What Would I Do If I Had To Start Over?

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Over the years, I’ve had several of you ask me the same question: Caleb, what would you do if, knowing what you now know, you found yourself in a new country, with no money, no contacts, and no job? It’s a good question. I have a good answer.Most of these guys are asking in the context of business and money, but some of them have asked in terms of women, dating, and sex. Today I’ll answer both since, as I talk about in The Unchained Man, a man requires both regular sex and money if he wants to be long-term happy.

-By Caleb Jones

Before we begin, we have to make several assumptions. The first is that I speak the language of this hypothetical country. If I didn’t speak the language that would obviously complicate things and obscure the real answers that interest most guys who ask this question. To summarize, if I didn’t even speak the language there, I would do my damndest to get out of that country and get to a country where I did speak the language, even if I spoke the language poorly. If, for whatever reason, I desperately wanted to stay in that country (which would be very unlikely), I would focus on learning the language. As Arnold Schwarzenegger has said, even an idiot living in a new land can learn that country’s language within two years at the very most, with some effort, just via trial and error and watching TV.

The second assumption is that I was physically healthy and had all of my usual energy. The third assumption is that this country was not a third-world shithole, but rather the “typical” country with all the usual basic infrastructure most countries possess, at a standard level of economic activity. Maybe not ultra-high-end like Singapore, but not Africa or Bangladesh either.The fourth assumption is that I am the same race as the dominant race of the country, so that I could not use my Evil White Western Privilege™ to get what I want and coast on the fact that I’m A) a man, B) white, C) American, and D) have blue eyes. Let’s assume that wherever I was, was filled with mostly people who looked like me, just to keep the playing field level.

The fifth assumption is that I was me as I am now, but not married, no kids, and 100% single; totally alone. The last assumption is that I would have a backpack of basics, like 2-3 outfits, toiletries, a shitty laptop or tablet, a basic phone, and at least wifi internet access, since having these kinds of basics these days wouldn’t be out of the ordinary even for someone starting from ground zero. (I know, and have met plenty of very poor people in many different countries, and they have all of these things.) So yeah, let’s say I suddenly found myself in some mythical country called Slarbobia. I was on the street with no home, no sex, no friends, no contacts, no money, no job, no income, and no assets. Given the above assumptions, here’s exactly what I would do.

Priority one would be to take care of the immediate problem: food and shelter. I don’t fear being homeless. While I’m no Dog The Bounty Hunter, I’m a tough guy so living on the street for a few nights would be doable in a pinch, particularly if it wasn’t freezing outside. (I've been poor and, unfortunately, I distinctly remember what it was like, and I survived it.) But beyond that, being homeless would be problematic to say the least. So I need a place to stay and I need food. Using sites like Craigslist, I would locate anyone giving away anything for free, as well as various yard sales. I would go there, grab those free items, as much as I could carry. Then I would list those items on sites/apps like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace and sell them. Rinse and repeat, even if it took me a few days of sleeping on the street and going hungry (both of which would be unlikely).

This would give me more than enough to stay at a backpacker’s hostel at $7-$10 per night. I might have to share a room with one or two other people (women included, which presents sexual opportunities), but hey, one thing at a time. It would also be more than enough to get me eating very cheap beans-and-rice meals. I’d be homeless and foodless for less than three days at the very most.
Priority two would be to get out of that hostel so I could have some privacy, both for sexual reasons and to focus on my work. I’d spend my day at the local coffee shop with my laptop (or library or cyber café if I had no laptop or tablet, but let’s assume I have one) scanning the local business registries for any small or medium-sized B2B (business to business) companies that sold really high-margin, high mark-up products. There are tons of possibilities but the ones off the top of my head would be medical equipment or office furniture. Let’s go with medical equipment.

I’d put on the best shirt I owned and I’d walk into the business and try to get a quick, ten-minute appointment with the owner/manager, in person. If that didn’t work I’d try to do it over the phone. If that didn’t work I’d try talking to the sales manager. If that didn’t work I’d move on to the next company. Rinse and repeat until I got my in-person or phone appointment with one of those people. I’d offer my services as an outside sales rep and tell him that I would work for free but that I wanted a huge commission on any sales I produced; we’re talking 50%, 70%, or higher, as much as I could negotiate. Again, this would be a company selling high-margin products so commissions that high would be doable. I’d also want some kind of leeway in negotiating price with prospects, particularly if they bought in bulk.

