Older Women

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I’m not sure when it started, but I think it started with Raquel Welch. It was the late 1980s and I was about 15 years old. Some kind of award show was on TV and my dad was watching it. I sat down on the couch and watched a little with him, having nothing else better to do. Then a woman came onto the stage to present the next award. The instant I saw her, my brain twisted into knots, unsure of what to do or how to react.

-By Caleb Jones

I could tell she was much older than me. She was in her late 40s. That meant she was over triple my age. My brain registered all of this, that this was, to me, an old lady. Not only could she have been my mom, she was actually much older than my mom. At the same time, she was hot as balls, and my lust blasted up to a ten. Her face was perfect and feminine. Her eyes were beautiful and exotic, like those of a cat. Her skin was perfect, better than even many of the oily-skinned teenage girls at my school. Her tits were gigantic and perfect. Her waist narrow, her stomach flat, her body trim and fit, yet her hips were womanly and perfectly curved. I sat there with my eyes wide, lusting and desiring this woman who was old enough to be my grandmother. My body didn’t know what to do.

“Who is that?” I asked my dad. I really had no idea. She was famous before my time. My dad, on the other hand, knew exactly who she was. He had grown up in the 60s when she was a world-famous sex symbol. He smiled, and with reverence, he said, “That’s Raquel Welch.” I turned back to the TV, still stunned at what I was seeing, and how my body was reacting to what I was seeing. In high school, I remember so many times, being frustrated looking at the teenage girls my age with their flat chests, small boobs, and narrow, boy-like hips. Yes, there were some teenage girls who were blessed with more mature-looking, womanly bodies, but often they weren’t in the room.

So, I did what a lot of teenage boys secretly do; I started lusting after my female teachers instead. Most of my teachers were old or ugly, but a few were presentable, and I found myself admiring their full hips, full asses, and womanly bodies that many (or most) of the girls in the classroom didn’t have. That’s when I became the male version of a Type 2 VYW. I was officially into older women. Teenage girls were girls. I wanted a woman.

Whenever out in the world as a teenage boy, I found myself lusting after women in their 30s or early 40s far more often than I did lusting after girls my age. I would even find myself asking girls my age about their moms, and if they were hot. One of my biggest teenage sexual fantasies back then was to have sex with one of my teachers or one of my friends’ moms.It’s no surprise that I would eventually lose my virginity in my early 20s to a married woman in her early 40s who had a son who was around my age. Not only was it a life-long teenage dream to finally lose my virginity, but doing so with a woman like that was, quite literally, a dream come true. It was not like I “settled” for an older woman just to lose my V-card. Oh no. An older woman, who was about her age and looked almost exactly like her (she looked just like those teachers in high school I wanted so badly) and was exactly  what I wanted back then. Having sex with her for about a year was truly one of the highlights of my young life.
We talk a lot about younger women. And, oh yes, younger women are fantastic if you don’t mind (and properly manage) the downsides. All of my current FBs are younger women (under the age of 24), and I’m sure I’ll be seeing younger women in some capacity for the rest of my life. I have an entire book on how older men can date younger women, and I think having that skill is important for most Alpha Male 2.0s over the age of 35.I’ve also talked a great deal about all the ASD problems with women over the age of 33. How they get angry if you try to have sex on the second date when women under 33 have no problem with it. How they demand monogamy or girlfriend status much sooner in the relationship than women under 33 do. How their provider hunter desires are often on overdrive and uncontrollable. All of those things are true.

That all being said, older women not only have their place, but are great… again, provided you don’t mind and properly manage the downsides (just like with younger women!). Despite the fact that most of the women I've been with (approximately 55%) were and are under the age of 24, I have dated many women between the ages of 33 and 50 (and even a few over 50) as both FB and MLTR over the years, and I had a great time with almost all of them. When I made the decision to settle down with an OLTR wife, I could have chosen to do that with a woman of any age, yet I purposely decided that I wanted someone in her mid 30s or so, as long as she was still young-looking, attractive, and had at least comparatively less ASD than typical over-33 women (then I met Pink Firefly and that’s exactly what I got; that’s how the universe works). I’m actually talking to someone now about possibly being an FB, and she’s my age (late 40s), just to experiment a little.

Despite all the younger women in my life, I find older women, as in women over the age of 33, super attractive, both physically and intellectually. As long as they don’t get fat, and as long as they don’t let too much of the typical over-30 female stress, negativity, and Dominant tendencies invade their behavioral patterns, I think they’re great. I always have. The only difference is that when I hit age 35 and adopted the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle, I added younger women into the mix as well. Those of you who know my history know what I did. My stages went something like this: As a young beta male, I was only attracted to older women (at least for the most part). Lost my virginity to one, dated a few, then married one.

Got divorced at age 35 because long-term monogamy doesn’t work, started dating women my age and slightly older (30s and 40s). Several years later, started experimenting with dating women as young as 18 and made that work as well. Continued to date women of all ages. Stopped dating women over the age of 33, not because I wasn’t attracted to them (I was!) but instead because I found that statistically, I could get to sex much faster and with less money and hassle with women under the age of 33 (because of less ASD).

Occasionally added women over 33 back into the mix as exceptions to the rule. Decided I wanted to get OLTR married to a woman in her mid-thirties but have young FBs on the side as well, and did exactly that. If you only want younger women in your life because you are “only” attracted to younger women, I think that’s fine, but I think you’re making a mistake. I would say the same thing to men who say the opposite; those guys who think it’s “gross” to date younger women or don’t understand how a man could carry on a conversation with a much younger woman, thus sticking to only older women. Part of the beauty of the Alpha Male 2.0 life is that you can do whatever the hell you want, even if you’re married or have a serious girlfriend. You can experience it all. You might as well. Why not? And to those more delusional red pill guys who scream about over-30 women instantly being disgusting because their “ovaries are dried up,” you guys are fucking idiots. Listen, fucktards: I didn’t say have babies with these women, I said have sex with these women. Look at pics of Salma Hayek (age 52) here , Jennifer Anniston (age 50) here , Sandra Bullock (age 54) here , or Jennifer Lopez (age 49) here. Stop trying to bullshit me about ovaries and look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't hit that.
Shut up. You would. And you’d love it. That’s my point. If you really want your mind blown, take a look at Christie Brinkley here at, get ready for this, age 65. I’d hit that in a second and likely so would you, even if you’re way younger than me. And don’t give me this “but those are celebrities” stuff either. As I’ve talked about in the past, there are plenty of women in their 30s or 40s (or even perhaps older) in your normal, day-to-day life who are plenty attractive to you, even in America where most women get fat. Most does not mean all. Pink Firefly is as white American as they come, about to turn 40, and she’s a tiny stick (though with big boobs).

My advice, okay my opinion is that you should lay out where over-33 women fit into your life (FBs, MLTR, OLTR, whatever) and have a few. Or one. Whatever you want. Don’t think that just because they’re over 30 they’re automatically gross or that the ASD is too high a bar to overcome, since neither is accurate for all older women.

If you’re an older guy, yes, you’re going to have some provider hunter ASD to fight and meet-to-sex times are going to be a little longer. Just plan on this in advance. If you’re a younger guy, play up the “poor, cute, younger man” card to attract the cougars. It works like a charm if you do it correctly. Read this for more info.

I have two articles on dating over-33 women here and here. And don’t just date older women either. Throw some 22 year-olds in there too. They’re fun too, just for very different reasons. Variety is the spice of life, folks. Alpha 2.0 is about abundance. Don’t limit yourself. I certainly don’t. And I’m a happy boy.

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