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This is a letter directed to the customers, fans, followers, and casual readers of RooshV, Heartiste/Roissy, and other pick-up or red pill bloggers who convey content of a similar vibe and political leaning. This would be pick-up or ex-pick-up guys who are more right-wing, alt-right, alt-lite, Christian, and similar. As I'm sure you're aware, big changes have been occurring in this world over the last few weeks. Some guys have converted to Christianity and have removed some or all of their dating books from publication, renouncing the very topics they have espoused for many years.

-By Caleb Jones

ther guys have not done this yet, but have clearly threatened to do so in the near future, urging their readers to hurry up and buy their dating books before they go full Christian and pull them from publication. Some guys have actually banned the topic of casual sex from their forums and blogs, alienating, frustrating, and confusing a large percentage of their readership. Other guys have been completely deplatformed and/or banned, losing entire websites or blogs and being banned from social media accounts and/or payment systems. (This is something that will sadly worsen as the Western world continues its slow and inexorable move to the political left. This shit is going to get much worse, and it’s not going to get better.)

As I’ve said before, I have nothing against Roosh, Heartiste, or anyone else. If you go back over my past articles, you will find I’ve never said anything insulting or vitriolic about any of these guys despite a few disagreements I’ve had with some of their opinions. I wish them all the best, and I mean that. There is some overlap between my audience and the audience of these guys despite any differences. After being a part of this community in some form or fashion for a decade now, it appears to me that the audience of these content providers tends to fall into four general groups: Group One – The Christians. These are the hardcore evangelical Christians who hold their religion as their highest priority. Topics such as women or politics are side-issues for them unless they somehow relate back to traditional Christianity.

Group Two– The Angry Political Guys. These are the really angry men who enjoy being mad, actively look for reasons to be mad, and/or enjoy internet drama. A smaller subset of group two are young trolls who like to stir up internet drama because it’s fun for them and they have nothing else better to do. Group two tends to focus on politics rather than other topics like religion, getting laid, or self-improvement. Group Three – The Alienated Guys. These are just normal guys who really dislike the idiocy and sheer irrationality of the left. They’re not religious like group one, nor are they enraged all the time like group two. They just feel disenfranchised or alienated by this new, insane, irrational, left-wing world we find ourselves in today. Group Four – The Guys Who Need Woman Advice. These are guys who don't give a shit about any of this stuff and just need help with getting laid and other aspects of their woman lives.

My content will never resonate with group one, the hardcore Christians.  This is despite the fact that I was raised Catholic, and even though I am an agnostic today (I am not an atheist however, and I hold some deep spiritual beliefs) I still have a decent amount respect for Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. One of the rings on my fingers as I type this bears the Holy Cross of the Knights Templar. My wife is a practicing Christian who, unlike most Christians, actually goes to church every Sunday, with my encouragement. Visiting St. Paul's Basilica in the Vatican with my mother (herself a former Catholic nun) was one of the highlights of my life. I can recite various Bible passages and Catholic prayers by heart (Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…). And so on.

Yet, I understand that some of my stances against long-term sexual monogamy (which doesn't work; you’ll cheat, get cheated on, or get divorced), my emphasis on men having regular sex (required for a high degree of health and well being) regardless if it's serious or casual, and my endorsement of certain types of nonmonogamy (as long as the man remains Alpha and it's under a specific and controlled system) are going to rub most hardcore Christians the wrong way regardless of the numerous facts or stats I can cite backing up my viewpoints. So if you're in group one, this message probably isn’t for you, and that’s perfectly fine. Feel free to go, or read on only if you’re curious. Group two, the perpetually angry guys and trolls, is not in my target audience. This is despite the fact that I agree with at least 80% of the alt-right/alt-lite platform, I am usually in complete agreement whenever a conservative or anti-SJW describes what he thinks is wrong with today’s society, I utterly despise the politics of left-wing, and I have literally never voted for a Democrat in my entire life (unlike Trump) and I never will.
At the same time, my entire focus is making men happier, not riling up men to get on the internet every morning and look for the next insane bullshit the feminists or SJWs have said that day so you can get angry all over again. I’ve already spoken at great length about how voting for Republicans and screaming at SJWs on Twitter, while perhaps emotionally satisfying in the short-term, isn’t going to improve your life in any way, but I understand that most of you guys are wired a little differently than I am, and that we’re probably never going to see eye-to-eye on whether or not to spend time and emotions on zeitgeist-level politics and cultural leanings over which you have zero control. A few of you in the troll category will even get angry about this very article and say horrible things about it and me; that kind of thing always makes me money, so please proceed, and be sure to include a link to this article while you’re insulting me. Thanks in advance. (It’s actually the number two reason why I wrote this article.)