Who wouldn’t want free business like that? I’d guess I’d have at least one guy agreeing to this within a week or two. Once that happened, I’d hit the internet researching and looking for companies who bought medical equipment in bulk. Hospitals, dental associations, small provider networks, whatever. Once armed with a decent list, I’d start calling all of these companies and navigating who their buyers were, what their needs were, and how much they were paying for their medical equipment. I’d negotiate my prices down to get them lower than they were currently paying while still giving me a decent commission (even if it was a little less than what I originally planned).

I would also call my competitors (other companies selling medical equipment) and offer to call on their prospect lists that didn’t pan out for a commission from them if I was able to close any of those deals. Doing this all day long (since, very unlike today, I'd have plenty of time), I’d be able to put together at least one deal, probably two or three, within three weeks or so, which would generate an income for me anywhere from $4,000 to $25,000 or more. I’d move out of the hostel and into a normal apartment, get some decent clothing, and start eating like a normal human being. I’d also start an exercise routine to keep my energy levels up. I’d then head over to Upwork.com and hire two or three virtual assistants in Thailand or the Philippines to do my market research and make research calls for me (though I’d still be the one closing the deals), freeing up my time to deal with priority three, which would be to get an FB or two on rotation. I mean, hey, it’s been about a month since I’ve had sex, and that’s bullshit. I need regular sex in order to maintain peak efficiency as a man.

In all honesty, at my age (47) and current experience level with women, I would probably just whip up a few hundred bucks, go on whatever sugar daddy site the country had, and quickly hook up two sugar babies under the age of 22. I’d have that all wrapped up in about a week. If you want to know what I’d literally do, that’s probably it. However, I realize some guys may view that as cheating, so let’s pretend I don’t do that and instead use standard online dating. That would work as well; it would just take a little longer.So instead of the sugar daddy thing, I’d go hire a cheap but hungry photography student with a really good camera and spend 2-3 hours one morning taking hundreds of pictures of me in three different outfits. I’d then go through all the pics, pick out the best two or three shots of me, using all of my techniques that I know by heart.Then I’d sign up on every damn dating site and dating app in the city that was used by anyone (5-7 at least or more), pay whatever fees these sites/apps had to upgrade the membership, and use my 1-3 awesome photos. I’d also install an autoswiper app (if available) for as many of the sites/apps as I could.
Targeting only low-ASD women age 18-27, I would do thousands upon thousands of swipes and send out hundreds of openers on all of these sites/apps. My first-date-to-sex ratios are extraordinarily high, and I only need one or two FBs right now, so I would only need four or five first dates at the most. I’d have these scheduled within a few weeks at the very most. I’d have sex with two of those women, and the odds are 74% per woman that they’d become a long-term FB. (If one didn’t, I’d go on two more first dates and get another one.) So, to be very conservative, I’d have two new FBs within two months on the far outside. I would not focus on any MLTR at this point. I need to focus on building my income and my infrastructure and get my income back up to six figures so I can feel normal again. FBs take very little time and emotional energy; that’s why they’re awesome.

Once my FBs were installed, I would continue to expand my medical equipment sales company and get my income up to at least $10,000 per month. This would happen within six months, if not sooner. That, or I would consider moving to a different country with more favorable tax laws and hotter women. Since all sales and deals would occur over the phone, this income would be mostly location independent, so that would certainly be doable. I would also work to close more deals with more equipment companies so I wouldn’t have to rely on that first client. Having all your income from just one source is a terrible idea. It’s as bad as monogamy. From there it’s just business as usual; multiple Alpha 2.0 businesses with a few FBs on the side, eventually throwing an MLTR or two into the mix.

That’s pretty much what I would do. There could (and would) be many variations on this of course. Instead of repping a product company I could work with a service-based business, but I think products in this case would represent quicker sales, and since I was near-homeless I would need money fast. It also doesn’t have to be medical equipment, nor does it have to be B2B. It could be furniture, prescription drugs, diamonds, wine, toys, vertical market electronics, beauty products, and so on. Doesn’t really matter as long as the margins are high enough to give me a kickass commission even if I need to drop the price a little. If I didn’t want to sell a product (but I probably would in this scenario) I could sell a service. I could buy some cheap window washing equipment and call on commercial building owners and sell window washing services, under-cutting whomever they currently used, particularly if they had multiple properties to service. Then I could hire some Mexicans (or whatever the Mexican equivalent would be in Slarbobia) to actually wash the windows while I put together more deals.

I've heard it said that if you confiscated all the money from everyone on the planet and then equally redistributed it back to everyone, giving everyone in the world an equal amount, within two years most of the rich people would be rich again and most of the poor people would be poor again. It's true.

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