’ offices? Not necessarily. He may choose to or he may not. It depends on his preferences and the type of work he does. If the LI consultant wishes to be a guy living in a log cabin in the Rocky Mountains and never visiting any of his clients, that’s perfectly fine. (I know a consultant like this.)

If instead the LI consultant chooses to visit his clients all the time, and travel the world all the time to do this because he chooses to (he chooses to, not because he has to), that’s okay too. I know several consultants like this as well, including some of my mentors in the field. I’m a hybrid of these two types. I’m an LI consultant who rarely needs to visit my remote clients’ offices, but sometimes I do when I decide to go to those countries or cities for my own reasons. Again, it’s all up to you. In the Consultant Course, I go over several degrees of location independence depending on what you want. Some guys love to travel all the time. Some guys hate it. Some guys like to travel, but just somewhat. Again, it’s all up to you. .
Is it harder to be an LI consultant than an LD consultant? Yes, at first. Marketing, closing the deal, working with clients remotely, all of this stuff feels a little weird when doing it from 5,000 miles away, even perhaps a little scary if you’ve never done it before. If you’re starting from scratch, you have two options.

1. Start your new consulting business as an LI consultant right off the bat, and force yourself to get used to the system. Disadvantage: More discomfort at first, perhaps higher ramp-up time to the good money. Advantage: You’ll be location independent right from the very start and forever, you’ll get to the location independent income much faster.

2. Start off as an LD consultant and get the hang of that first. Then, when you feel you’re ready, start going after LI clients, slowly moving from an LD guy to an LI guy. Disadvantage: You’ll be stuck in your city for a while and your business won’t be Alpha 2.0 compatible (at least at first). Advantage: Easier to start. That’s what I did. I started as an LD consultant and did that for a very long time. Frankly, the reason I did that was because I was a young dumbass and didn’t know I had any other options. I didn’t have a guy like me showing me how to do all of this (we didn’t even have the internet like we do today when I first got started). Once I realized that LI was an option, and that I actually sort of hated LD, I slowly moved from LD to LI. And I really did it slowly, taking several years. In retrospect, I would have done it in 6-12 months had I known how and had I known the benefits. But again, I was largely on my own with this stuff back then.

The first thing I did was to convert my work for existing clients from LD work to LI work. I set up systems so that I could remotely access all of their needed computers remotely whenever I needed to, even if no one was in the office. Next, I set up a simple shipping system using UPS where they could ship stuff to me very fast (next day or 48 hours), and I could ship it back if I actually needed to work on it with my hands (which was the exception to the rule, but it happened). Then, if needed for certain clients, I set up subcontractors in the client cities I could use as my “remote hands” if that was needed. When all of these LI systems were in place, I actually mandated to my clients that I was not going to personally visit their offices at all unless there was some kind of unusual catastrophe. (Though I could still drop by if I wanted to.) Later I used subcontractors to handle the catastrophe stuff, so I didn’t even need to be available for that.

A few clients I had didn’t like this LI stuff and left me. Fine with me. But most of them were cool with it, and many of them actually liked it. Once experienced with this system, I started bringing in new clients in distant cities/countries for consultant work that was “light” and didn’t require a lot of the systems I listed above.  Soon, I was a pure LI consultant, and I’ve been doing that ever since. With the Consultant Course, you won’t have to go through most of the crap I had to. That’s the entire point of these courses (and all of my content): to avoid the mistakes and trial and error I had to go through when I was trying to be successful with this stuff. You guys seriously don’t realize how lucky you are... I would have killed for this information 20 years ago. Oh well! My loss is your gain!

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