So this message really isn’t for you guys in group two either. It’s all good. Have fun with all the creative ad hominem attacks against the Muslims or gays or Jews or whomever else you’re furious with today and have a nice week. That brings us to groups three and four. These are you guys who are Roosh/Heartiste/etc readers who just want some woman advice to make your lives better, and you guys who are not necessarily angry, but are clearly disappointed with the way society is turning out (and I agree with you). This entire article is for you guys. Read on. If you feel like you are no longer getting the advice, help, and support you need, I would like to provide you with some, free of charge.

First, you can have my primary book, the 440+ lifestyle design manual for men, The Unchained Man, for free. Just click (or right-click) these links and they’re yours .I will keep these free download links for the book up for at least two weeks for you guys, until around July 1st 2019. Click the links, download the book, and just scan through it, read a few pages or chapters, and check it out. See if it offers value to you. I’m pretty sure it will really help you in numerous ways, but that’s for you to decide. It's free so you have nothing to lose.

Next, page through the archive of this blog here and my other blog here. Just scroll down and click on the article titles that seem interesting to you and that you think may help you. I have been writing how-to articles for men in the realms of dating, relationships, business, finance, and lifestyle for 10 years, consistently, with no breaks or hiatuses. You may not agree with everything I write (we'll get to that in a minute), but there is so much how-to content in these archives that I’m sure you’ll find at least a few things that will really, really help you out.

Just to be transparent about this, I’ll make a few negatives about me clear before you get started:

1. While you and I will agree on most things, I will definitely say one or two things you will disagree with. I will certainly say one or two things that Roosh/Heartiste/etc would find horrible. I’m just warning you about that in advance. There are also ways in which I have lived my life, and continue to live, that may conflict with some of your right-wing sensibilities. But, and here’s the important part, there are lots of men in my audience who completely disagree with me about certain things who have still found significant value from my systems and techniques and have used them to improve their lives. They’d be happy to tell you about it. So if you see something I say that makes you scratch your head (and you will!), just take a deep breath and keep reading. Skip over the parts where you think I’m crazy and you will find other parts that will really, really help you.

2. Unlike Roosh/Heartiste/etc, I’m actually running a business here. Unlike most other men in this space, I’m not blogging for fun, or for political activism, or to push a philosophy, or to Change The World™, or to Save Western Civilization™. I really don’t care about that stuff so I’ll let guys like Roosh/Heartiste/etc focus on that instead. More power to them, but I’m not a social crusader. I’m a highly motivated businessman who works seven days a week running a for-profit business here. It’s one of my three companies. That all means that in addition to the mountains of free content I provide, I also sell stuff. A lot of stuff. I know that makes some of you upset. That’s okay. But here’s the good news: you don’t ever have to buy anything of mine, and it won’t hurt my feelings or bother me (I already have plenty of money so I’ll be fine), and you still get all the benefits from my mountains of free and helpful content. It’s a pretty good deal.
With that said, here’s what I promise you: 1. The topic of sex, in any context (serious, married, casual, meaningless, whatever) will always be a topic I focus on and will always be a topic I will allow to be discussed at my blogs, social media pages, and forums. I will never, ever ban that topic for any reason. While I'm all for serious relationships (I'm married and I never do one night stands), sex is too important to a man’s happiness to limit its discussion only to narrow, religiously-approved contexts.

2. I will start to include daygame and night game as topics at my websites. I personally do online dating (which I know is something some of you hate), and since I can’t teach something I have not personally done, I can’t teach daygame or night game. However! I have reasonably vast resources at my disposal, and I will make a commitment to you guys that if daygame and night game are areas you need help with, I will find and feature real-world experts in these areas to assist you and help you hit whatever woman goals you have set for yourself. If the night game and daygame guys are slowly vanishing from the right-wing side of the internet, no problem, I'm a capitalist and I like money so I will take up the slack and provide these resources to you. Give me a little time, but it’s coming. More on this soon.

3. I will never un-publish any of my books, courses, or other content. I may update these things, and have in the past, but I will never remove them from publication. They will always be available, and that includes future books and content as well.

4. I will continue to regularly discuss the topics of dating, pick-up, and relationship management until at least 2024. Back in 2009, I made a 15-year commitment to my audience that I would continue to discuss these topics and allow these topics to be discussed, and I always do what I promise. 2009 plus 15 years is 2024, so you can guarantee I will still be here talking about these things until at least then, regardless of any changes in my personal life. Unlike most guys who talk about sex, pick-up, or dating, I don’t suddenly stop talking about these things just because I get a girlfriend, or get married, or change my religion, or move, or “get busy with work,” or whatever. Nope. As just one example, I’ve been married for a year and a half now and I’m still here talking about this stuff. That won’t change. I am as constant as the north star. At or after 2024 I might change my focus, maybe, but even if I do, I will still provide an avenue for these topics to be discussed. Like I said, I will never ban these topics.

5. I will never do a 180-degree mind-change on major shit. As far as I know, I have been the most ideologically consistent guy in the entire Manosphere for the decade that I have been a part of it. None of my core opinions or convictions have changed since I first started doing this stuff way back in 2007 and started writing about this stuff in 2008. Since then, I’ve raised two kids, started new businesses, had very serious relationships, and even got married (though it’s my version of marriage, a version that doesn’t threaten a man’s long-term freedom or happiness). I still have not changed my political opinions, my opinions regarding sex, women, monogamy, dating, relationships, marriage, or whatever else. Of course, I’ve changed a few details and side-opinions, but that’s to be expected since literally never changing one’s mind on anything would indicate a lack of critical thinking skills. The main reason for this is that I entered this world when I was already 35 years old (I’m 47 now). Most content providers in this area started talking about these topics when they were young bucks in their twenties, and who are only now getting into their mid or late thirties, and thus changing their minds on everything.

6. I am a long-term strategic thinker and businessman and have thus taken great steps to not get banned or deplatformed by anyone, steps most other content providers never even think about. Most of these things are items I can't talk about publicly, but here are a few examples of the ones that I can: - None of my income is reliant on any one social media platform or any one commerce website. I could be permanently banned from Twitter or Amazon or YouTube tomorrow morning and I would barely feel it. - I will shortly start posting on social media much more often, but I will be posting on 15 different platforms, not just one or two. (More on this soon.) My rhetoric is also much less angry and (what is considered) less offensive than what you’re used to from Roosh/Heartiste/etc, so this reduces the odds of me having these kinds of problems in the first place. But if they happen, it won’t be any big deal. - I do not host with a hosting company like WordPress who can ban my websites. Almost all of my sites are hosted on my own physical server that I control myself, located well outside of the USA and Europe, masked by multiple IP CDNs. (Please don’t ask me any details about these things; most of this stuff is beyond my technical understanding and I still wouldn't tell you if it was.) While no one is 100% bulletproof, no corporate left-wingers are going to take down any of my websites. They’re mine, and mine alone. - I’m an international businessman; I bank using multiple and unrelated international banks and payment systems. If any one payment system or bank were to ban me or prevent transactions to or from me, granted it would be a hassle for a while, but it would not stop me. Not even close.

So that’s about it. You may not agree with me on everything, but you can count on my help, and you can count on me to be both consistent and present with you for the long haul. I’m here to help the men who really want help. I’m here to help you if you want it. And if you don’t, that’s fine too. Start with my book using the links above, and go from there. Regardless of what you decide to do, I wish you the best, and I hope whatever path you choose is the one that makes you the happiest.

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